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Flee! Flee! Ghorn will crush you!
— Ghorn taunting Death

Ghorn is a high-level fire construct who is encountered in The Scar during the sidequest Spark of Life. He is the result of an experiment conducted by Muria to see whether it was possible to create a Construct without sacrificing the soul of a Maker. She managed to create one such Construct using a wandering spirit from the Halls of the Stonefather but the experiment went horribly wrong and the Construct was driven insane and became extremely violent. Taking the name Ghorn, he killed a young Maker and fled to the Charred Pass where he made it his home.

Encounter with Death[]


Darksiders 2 Ghorn Apocalptic

Muria felt great remorse for creating a monster and she sought to destroy it to end its suffering. After Death arrived in Tri-Stone, she realized he was capable of carrying out her task and she pleaded with him to track down Ghorn and eliminate him. Death agreed and traveled to the Charred Pass where he discovered the entrance to The Scar.

Upon entering the ruins, Death encountered Ghorn who proceeded to taunt the Nephilim before destroying the bridge he was crossing, forcing Death to navigate the underground caverns. The mad Construct continued to harass the Reaper as he made his way through the temple and made several attempts to kill him but eventually fled deeper into the ruins when Death refused to back down.

Death eventually cornered Ghorn in a large chamber where the Construct engaged him in battle. Death proved to be the stronger opponent and destroyed Ghorn, finally putting an end to his madness.


Ghorn fights similar to a Construct Champion although he is much stronger and can summon smaller Constructs to aid him in combat. He can also self-destruct and reassemble himself without suffering damage and can create lava spurts by smashing the ground, he can also some time inflect Burn damage as well. Treat him like an advanced Construct Champion and he shouldn't be too difficult to beat.