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I am a maker. Older than even the Charred Council. These hands have laid the foundation for many worlds. But that was long ago. And now they but hardly know the touch of stone.
Elder Eideard

Elder Eideard is a character featured in Darksiders II.


Elder Eideard was an ancient Maker that served as their leader in the Forge Lands. His hands have laid the foundations for the shining spires of Heaven and the Dark Fortresses of Hell. Amongst his people he is highly respected for his wisdom and often turned to in times of crisis.


Darksiders II[]

Eideard was the first to find Death upon his unexpected arrival in the Forge Lands. The Elder told the Horseman that Corruption blocked the path to the Tree of Life and bid him seek Alya and restore the fire and tears of the mountain and restore the forge if he wanted to resurrect humanity.

After Alya and Valus had restored the forge, he presented the Maker's Key they made to the Nephilim and bid him use it to restore the last of the Wardens, large constructs impervious to Corruption, so that he could restore the Guardian in the Foundry.

When the corrupted Guardian was awoken, Eideard confronted it and attempted to purify it. His efforts failed and despite his protective shield the construct's attack wounded him badly. He then teleported off the battlefield and contained the area in a shield while Death destroyed the Guardian. When the Guardian was destroyed, Eideard sacrificed himself to resurrect it in its purified form so that the path to the Tree of Life would be unblocked, telling the Horseman that the Tree was where journeys began, not ended, and that his journey is far from over.

Personality and Traits[]

As the Elder of his people and older than even the Charred Council, Eideard is immensely wise and cautious, possessing great knowledge, wisdom and power, yet at the same time possess a sense of humor. Eideard as such is very well respected amongst his fellow makers for he deeply cares about his people, but is greatly saddened by the effects of corruption has done to his home and people. Eideard does his best to keep hope alive, but knows he can do little to stop it until Death arrives. However, he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect his home and people.

Despite his age, Eideard is very strong in both magic and strength, capable of surviving numerous blows from the corrupted Guardian.