Enhancements are augmentations that can be slotted onto each of the main weapons (ChaosEater, Scythe and Tremor Gauntlet) in order to gain some additional abilities. In order to benefit from these abilities an enhancement has to be attached to a weapon.


Once an enhancement has been gained, it is kept permanently in the inventory and can be attached onto a weapon at any time as well as changed. Each weapon has only one enhancement slot. An enhancement may have a slotted bonus which only has an effect when the slotted weapon is in use. Some enhancements have passive bonus which is in effect all the time - as soon as you pick up the enhancement. While some enhancements are bought, others are found around the Darksiders world.

In Darksiders III enhancements can be upgraded by Ulthane.


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In Darksiders enhancements can be only be slotted onto one of War's three main weapons, Chaoseater, The Harvester / Scythe and the Tremor Gauntlet. Some are discovered around the world, while others are bought from Vulgrim. There are a total of twelve enhancements.


Icon Enhancement Location
Bane Bane Vulgrim
Weapon Master Weapon Master Vulgrim
Bloodthirst Bloodthirst Twilight Cathedral
Carnage Carnage Dry Road
Combat Lore Combat Lore Anvil's Ford (by Ulthane) or Vulgrim
Hellfire Hellfire The Crossroads
Ravager1 Ravager Choking Grounds
Reaper1 Reaper The Hollow

Legendary EnhancementsEdit

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There are four Legendary Enhancements which are significantly more powerful and harder to find.

  1. War's Glory
  2. Strife's Offering
  3. Fury's Embrace
  4. Death's Blessing

Darksiders IIIEdit

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There are twelve enhancements that Fury can find/buy in the base game with four more in the crucible DLC and two more in the Keepers of the Void DLC. They can be slotted into all of Fury's weapons including the many forms of Scorn and her Crossblade Salvation. All enhancements give a active and passive like in the first game, additionally Ulthane can upgrade enhancements using Demonic & Angelic Artifacts and the Essence of a Chosen scattered throughout the game world that either augments the active or passive benefits for both of the Enhancement.

  1. Fortifier I seek strength of heart, and of arms.
  2. Obscuris
  3. Fafnir
  4. Shade You can see me? Then... perhaps you are worthy...
  5. Enoch Long have I lived, and so much I have seen.
  6. Chaos
  7. Leviathan Though you are sibling to he who hath slain me, i will aid you for a time.
  8. Rage I'm not interested in 'reason'.
  9. Juggernaut
  10. Marauder There's treasure everywhere, if ya' look close enough.
  11. Azazel
  12. Fortune
  13. Veneration
  14. Perdition
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