Phantom.A regular demon grunt.
Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel Flight, on foot, mount
Genders Male and female
Eyes Varies (commonly yellow or blue)
Hair Colors Varies (commonly none or black)
Additional Features Rarely armored, wings, often large in size
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell (mostly)
Occupation The Second Kingdom
Partner(s) Other Demons, Wicked, Undead
Noticable Members Lucifer, Samael, Lilith, Vulgrim, The Destroyer, Raciel
Weapons Hands, claws, teeth, melee weapons, Demon magic, Fracture Cannon
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Demons are Hell's residents and rulers of the Second Kingdom. Demons tend to be characterized by bloodlust, cruelty, utter selfishness and brutality. In fact, most Demons use no weapons in battle save for their own claws, talons, and fangs. Though they have some projectile weapons, Demons generally have a very low technology level, preferring raw strength and skill. 

Unlike the Angels, Demons have few qualms regarding whatever methods they use to achieve their ends. For example, the Angels abhor necromancy, but it is common amongst the armies of Hell, as seen on Earth.

The Chosen, while frequently mistaken for Demons, are in fact creatures far more ancient from the Abyss, explaining their non-humanoid body structure and any features that could not have descended from an angelic ancestor.


Demon society appears to be a sort of feudalism based on a violent meritocracy, where one's position is determined by the level of power they possess. There are many powerful demons that carve out their own domain by virtue of their own prowess, but all are sworn to a single ruler of great power, currently the Dark One. The ruler's position is not set in stone, however, as a sufficiently powerful demon may overthrow him and assume the role. Samael, for example, was believed to be next in line for Hell's throne prior to the Apocalypse.

Little is known of Hell's hierarchy, but it can be assumed based on conversations that "Prince" is the highest position (ex. Lucifer being "the Dark Prince") and "Lord", while not the highest, is considered a prestigious rank.

Notable Demon CharactersEdit

  • Belial - A Demon lord that ruled over a portion of Hell's forces on Earth under the Destroyer.
  • The Destroyer - A draconic Demon, formerly the leader of the Hellguard and leader of Hell's forces on Earth.
  • Lilith - A female Demon that is responsible for transforming Abaddon into the Destroyer and creating the Nephilim
  • Lucifer - The ruler of the Second Kingdom, also known as the Dark One, the Prince of Lies or the Dark Prince.
  • Raciel - A former Angel who transformed into a Demon that commanded a force of Demon mercenaries during the search for the Abomination Vault.
  • Samael - A rebel Demon prince that the Destroyer imprisoned in the Scalding Gallows and was once next in line to the throne of the Second Kingdom by virtue of his great power.
  • Vulgrim - An insidious Demonic merchant that sells the Horsemen abilities, items and upgrades in return for Souls or gilt.
  • Abraxis - A silver-tongued Demon lord in service to The Destroyer, responsible for building the massive tower that would be his master's lair.

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