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Enhancements are augmentations that are available in both Darksiders and Darksiders III. They can be slotted into the majority of weapons in both games, and grant additional abilities and effects. These effects range from both passive and active effects, but they must be equipped to provide any of their benefits to War or Fury.


Once an enhancement has been gained, it is kept permanently in the inventory and can be attached onto a weapon at any time as well as changed. Each weapon has only one enhancement slot. An enhancement may have a slotted bonus which only has an effect when the slotted weapon is in use. Some enhancements have passive bonus which is in effect all the time - as soon as you pick up the enhancement. While some enhancements are bought, others are found around the Darksiders world.

In Darksiders III enhancements can be upgraded by Ulthane.


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In Darksiders enhancements can be only be slotted onto one of War's three main weapons, Chaoseater, The Harvester / Scythe and the Tremor Gauntlet. Some are discovered around the world, while others are bought from Vulgrim. There are a total of twelve enhancements.


Icon Enhancement Location
Bane Bane Vulgrim
Weapon Master Weapon Master Vulgrim
Bloodthirst Bloodthirst Twilight Cathedral
Carnage Carnage Dry Road
Combat Lore Combat Lore Anvil's Ford (by Ulthane) or Vulgrim
Hellfire Hellfire The Crossroads
Ravager1 Ravager Choking Grounds
Reaper1 Reaper The Hollow

Legendary Enhancements[]

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There are four Legendary Enhancements which are significantly more powerful and harder to find.

  1. War's Glory
  2. Strife's Offering
  3. Fury's Embrace
  4. Death's Blessing

Darksiders III[]

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There are a total of 18 enhancements available in Darksiders III, 6 of which are found in The Crucible and Keepers of the Void DLCs. They can be slotted into all of Fury's weapons, including the many forms of Scorn and her Crossblade Salvation.

Each enhancement provides an active effect to the slotted weapon along side a passive effect. The passive effect is always applied so long as it is equipped. This applies to Hollows and Hollow weapons Fury isn't attuned to, and also in Armageddon mode when the Crossblade or certain Hollows have not been obtained yet.

The enhancements can be upgraded by Ulthane using either Angelic and Demonic Artifacts found in the world, both of which provide a boost to one of the two effects. The final upgrade requires an Essence of a Chosen, as well as the opposite type of artifact, and brings both effects to their maximum power. More information about upgrade costs and the stat values of each enhancement can be found on their specific pages.

Enhancements (Base Game)[]

Icon Enhancement Effect
Fortifier Rune Transparent Fortifier Increased Health & Physical/Arcane Damage
Leviathan Rune transparent Leviathan Health Regen & Souls from Environment Objects
Rage Rune Transparent Rage Extra Wrath from Lurchers & Chance to spawn Lurchers on kill
Chaos Rune Transparent Chaos Longer Havoc Form Duration & Lifesteal
Juggernaut Rune Transparent Juggernaut Increased Physical Resistance & Physical Damage
Shade Rune transparent Shade Increased Arcane Resistance & Arcane Damage
Enoch Rune transparent Enoch Havoc Meter Regen & increased Damage at Full Health
Marauder Rune transparent Marauder Increased Item Drop Chance and Chance to spawn a Health Lurcher
Obscurus Rune Transparent Obscurus Higher Dodge Invincibility Window & more Havoc gained with attacks
Fafnir Rune Transparent Fafnir Thorns Effect & Bonus Damage for souls carried
Azazel Rune Transparent Azazel Wrath Regen & Wrath Gained on hit
Fortune Rune Transparent Fortune Item Potency & Bonus Soul Lurchers on kill

Enhancements (DLC)[]

The 6 enhancements exclusive to Darksiders III's DLCs are unique in that they may only be slotted into specific weapons. The Hollow Themed Enhancements from The Crucible slot into their respective hollow weapons (Including the Keepers of the Void alternate weapons). Meanwhile, the final two enhancements from Keepers of the Void are restricted to Fury's whip and her Crossblade respectively.

The Crucible DLC
Icon Enhancement Effect
Flame Rune Transparent Flame (DLC) [Flame Hollow Only] Chance to ignite target & Bonus Flame Wrath Form Range
Storm Rune transparent Storm (DLC) [Storm Hollow Only] Tornado Duration & Chain Lighting from weapon attacks
Force Rune transparent Force (DLC) [Force Hollow Only] Force Wrath Attack Damage & Weapon Attack Speed
Stasis Rune transparent Stasis (DLC) [Stasis Hollow Only] Wrath Form Duration & Counter Attack Stasis Duration
Keepers of the Void DLC
Icon Enhancement Effect
Veneration Rune Transparent Veneration (DLC) [Barbs of Scorn Only] Critical hit chance on kill & Critical hit damage
Perdition Rune transparent Perdition (DLC) [Salvation Only] Thrown Flight speed & Bonus Damage per Luminous Visage held