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The Earthcaller

Even when silent, the Earthcaller appears to be screaming. Its mouth has been carved to resemble three demon faces twisted with rage. The horn is a powerful artifact, able to channel fury into raw sonic power.


War first acquires the Earthcaller from the Demon merchant Vulgrim for 500 souls. Using the Earthcaller War is able to awaken the Tormented Gates enslaved by the Demons to bar the paths of their enemies. The Earthcaller also proves vital in the fight against the Phantom General being needed to stun the general long enough to attack him.


The Earthcaller's primary function is to awaken the dormant Tormented Gates. However it has a secondary combat use, knocking away some enemies and stunning them, or where available, kill them by knocking them over a ledge.


In a way, the Earthcaller is the Darksiders equivalent of the Maker's Key from Darksiders II, considering both are capable of awakening Constructs. However, the Earthcaller is usable as an offensive weapon across Creation, whereas the Maker's Key is only usable in the Forge Lands, and only for awakening Custodians and Wardens.