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Wrath of War
"I recognize a quest for revenge when I see one. And revenge, I respect!"
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Pulsing with strange dark energy, this unholy sigil bears the mark of War's brother, DEATH.
— Ingame description
Death's Blessing Enhancement

Death's Blessing icon

Death's Blessing is a Legendary Enhancement with numerous useful abilities especially benefiting Scythe and Souls harvesting.


Slotted Bonus[]

  • Leeches weapon damage and converts it to health
  • Drastically increases weapon damage
  • Drastically increases the amount of souls acquired from objects & creatures
  • Additional soul rewards when assigned to the Scythe

Not mentioned on PC[]

  • +25% more souls gained when monster is killed with a sword / gauntlet that is slotted with Death's Blessing
  • +60% more souls gained when monster is killed with The Harvester that is slotted with Death's Blessing
  • Slotting any weapon, even the sword, with Death's Blessing will not give any extra souls if monster is killed with an instant kill move.


Death's Blessing Chest

The portal you have to cross to find the Death's Blessing chest.

In Scalding Gallow, in the northeast tunnel where you used the Chronomancer for the first time on that large door, if you notice there was a Void Circle on the door and also in that room with the lever and chronomancer. Portal link these void circles and once the door is fully open, jump in the portal to be shot out into a small room with the enchantment.