Tree of knowledge

Eden, the long forgotten paradise.

I bore witness as the First Ones were cast out and the Garden fell to ruin!

Eden is a location featured in Darksiders.


Death - The nephilim have no claim to Eden...
Absalom - There are realms for Angels and Demons... why not for us?
Death - Eden belongs to Man.
Absalom - It belongs to those who take it!

Absalom and Death, during their battle

Eden was initially meant for mankind, but when it was given to them, the Nephilim attacked the paradise world under Absalom's leadership with the intent of claiming it for themselves as they possessed no world of their own. After the Four Horsemen and the Angels defeated the Nephilim, Eden was abandoned. The Garden or what remained of it, was hidden by Archangel Azrael. It is here that the Tree of Knowledge stands.
What treachery is this Azrael? Eden doesn't exist. Not anymore...
The Watcher
From that point on most in creation believe that Eden no longer exists as Azrael hid it out of fear of what would happen if the The Garden fell to darkness.

The Abomination VaultEdit

After the battle with the Nephilim, the Council was supposed to guard Eden but they did little to fulfill that obligation, so the Angels stationed soldiers there to make sure it was not disturbed. It was targeted by the construct army of the rogue Maker Belisatra and Hadrimon, her angelic accomplice, in an attempt to recover Abominations from the old battlefield. The attack was thwarted by reinforcements led by Abaddon, though a construct using a Nephilim sword named Affliction took his eye.

Death later arrived to investigate and, upon meeting Azrael, who had led more angelic forces to Eden, was led to the angelic encampment and met with the wounded archangel. He agreed to share information with them but left as soon as he suspected the construct army's true purpose.

Darksiders Edit

After his fall to darkness Abaddon had Azrael bring him to the tree, what gift he received is unknown but it's implied the tree drove him mad. War was brought to Eden by Azrael to stand before the Tree of Knowledge in hopes of the Tree's gift helping devise a way to defeat the Destroyer. War received a vision that revealed Abaddon's conspiracy, the Destroyer's identity and the Council's treachery. Ultimately it lead to the reforging of the Armageddon Blade.

Chests Edit

  • Wrath Shard - When approaching the first staircase, jump off the ledge to the left into the shallow water below. The chest is hiding directly underneath the stairs.
  • Abyssal Armor Piece - Head to the eastern part of the lake area, it is in a cave behind a waterfall.

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to what Azrael says about him sealing the portal and that one may never return after leaving, it is possible to return. To do so, simply go to Leviathan's Drift and head north past where The Stygian was tied up. Put on your Mask of Shadows and use Shadowflight on the geyser that is now visible. Walk forward across the bridge and step into the portal.