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Sentinel screen

The Fracture Cannon is one of two heavy ranged weapons that War can pick up at a given location, The other one being the Redemption Cannon.


Very similar to the Redemption, but used by Demons instead of Angels. It is only found in the Ashlands on the way to the Stygian.


It is worth noting that picking up this weapon makes War's movement very slow and somewhat restricted. The Fracture Cannon can fire up to four bolts, which then stick to the ground or your target. They can be triggered from afar to explode violently. If left untriggered, they will automatically detonate after roughly thirty seconds. When close to detonation, the flames on the bolts will noticeably increase in size. Once a bolt is fired, it won't respawn in the cannon's magazine until after it detonates. Fracture Cannons are useful for laying traps for unsuspecting enemies.