Darksiders Wiki
Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel By foot.
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Red
Additional Features Horns, Very big, hands smolder with unquenchable fire.
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Occupation Heavy Assault Demon.
Partner(s) Lesser Demons
Weapons Their own bodies and flaming hands.
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Gholens are massive and durable Demons whose hands erupt with fire. They are extremely resilient to attacks that would normally kill other demons and are very dangerous when dealt with.


There is nothing subtle about the massive Gholens. The very ground trembles under their monstrous weight. Each hand is impossibly hard and smolders with fire that cannot be quenched. Gholens shake off blows that would fell trees, and crush skulls as if they were clay.


When enraged, they rip up lengths of street and smash the ground to create mammoth concussion waves in order to inflict damage. And perhaps their most damaging attack is a fiery shockwave, which can be easy to detect and predict, but difficult to dash out of once executed. When the beast rears up and raises its hands above its head, prepare to dash out of the way. Gholens appear throughout the game, not as frequent as lesser demons but aren't terribly uncommon.



The basic, and more common type.


There's another type of Gholen, called Earthcrackers. They are harder than normal as it can take more damage from War's attacks. They are first encountered in the Iron Canopy. In appearance their skin seems to be light brown color and armored with plate-like scales made of solidified magma.