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Dovox or The Keeper of Time is one of the guardians of the Void. After Fury gains the Stasis Hollow and finishes the Stasis Wing, she faces him.


All that's known about him is that he has been the protector of the stasis wing for years.

After Fury finishes the Stasis Wing, she faces the angry construct. When she meets him, he immediately roars in anger and proceeds to attack her.

After he's destroyed his body and powers are merged with Ionos.


He looks just like his fellow guardians, but he glows a light blue, which signifies his role as the Keeper of Time.


Right as Fury meets him, he flares with rage and seems eager to avenge his fallen siblings.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dovox uses much more fierce and powerful attacks than his siblings. These attacks include an explosive stomp and a uppercut attack that creates wave of energy.


Dovox begins with power attacks right off of the bat during his fight. during the first part, he uses a ground stomp attack that creates an explosion and an uppercut attack that projects energy forward. Once he's lost a certain amount of health, he falls to the ground, but then releases a huge explosion.

During this part, he begins preforming a ground slam attack that inserts a piece of stasis in the ground that, when interacted with, explodes. When this is combined with the ground stomp, it creates a double shockwave that's harder to dodge. He also uses a charged explosion attack.


  • Dovox is the fourth Guardian you face.
  • He's one of the only two guardians that engages Fury first.
  • If you have the Stasis Hollow equipped, then Dovox will absorb it and power up.