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Death: You said you fought in the arena. Did you battle its champion?
Draven: Yes. And if you mean to tangle with that brute, you must be mad.

— Death questioning Draven on Gnashor

Gnashor is a terrible fiend that appears in Darksiders II as a boss, he's a skull-like serpent monster whose vile power has steadily grown over the ages with the slaying of countless victims. Death must best this mighty adversary to prove his worth in the Gilded Arena and be granted an audience with The Lord of Bones.

In-game, Gnashor serves as the primary boss of The Gilded Arena, is the first boss of the Kingdom of the Dead and is the overall eighth boss of Darksiders II.


Despite his intimidating visage, Gnashor's true form is actually his golden skull attached to his spinal vertebrae. This form lacks any real offensive abilities and relies on its speed in combat. After sustaining damage, the creature constructs a much larger form out of armor and bone and becomes a much more potent adversary. The golden skull is the source of Gnashor's power, the beast will continue to regenerate until it is removed.



Gnashor stands as the arena's champion and as a way for the Chancellor to bar people who seek an audience with the Lord of Bones. The warrior Draven defeated Gnashor at an unknown time, earning his freedom but since then Gnashor has fed on the blood, flesh and souls of its defeated opponents, growing in power as a result.

Darksiders II[]

When Death reached the Kingdom of the Dead, he was forced to enter the arena in order to earn an audience with the Lord of Bones. To this end, he gathered the three Animus Stones to summon Gnashor after being told by the Voices of the Arena. After a brutal fight, Gnashor lay slain and the Horseman took his skull as proof of the deed to the Chancellor, gaining an audience with the Lord of Bones.


Gnashor will begin the battle by burrowing in and out of the ground before charging at Death like a buzzsaw. Use Death Grip to grab the beast and leave it vulnerable to attack. Keep repeating this technique until the boss transforms.


Darksiders 2 Gnashor Apocalptic

Gnashor's second form attacks mainly with stomps which send out damaging shockwaves. Its most dangerous attack involves it tearing out its spine and using the column like a whip which deals heavy damage. Keep circling around the beast and strike at its feet until it screams in fury. Right after the colossus roars in agony, you will notice that its skull will have a blue halo around it and it will usually be bending down and towards you. Such an opportunity is ideal for you to use Death Grip to grab its skull. Each time you pull it from its body, Gnashor will stay at the weaker level until the last time when it will be capable of being killed.

After it loses some power, the creature will split into several pieces and the tail part of it will start jumping out of the ground and attacking you. Quickly use Death Grip to drag out Gnashor's skull (which will stun the tail part) and attack whilst it lies stunned. The boss will retaliate by diving out of the ground several times before reassembling itself. Keep crippling and attacking Gnashor until Death rips out its skull, ending the fight.


  • Gnashor is the first and only boss of Darksiders II to start off with an enemy health bar in its first phase, but later on gains the Boss health bar when entering its second phase.
  • Gnashor's second form bares a strong resentments to the Icebound Giant, the first boss of both The Veil and the first boss of Darksiders II as a whole.
    • Coincidentally, Gnashor also serves as the first boss of the Kingdom of the Dead but has new attacks that are exclusive.
  • Gnashor is the only boss of the three "Big Brute Bosses" to not posses Arm Swipe Combos.