Darksiders Wiki
FallenA Fallen
Type of Creature Demon (Formerly Angels.)
Mode of Travel Flight, By foot
Genders Female
Eyes Red
Additional Features Extremely Rare
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Previous Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Extreme Heavy Assault Demon
Partner(s) Lesser Demons
Weapons Claws, Their own bodies.
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Fallen are Demons featured in Darksiders.


These rare fallen angels saw themselves lured to a path of darkness by appealing promises made by Hell. They are opportunistic hunters, prowling the skies over destroyed cities, perhaps looking for people to punish or hoping to kill War as some sort of redemption. They are colossal beings and quite difficult to defeat, as they are even stronger than The Trauma. They look somewhat similar to a Grappleclaw, but much larger in body and wings.

Fallen look like giant twisted creatures with hardly, if any, resemblance to their former selves. They are usually driven by and insatiable bloodlust, and are stronger even than the Trauma beast. Their incredible endurance, strong attacks and maneuverability make them a difficult opponent for War to defeat. Interestingly, War's Chaos Form somewhat resembles a Fallen, albeit on fire. Rare creatures, they can be encountered during the Apocalypse. The Fallen that can be fought is on the Angelic Beast while War makes his way through the Echo Gorge towards Twilight Cathedral.