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Wrath of War
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An Empty Vessel is an item used to store Consumables. They generally come pre filled with various things.


  1. War starts with one Vessel filled with Life Essence.
  2. Vulgrim - You can buy it for 2000 Souls.
  3. Twilight Cathedral - at start near the courtyard.
  4. Drowned Pass - after speaking with the Tormented Gate - the challenge with keeping skeleton guards alive. You have to keep 3 or more out of 6 to get the vessel. (You have only one chance, this challenge is unrepeatable.) The vessel will not be obtained until after all the Shadow Realm challenges in the Drowned Pass are completed.
  5. The Ashlands - 4th tower not the very top.
  6. Iron Canopy - after you get the chain back-track to start of the dungeon. Go the road as you went at the beginning of the level to the first spider hanging above the rail next to Chronosphere. Go behind the building "outside". As you move around the corner to the bridge that broke behind you there is a broken wall on the first floor. Stop there, look for an orange place to grab with your Abyssal Chain.
  7. Choking Grounds - next to Tormented Gate there is a "house". 5 level in the chest. Requires: Crossblade / Abyssal Chain.
  8. Scalding Gallow - On the way to Choking Grounds, there is a lava cave. After the first blue jump on the right there is a window with a portal to activate. The second one is further down the path. Requires: Voidwalker.