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Riding a Grappleclaw.

Grappleclaws are Demons featured in Darksiders.


Quite a powerful enemy, encountered in The Hollows dungeon. Large, brutish and surprisingly fast as it moves on all fours most of the time. Very durable monstrosities with spikes on their back. They should be the definite focus of War's attacks. Once you have harmed them enough they will be stunned, and the action button will appear over them. When this occurs, you will be able to ride the creature for a short time and do good damage to surrounding enemies. Rarely, the first time this action occurs War will be able to cut the beast's head off. Although more times than not, this will require two action sequences to occur. Their attacks include a basic slashing attack with their claws, a charging attack where they will take up a position similar to that of a cat getting ready to pounce, then charge at War, both attacks can be predicted with practice, and effectively dodged. Take note, they are capable of dodging War's attacks as well. This beast is not to be taken lightly. And requires you to stay light on your feet and alert when facing them. If there is a good time to use Stoneskin it is while facing a Grappleclaw.


There are two kinds of Grappleclaws.

Azure Grappleclaw[]

Blue Grappleclaw

Azure Grappleclaw

The basic and more common species of the two, although not common overall. Their skin is blue with azure veins. Quite resilient and hard to kill though the proper combination of dodging and attacking should bring the beast fairly quickly.

Rage Grappleclaw[]

Rage Grappleclaw

Rage Grappleclaw hanging out with War.

Very similar to his Blue brother, the Red one has a crimson skin with orange veins. He has an ability to jump and hit the ground causing a shockwave. This species is much more fierce and harder to kill as well as more powerful and deadly. Their natural element is fire thus making most of their attacks fire based.