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Fists of Elhazar


Required Level:


Damage: 144-166
Damage Type: Fast
Critical Chance: +16%
Special Ability: Elhazar's Glare
Special Ability: Elhazar's Might


Earth: After having unlocked the last piece of the Rod of Arafel, continue throught the series of corridors until you come to a large multi-tiered room. Immediately to the right of where you entered is a hollow. Jump in to claim the gauntlets.


One of a handful of exceptional warriors from the Kingdom of Men, Elhazar fought his way through many levels of the Crucible bearing these weapons. The left gauntlet is known as Elhazar's Glare, for it is carven with an eye to mark his first victory in the arena over a raging Cyclops. The right gauntlet is named Elhazar's Might, for it bears runes that shimmer with raw power. Together, the Fists of Elhazar grant their wielder many benefits; enemies are staggered by hammer blows, their bodies devastated by increasingly severe hits to critical areas.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II


  • This is the only Legendary Weapon which possess two Special Abilities.
  • After a 10 hit combo, you only score critical.