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Frostforged Twins


Required Level:


Damage: 177-203
Damage Type: Fast
Wrath Steal: +5%
Wrath Per Kill: 24
Ice Damage: 49


Awarded to Death after defeating the final boss of the Argul's Tomb DLC, Frostbane, and returning to Ostegoth.

This weapon scales with Death's level, so from level 20 these armblades can reach level 30, becoming stronger in each aspects. In the Deathinitive Edition, the progression to level 30 is possible in NG+ only; instead in NG, the weapon isn't improvable.


Layer upon layer of glacial ice forms the razored edges of these armblades. Each strike from the Twins leaves the wound rimed with freezing ice, making each blow especially savage. In addition, the Twins' enchantments steal Wrath energy from any opponent and transfer it to their wielder.
— In-game Description



The Frostforged Twins seem to have an abnormally high freezing chance when compared to other weapons that deal Ice damage. They can be very effective when used in tandem with the Scythes, Lifebane.