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Gharn is a giant Construct that appears in Darksiders II as the boss of The Cauldron during the Main Quest: Fire Of The Mountain. It serves as the primary boss of The Cauldron, is the first boss of the Forge Lands and is overall the third boss of the game.


Gharn was one of the Constructs built by the Makers to protect The Cauldron from intruders, however it went rogue after becoming infected by Corruption and turned against its masters. Death was attacked by Gharn whilst attempting to restore the lava flow to power the Forge and destroyed it after a battle. Death later encountered Construct Champions who resembles Gharn physically and utilizes the same attacks, as well as Corrupted Construct Champions that are covered in crystals and are stronger.


The overall battle with Gharn is not at all hard, it can slam it's left drill arm o tyhe ground and preform a swipe, which can be avoided by dodging, Gharn can also preform a drill attack by thrusting its left arm forward at the player while spinning it's drill around, which can be doudge out of the way repetitively easily, and its other attack is that Gharn will slam its left arm drill and preform a charging drill attack at Death, and after a while it will preform an upwards arm swipe, this attack is trickily to avoid as Gharn will home in on Death as it preforms this attack, so the strategy for this attack is to wait at the last minute before Gharn preforms the arm swipe attack to dodge out of the way, another and more dangerous attack that Gharn can preform is exploding and then reforming himself in a yellow orb, which can also be avoid by dodging. A tip for this is that if Gharn sustans enough damage it will be stun for a brief time, which can allow the Player to preform high damaging combos, this can also come in handy in higher difficulties.


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  • Gharn is the first of the only two bosses of Darksiders II that later on becomes a regular enemy in later dungeons of the game, the second of which is the Tormentor in the Kingdom of the Dead.