The Faneguard is a specialized branch of Heaven's army, tasked with protecting vital and holy places in any realm.


The Faneguard was led by Malahidael, who was named its leader by Abaddon himself. Under his leadership, the Faneguard protected archives, military outposts or ancient temples filled with knowledge. Their greatest task, however, was protecting Eden

Known membersEdit

  • Malahidael - the leader of the Faneguard
  • Sarasael - a member of the Faneguard who died and was subjected to interrogation by Death, who used his necromantic powers to revive him temporarily
  • Astarte- a member and the greatest warrior of the Faneguard who served loyally until driven mad and corrupted by Lucifer. She was killed fighting against the Horseman Strife and War when they appeared in Eden.
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