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This legendary artifact dramatically boosts War's wrath generation, and reveals the location of all items on the current map.
— Ingame description
Fury's Embrace Icon

Fury's Embrace is a Legendary Enhancement with numerous useful abilities especially benefiting Wrath generation for Wrath Abilites.


Slotted Bonus[]

  • Wrath leeched on every weapon strike

Passive Bonus[]

  • Boosts Wrath power damage
  • Reveals all world maps and items
  • Additional Wrath boost on killing blows


Fury's Embrace Chest

The chest where Fury's Embrace is contained.

In The Black Throne on the way to the top of the first tower (the one on the far right of Azrael), just after you acquire the Voidwalker, you come across a materializing bridge via orange circle activation similar to the entrance. (You get to this tower from a door at the bottom of the main area, and go east) Stand off to the right of the button that activates the bridge, right by the corner edge and look left and upwards and you will see a Void Circle. Use the Voidwalker on this circle. Then link to that portal to appear on the ledge. Walk in the portal and you will be ported to the yet another materializing bridge that crosses the one you were just on. This leads to the enhancement. This enhancement requires the use of the Voidwalker.

Note: You don't have to die to get back to the other side. The orange activation circle on the other side resets the bridge to start from that side.