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I managed to get past the fifth group of waves in the Forge Lands version but my health and Wrath potions were out.  Seeing three giant constructs emerge simultaneously I did the only thing I could: I Hulked out and used my Ultimate Reaper form.  After decimating the wave it ended and I was left wondering what could be worse than that.

My answer came in the form of a Corrupted Custodian.  My only thought was: "I can't survive this."

But survive I did.  By the skin on my teeth.  I figured I had beaten the Boss of the Forge Lands Crucible.  It was over.

Then Gorewood made a reappearance from beyond the grave.

I knew I was finished.  My illustrious career in the Crucible was ended with Gorewood doing a "Hulk SMASH!" on my face.

How can anyone be so overpowered as to finish even one realm's Crucible?