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The Goremaw is a creature of demon origins, usually found blocking important passages.

The goremaw resembles a mouth with four tentacle-like mandibules covered on the inside with teeth. Around its base are several shield like shells, which it uses for protection.

The first time War encounters a goremaw is shortly after entering the Twilight Cathedral for the first time. It holds a statue which needs to be released in order for War to pass. The goremaw will not threaten War, unless he comes directly under it. When this happens the goremaw will instantly grab War and begin to squeeze him, triggering a quick-time event. If War succeeds in completing this event, the goremaw will release him. If he fails however, it will take a large amount of his health.

The goremaw cannot be destroyed in any way, but it can be stunned by using the Crossblade, Mercy or spiked bombs on it. Then it will coil in its shells for a couple of seconds.

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