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Darksiders Genesis Dis introduction

Dis is a demon Merchant introduced in Darksiders Genesis.


At some point in the past Dis got into debt with Vulgrim, a deal that would cost her soul and duty-bound servitude for as long as he lived. As such she remains the demon's slave until she can collect enough souls to buy hers back.

At some point in time, the crystal that Vulgrim keeps her in was stolen and her prison was imprisoned within The Slag, a Hellish dungeon.

Darksiders Genesis[]

Dis was captured while seeking an item of great importance to Lucifer by Vulgrim's order and eventually imprisoned in The Slag as punishment. Initially grateful to War and Strife for rescuing her, she was less pleased to learn that they had delivered her back into the hands of her 'master.' Still, she made the most of a bad situation, firstly explaining everything she knew about the Ember Core, and later setting up her own side business teaching the two horsemen new moves and helping to upgrade their abilities hoping to make enough souls to buy hers back from Vulgrim.


Surprisingly positive and cheerful for a demon, Dis is a friendly face among an otherwise unfriendly race, albeit one who is eager to be free of Vulgrim's grasp on her. She despises Vulgrim for keeping her as his slave and longs for freedom. Dis has shown a rather sassy or flirty sense of humor when doing business with the Horsemen, liking how they operate and being flirtatious in her dealings with them.


Dis is a four armed purple and red colored thickly built female demon.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dis is quite knowledgeable about demonic artifacts, her information forms the basis of a couple of the early missions within Darksiders, mostly featuring the horsemen gathering together the items needed to build a omniscient viewer that would allow them to spy on Lucifer's allies. She is also quite knowledgeable about combat, using materials she sneaked past Vulgrim to teach War and Strife new moves to help them in their quest to slay the Demon Masters.