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Who Are Those Guardians?Edit

Stage Demo

Who are the Guardians of the Trials from's Comic-Con Demo from Darksiders 2? I know the First One is the 1st Big Muscular, Armored, & Bearded Guy. The Second Is The Long White-Haired Alchemy Shop-Keeper, & there is at least two (&/or three more!)

If anyone can tell me before I get the Video Game when It comes out on the 1st week that would be sweet!!!! :^D

Oh I almost forgot, whose Abaddon & why the Hell did he Frame War?!?!

Reply Edit

Well i don't know who the "guardians of the trials" are. but Abaddon was the leader of the Angelic forces, and actually he didn't frame War, it was the Charred council who framed War. Abaddon played a big part though --Sovereign777 (Talk) 07:37, July 28, 2012 (UTC)