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The Forge Lands

The Forge Lands is the first world that Death travels to searching for the Tree of Life.


Hailing from the Forge Lands, the Maker race have made much: worlds, such as the White City or Hell, weapons, and the Constructs, pseudo-machines made from stone and powered by fragments of Maker Souls.

When the Makers first made their home in the Forge Lands, they were largely treated as cattle by a species of giant fiery bats. However, the hunters soon became the hunted as the Makers turned upon them, killing all of the beasts short of Bheithir. The World would become ravaged by destruction, teetering on the edge of the Abyss.

Things took a turn for the worst when what remained of the Forge Lands came under assault by Corruption, cutting the Makers off from their one and only means of escaping the dying World -  the Tree of Life - as well as their means of resisting its spread: The "Fire of the Mountain" and the "Tears of the Mountain" - both of which would allow them to forge weapons powerful enough to retaliate.

What little resources they had left was spent attempting to create a massive, gargantuan construct known as the Guardian to destroy the Corruption around the tree. Unfortunately, before the three Heartstones required to bring it to life could be installed, the foundry where it was made was cut off by Corruption. Thus, it seemed the only thing the Makers could do with what little time they had left was fighting off their corrupted kin, making "trinkets", and training for battle, all while waiting to die.

Darksiders II[]

This world is dying, lad. Choking on chaos and Corruption. We can do little to stop it.
— Elder Eideard on his worlds current status

Death, in his quest to prove War's innocence, would be brought to the Forge Lands by the Crowfather. While Death had no interest in helping the dying people, their goals soon prove to be mutually beneficial, Death restoring access to the Fire and Tears of the Mountain as well as completing the Guardian, which aside from the relatively minor detail of being temporarily Corrupted was able to complete the job it was built for and clean out the Corruption from the Realm.

This in turn gave Death the access he needed to the Tree of Life, which according to the Crowfather would give Death what he needed to save War.[1]



  • This the home Realm of Ulthane, a Maker in exile on Earth in the original Darksiders.