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Death and Despair
Despair and his Rider, Death.
Name Despair
Race Phantom Horse
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Pale green, Greenish fire upon the mane.
Unusual Features Appears somewhat rotted, has green fire about his body.
Professional Status
Affiliation Death
Occupation Steed of Death.
Partner(s) Death
Relatives Ruin (Horse of War)
Rampage (Horse of Fury)

Mayhem (Horse of Strife)

Alias The Pale Horse
Weapon Hooves
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders 2
For what follows Death, but Despair?

Despair is one of the four horses of the Four Horsemen, his rider being Death. He has a skeletal emaciated appearance, a glowing green haze emanating from within his body and his eyes glowing with green light as well. His skin is mostly torn and somewhat rotted with some of his bones showing. He also appears to have no abdominal organs. However, his rotting appearance and lack of organs do not appear to cause him any distress, physical or otherwise. Just as Ruin is the main mount is Darksiders, Despair is the main mount in Darksiders II.

Death's Door[]

When Death went to visit the Horsemaster, the ancient being recounted Death's taming of Despair. While his siblings bickered, the eldest Horseman charged into a stampeding herd of horses as old as Creation. He quickly mounted one and enforced his will over it, driving it back to the Horsemaster. He then named the horse Despair as it shifted from its previous hazy dust brown form to rotted flesh and bone to reflect its master.


  • Due to the negative backlash of how long it took for War to obtain Ruin as a mount in Darksiders, Despair is with Death at the very beginning of the game.
  • Darksiders II also is much larger than the original Darksiders, and as such Despair's early access is a key to getting around the land easier.
  • Despair's color comes from an interpretation of the Bible. The word 'pale' can also be translated 'pallid', which specifically means 'appearing unhealthy', and usually considered to be a pale greenish-yellow color. Bone with green accents is not a literal interpretation, but is a relatively faithful one, given the constraints of visual design needing the horse to stand out from its surroundings for gameplay reasons.
  • The Riders' steeds are never named in the Bible.