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Icon Name Description Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Secret
Devastator Devastator Kill ten enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack 10 Bronze No


To get the Devastator it is recommended for Blade Geyser to be at least Level 2. However, it may also be possible to get is using the Wicked in the Seraphim Hotel, but mostly there are only 9 at a time.

It is recommended trying to get it during your adventures in the Iron Canopy since there are more than enough Broodlings swarming around and they die from a single Blade Geyser attack. Recommended places:

  1. Iron Canopy, in the room with the elevator and Bomb Growth. If you do not get the achievement, simply leave and come back to try it again.
  2. Iron Canopy, go to a room with several Broodlings on the walls, shoot at them a few times to draw their attention, let them surround you, then use Blade Geyser.



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