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The following is a walkthrough for the game Darksiders. Note: Be aware that spoilers will be included. To avoid spoilers, please don't read the rest of this article. This walkthrough is restored from a cache copy after being edited and destroyed as it is a more complete text-based walkthrough than many others. Scattered throughout the text are video illustrations, and for the most part reflect the text walkthroughs. At the bottom of the page are just the videos, categorized in similar fashion to the groupings of the text.

The average game time is around 18 hours if playing on Apocalyptic.

Mayhem Map

1. Your beginning position. Follow the instructions. The Chaos Form is a very powerful mode where you are invulnerable and deal great damage. During the normal part of the game, you'll be able to engage Chaos Mode only for a short duration, but during this tutorial you are allowed to stay in it for quite a long while.

2. Achievement Open Air Parking: Exit Chaos Mode (same buttons you used to enter it, LB+RT). Around this point, giant spikes will shoot out of the ground preventing you from going back. Grab a car (B) and look up at the sky near the giant lying on the ground. A helicopter should start coming by. Try to target it (click Right Stick to enter targeting mode) and throw the car (RT) at the helicopter to destroy it.

3. Kill all the enemies to continue. Around this point, a horn will sound and you will be forced out of Chaos Mode and lose about half your health.

4. Kill all the enemies to continue. Climb the demonic growth that appears.

5. Jump and grab the wire across the gap.

Boss: Straga[]

  • Straga's weak spot is his skull. It's completely out of your sword's reach, so you'll need to find a creative way to bring it down. Stay towards the rear in this fight and make sure you lock on to Straga so the camera keeps it in view. There are several attacks you need to learn to avoid. One is a wave of fire, which is too fast to avoid by running. You'll need to dash out of the way. Plan to dash as soon as the demon recoils to attack.
  • Another attack has Straga lifting the street and shaking it. The conclusion of this attack is to slam it down and harm War. When Straga slams the street you need to jump to avoid damage.
  • The final of the attacks is one in which Straga tosses a fistful of automobiles right at you. These projectiles can be turned around and used against the colossus. Simply grab the car that lands in front of you and, while targeting Straga's head, toss it at his face. Do this twice and the beast will collapse, stunned.
  • Approach it and slash away at its exposed skull while you can. You'll need to repeat this entire process three times to whittle away its life. Fell it a third time and you'll be able to execute your finishing move with the ACTIVATE button. A long cutscene follows.

    Episode 1 Redux - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Beginning All Over Again

    Beginning and The Charred Council

The Charred Council[]

Charred Council Map

  • After the cutscene, head due east and grab your trusty blade: the Chaoseater, now stripped of its awesome power. It can still pull off a Blade Geyser attack at the expense of one Wrath Core.
  • Now, head west to the blue fire. You will be awarded with 200 blue Currency Souls which you can spend on goodies later. After this you'll be transported back to Earth — a very different place than you may remember it.

Seraphim Hotel[]

Seraphim Hotel Map

In the Seraphim Hotel area there are Two Chests to collect.

  • 1. The starting location arriving from The Charred Council. You have been stripped of your powers that you held in the beginning, so you mainly just have basic attack and uppercut for now.
  • Climb up the Demon Growth to reach the second level. Next, run up the ramp to the third level. Jump onto the northwest wall and you'll be able to shimmy across.
  • 2. On the other side a group of Wickeds appear. Take them out easily with regular sword attacks. Cross the gap using the pipe and then approach the elevator shaft doors. Pry these open with the ACTIVATE button. Now, jump onto the growth in the shaft and climb up to Floor 1.
  • 3. On this level you'll find a Fleshburster, a powerful enemy that bursts into flames when you kill it, harming you and any nearby enemies. Damage it until it bursts and hopefully it will take out some of the Wickeds flanking it. Open the Chest (H1 1/2) along the northeast wall for a life boost.
  • 4. Head up the stairs to find a strange pedestal-like object that you can push by pressing the ACTIVATE/INTERACT button. Do so and push it towards the ledge ahead. Jump on it and then up to the upper level. Take out the Wickeds in the hallway and then climb up the Demonic Growth at the dead end to reach Floor 2.
  • 5. On Floor 2, the way is blocked by a seal. You must take out the large beast, the Gholen, whom appears before proceeding. Take advantage of the objects in the room and use them as projectiles. You can also move in for some quick sword swipes so long as you dash away after two or three to avoid taking damage. Eventually, you will be prompted to finish the beast off.
  • 6.Head through the cleared seal and up the stairs.
  • 7.Grab the Chest (H2 2/2) at the top for some health before running to the end of the area.

The Crossroads[]

The Crossroads Map

The Crossroads has nine Chests and one Soldier Artifact to collect.


Episode 2 Redux - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Criss-Cross

Seraphim Hotel and The Crossroads

  • 1. At the Crossroads, you'll have your first encounter with the merchant Vulgrim. You can trade him currency Souls for items and equipment. You can't purchase anything just yet, however, he demands you bring him some loot - 500 Souls to be precise. Luckily, he gives you the Hoardseeker which reveals treasure chests and other points of interest on your map. Open you map and examine it. Nine chests are marked on the two floors of this area. In these chests are the souls you need to appease Vulgrim.
  • 2. First proceed northwest. In this corner will be a massive Gholen guarding a Chest (H1 Crossroads 1/9) with some health inside. Use items from around the area as projectiles to weaken the massive beast and then move in to slash it with your sword. Make sure you have your finger on the DASH button so you can avoid its attacks after dealing a bit of damage. Grab the health and note that just to the west is an area blocked with what appear to be ice crystals. You'll need the Tremor Gauntlet to access the chest in here which you'll get later in the game. Also, look for the fire hydrant in this corner—destroying all of these in the area will reveal a secret chest (see below).
  • 3. For now, head down the subway entrance stairs leading to the subterranean area. Jump onto the Demonic Growth on the wall and use it to reach the ceiling. Dash across the Growth on the ceiling to avoid the Lashers.
  • Drop down on the opposite side to find another Chest (S1 Crossroads 2/9) with 100 Souls inside.
  • Hop down into the pool below. Breach the surface by pressing ACTIVATE/INTERACT and swim towards the green icon marked on your map. This is a Soldier Artifact (Art1 Soldier Artifact 1), a collectible worth 500 Souls. Sell it to Vulgrim later.
  • Exit the cavern and head back towards Vulgrim. Head due south from Vulgrim.
  • 4. Jump down into the crater to find another Chest (S2 Crossroads 3/9) with 100 souls. From here, head northeast.

Secret Chest[]

  • 5. There are six small, grayish fire hydrants in the streets around Vulgrim (marked with "F" on the walkthrough map). One tricky hydrant is in the far northwest by the chest with health inside—its north of the subway stairs.
  • The rest are all on the sidewalks that border the streets east of Vulgrim. Destroy them all and a short cutscene will reveal this secret Chest (S3 Crossroads 4/9) with a whopping 500 souls within!
  • Make sure you COMPLETELY destroy the hydrant and recieve one soul from it otherwise the chest will not spawn.

The Crossroads (Continued)[]

  • 6. In the northeast is another crater with a Chest (H2 Crossroads 5/9) you can open for health.
  • 7. Head down the alley to the north of this to encounter yet another giant Gholen. Beyond it is a Chest (H3 Crossroads 6/9) with health inside. Take the stairs down for another Chest (S4 Crossroads 7/9) with 100 Souls inside.
  • 8. Head back towards Vulgrim and explore the building where the final area chest is marked. Inside you'll find the Chest (S5 Crossroads 8/9) you seek with 100 Souls within. The final chest in this area is not accessible to you quite yet.
  • Vulgrim will tell you that someone named Samael's is imprisoned. Vulgrim will then give you the Earthcaller Horn.
    • Earthcaller: The A masterfully carved horn whose call awakens ancient gates. Some creatures can be knocked back by the Earthcaller's deafening blast.
  • 9. Use the Earthcaller to open the way north of Vulgrim. A stone colossus - Tormented Gate - stands before the entrance to the Library. Approach it (just up the steps from Vulgrim) and equip the Earthcaller in the Gear menu (you'll need to choose it and set it to one of four slots).
  • Hit the USE GEAR ITEM button when prompted to open the "gate."


The Library contains five Chests and one Soldier Artifact.

  • 10. Inside the Library you'll immediately come across a Chest (H4 Library 1/5) with health inside.
  • 11. Head up the stairs and drop into the next room. Here you'll find recognizable enemies, including Fleshburners. Be sure to dash away when they swell up so you don't get caught in their dying blast. Another Chest (S6 Library 2/5) with 100 Souls in it lies along the south wall.
  • 12. Jump into the pit and destroy the enemies there. One end of this pit has a deep pool. Jump into the pool and follow the submarine cave back to a platform with a Chest (LS1 Library 3/5). Inside is a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 1/14). Collect four of these to add a Lifestone to your health meter.
  • Swim back out to the main hall and climb the Demonic Growth. You'll have to return here for the Collectible shining in the upper area.
  • 13. Head north and open the Chest (H5 Library 4/5) for life. Another chest is nearby on a higher ledge, but you'll need to return here with the Abyssal Chain to reach it.
  • Head through the doors until you come upon The Scalding Gallow.

Scalding Gallow[]

Scalding Gallow Map

In Scalding Gallow, you will be able to collect five Chests.

  • 1. Run along the west side of the area and go up the stairs. You'll find a Chest (S1 Scalding Gallow 1/5) on the second floor of a destroyed building with 250 Souls inside.
  • 2. Opposite to the previous chest is another on an inaccessible platform. There is a pillar on this platform with a spiked bomb plant growing on it. Throwing a car into it will cause it to explode and drop the pillar to ground level,when throwing stand on broken pillar, then jump up throwing at the same time (may take more than one throw). The chest (Arm1 Scalding Gallow 2/5) on the platform contains an (Abyssal Armor piece 1/10). If you have trouble, it's easier to use the Crossblade which you will get later.
  • 3. Before heading to the central spire, veer west. Follow the path around to the northwest. You'll find a destroyed building with a Chest (S2 Scalding Gallow 3/5) with 250 Souls inside. Nearby is a spot where you can access the merchant Vulgrim.

The Harvester (Scythe)[]

On PS3 and Xbox360 versions there is a ways to unlock a secret, additional item - The Harvester. The Scythe which is a regular item should be available for 1000 Souls.

  • Before meeting up with Vulgrim again, press pause and select Options. Under Game Options, choose "Enter Code" and enter the following words: The Hollow Lord (case sensitive). Now, visit Vulgrim and The Harvester (Scythe) will be available for purchase under Weapons. If the code is used before you buy the Scythe, The Harvester replaces it in Vulgrims shop and it is free Use the code before buying the Scythe to save 4000 souls. If you have already bought the Scythe, then entering the code in will cause The Harvester to be in Vulgrim's shop for free, buying this will upgrade/replace your existing Scythe. The Harvester will net you around a few more souls (10-20% or so extra) if it is used to attack and kill an enemy exclusively.
  • Above Vulgrim is another Chest (WS1 Scalding Gallow 4/5), containing a Wrath Shard. Collect four of these to increase your Wrath meter.
  • 4. Now you are ready to head to the central spire. When you approach it, a mini-boss of sorts will challenge you.

Boss Fight: Phantom General[]

  • The Phantom General loves blocking your attacks. When he's not blocking, he's summoning backup in the form of Phantom Guard Soldiers. The key to this battle is your secondary attacks: the Earthcaller and the Blade Geyser. The latter is most effective, but you'll need to replenish your Wrath by using Instant Kill attacks on the Soldiers.
  • Unleashing a Blade Geyser will send all the enemies flying, including the General. Take this opportunity to pounce on him and slash away. Alternately, you can catch the General in a blast of your Earthcaller when he charges you and knock him back in a similar manner. If he blocks your Earthcaller, simply dash behind him and hit his back.
  • Keep up your attacks and intermittent Blade Geysers and the General will go down for good.
  • Now the Watcher will show you a moveable gargoyle platform on either side of this central area. You need to push them both into place, cause blood to flow from their mouths. Do this by grabbing them from the side and pushing them towards the center of the platform. With both in place, Samael will be released.
    • Ability: Shadowflight - Activate War's Shadowflight ability in a Shadow Current to perform huge leaps.
  • After a cutscene you will be awarded a set of wings and the Shadowflight ability. Blue Shadow Currents located throughout levels will lift you high on a gust of wind. You can also glide after jumping to reach new areas.
  • Re-enter the Library to the south, here you can double-jump and glide over to the Soldier Artifact (Art18 Soldier Artifact 18) on the west side.
  • Return to Vulgrim's shop and face Samael's prison. If you look down, there is a path available just above the lava. Using your new shadowflight ability, you can reach this path. Which leads to a Chest (Arm2 Scalding Gallow 5/5) containing another Abyssal Armor Piece (2/10). Afterwards use the blue Shadow Current to return to the surface.
  • Use this new ability and cross the large chasm with the help of the blue spout of Shadow Current. Jump into it and then hold JUMP to float across. Destroy the Fleshburster and continue east across the next current.

Choking Grounds Access Cave[]


Episode 3 Redux - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Rescalded

Scalding Gallows and The Choking Grounds

In the Choking Grounds Access Cave, you will be able to unlock two Chests and one Champion Artifact.

  • 5. Head down the passage and stop at the base of the Shadow Current (the blue sphere). Look to the right and you'll see a chest in a lava pool bcelow. Jump down to the small platforms and then jump to the Chest (S3 Choking Grounds Access Cave 1/2) with 250 souls.
  • 6. Now, take the Current up. Follow the passage until it dead-ends at the Demonic Growth. Climb this to the ceiling, then use it to cross the lava. At the end of this passage is a series of Currents over a pool of lava. You can't do anything more here, so you'll have to return with different equipment to get the Artifact and the other chest. Cross carefully and then climb up to find the Choking Grounds.

Choking Grounds[]

The Choking Grounds Map

In Choking Grounds, you will be able to collect nine Chests and two Soldier Artifacts.

  • Tip: The big flying bat-like things called Duskwings are easy to kill. Just jump up to them and press ACTIVATE/INTERACT button. If there are multiple ones nearby, you can just keep pressing the button and you will kill them all without touching the ground. Kill 5 in a row to get the High Flyer Achievement (easiest place to do it is during challenge 9c below).
  • 1. Upon arrival in the Choking Grounds, it is possible to gain two more Soldier Artifacts. Begin by heading to the gazebo in the center of the map. Here you'll find Vulgrim with his wares once again.
  • 2. Just north of the gazebo is a staircase leading down into the ground. Head down here to find a full compliment of enemies guarding a Soldier Artifact (Art2 Soldier Artifact 2).
  • 3. Directly across the area to the south are three raised sarcophagi. The middle of these three stone coffins can be moved to reveal a crypt, just like the one you found in the north. Another pack of baddies guards this Soldier Artifact (Art3 Soldier Artifact 3) as well.
  • 4.A Chest (S1 Choking Grounds 3/9) with 100 Souls inside lies in the southwest of the area down some stairs.
  • 5. Secret Chest: There are seven gravestones adorned with crosses in the cemetery (marked on the walkthrough map). You can destroy these for a secret chest. They are all in the immediate area around the gazebo (not in the streets etc.) and easy to spot with the exception, possibly, of one on a small hill behind the stairs leading down in the northwest corner of the cemetery.
    • The Chest (LS2 Choking Grounds 1/9) appears in the southwest by the three sarcophagi. Inside is a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 2/14).
  • A Chest (H1 Choking Grounds 2/9) lies in the parking lot north of the cemetery with health inside it.
  • 6. Make your way to the northeast area with a Gate colossus blocking the way. Just to the south of the ramp leading down to the gate is a raised area with another Chest (S2Choking Grounds 4/9). Inside are 100 Souls.
  • 7. Go down the ramp towards the Tormented Gate and look to your left. A passage leads down on in the northeast corner of the map. Follow it to find a building with several floors. On Floor 1 is a Chest (S3 Choking Grounds 5/9) with 100 Souls inside
  • 8. On floor 2 is a Chest (WS2 Choking Grounds 6/9) with a Wrath Shard inside.
  • 9.Now, return to the surface and interact with the Gate by blowing your Earthcaller. This will trigger a cutscene in which you are told about the Shadow Realm (there's a realm darker than Hell-on-Earth?). After this, four spots will appear on your map. Upon investigation of each of these spots, you will be transported to a Shadow Arena Challenge.
    • 9a.Shadow Realm Challenge: Speed Brawl: Defeat 40 enemies within the time limit. Bonus souls will be rewarded for any time left on the clock.
    • This battle requires nothing special. You can cut through the smaller enemies quickly, and ignore the Fleshburster at the end of the round. By this point there should only be a few more kills you need.
    • 9b. Shadow Realm Challenge: Aerial Brawl: Defeat 5 enemies within the time limit. Bonus souls will be rewarded for any time left on the clock.
    • You only need to defeat the enemies in the air, that is, the finishing blow must be dealt while the enemy is airborne. This means you can swipe at enemies until the Instant Kill prompt appears. At this point, hold SWORD ATTACK to launch them and take them out. Do this to five enemies and you'll be able to run up and attack the gate blocking your exit. Grab the two chests to replenish your life and Wrath before taking the portal back to the surface.
    • 9c. Shadow Realm Challenge: The Gory End: Kill 30 enemies using only War's instant kill attacks within the time limit. Bonus souls awarded for the time left on the clock.
    • Easy enough. Weaker enemies can be killed without wear and tear, and the rest should be killed when the grab button icon is displayed.
    • 9d. Shadow Realm Challenge: Venomous: Kill 50 enemies before War's health fully depletes. Bonus souls will be rewarded for any health left.
    • Try to avoid the concentrated green stuff on the floors. Generally, the perimeter of the room is safe. Use Instant Kills when you can. Things only get hairy when the Fleshburster appears. Ignore it and continue to take out the other enemies. Be sure to take advantage of the health and Wrath-filled chests around the arena. If you replenish your health right before making your 50th kill you'll be rewarded in souls!
    • For beating all four rounds you'll get the Block Counter ability from the Watcher. With this you can counter attacks to damage to your foes.
    • Head back to the gate in the northeast corner of the area and blow your horn. You will be awarded the Ravager Enhancement. This enhancement increases War's damage with environmental weapon attacks, e.g., thrown cars and light posts. It also increases soul gain from destroyed objects and the gate will be removed. Be sure to equip your Enhancement on the weapon of your choice.

The Broken Stair Access Tunnel[]


Episode 4 Redux - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Double Shadow

Shadow Challenges and The Broken Stair

The Broken Stair Access Tunnel contains only one Chest.

  • 10. The passage leads northeast and when you drop down, look for a Chest (S4 Broken Stair Access Tunnel 1/1) with 100 Souls in it at the dead end. Use the Geysers to cross the gaps, and in a room near the end of the tunnel you will be ambushed by Phantom Guard Soldiers. Fend them off and head through the doorway to find the Broken Stair.

The Broken Stair[]

The Broken Stair Map

The Broken Stair contains six Chests and one Soldier Artifact.

  • 1. Begin by collecting a Soldier Artifact (Art4 Soldier Artifact 4) near where you entered the area. Run up the ramp and drop down into the trench to the west. Run a bit north to score the collectible.
  • 2. Then, return to the surface streets and look for some stairs leading down in the southeast region of the map. Head down and open the Chest (S1 Broken Stair 1/6) for 100 Souls. Vulgrim is set up at the end of the western tunnel. Swim through the submerged tunnel in the east to discover another Chest (LS3 Broken Stair 2/6) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 3/14) within.
  • 3. Head back up the stairs, and proceed to the southeast corner of the Broken Stair map. You'll find a building here. Enter it and head up to the second level.
  • 4. In the corner you'll find a Chest (S2 Broken Stair 3/6) with 250 Souls within. Fend off the Soldiers and look for a window with a Geyser on the other side. Hop out the window and use the Geysers to cross to the section of highway in the distance.
  • 5. Follow it northeast and then double back to the west when you can to score a Chest (LS4 Broken Stair 4/6) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 4/14) inside it.
  • 6. Using the Geysers, proceed east across the broken highway. Soon a massive Trauma appears and starts to track you. You can catch the vehicles it tosses your way with the ACTIVATE/INTERACT button and toss them back. When it gets to your platform, finish it off with regular attacks and dash away to avoid its offensive moves. After killing the beast a Geyser will appear to let you cross to the east.
  • 7. Open up the Chest (S3 Broken Stair 5/6) on the next platform for 250 souls.
  • 8. Jump across the Geyser and into the building in the east. You can't access the roof yet due to the glowing blue locked door, which you'll need the Beholder's Key to open.
  • 9. Take the stairs to your right down and then go through the door to find another Chest (S4 Broken Stair 5/6) with 250 Souls inside.
  • 10. Take the same set of stairs to the next level down. Here you'll find a distinct-looking Chest (K1 Broken Stair 6/6) with the Beholder's Key inside.
  • Return to the door at the top level of the building. Enter it and a cutscene will occur.

Boss Fight: Angelic Beast[]

  • Atop a heavenly steed you'll be able to fire at the enemies around you and beneath you. You can hold the fire button to lock on to multiple targets or just target enemies in your crosshairs with and shoot them with single shots.

    Episode 15 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Aerial Predator

    Angelic Mount and Aerial Predator

  • Enemies on the ground can often be taken out by shooting an explosive vehicle nearby so keep an eye out for trucks. As a rule, lock on to multiple smaller enemies to take them out simultaneously while spamming the single shot fire on larger enemies which take more than one to two hits. Some enemies—Storm Wardens—will fire homing missiles at you that you can destroy easily with your lock on shot. After circling through the city a bit, you'll dive into a lava-filled cavern.
  • Here large swaths of smaller enemies swarm and a large enemy repeatedly makes appearances. This creature, the Hellion, will eventually take you on directly. Lock onto it and charge a shot. When it fires, veer out of the way and release your shot. If you are comfortable with the controls at this point, you can instead spam the single shot rapid fire at it while dodging for a faster kill. Repeat this for a bit and you'll eventually emerge at the Twilight Cathedral. Here the flying scene will end rather abruptly.
  • Achievement Aerial Predator: Kill 160 enemies while on the Angelic Beast. Just be sure to kill as much as you can, locking on to the large bunches of smaller enemies that show up. You'll also rack up a huge amount of souls during this stage.

Chapter 1[]

Twilight Cathedral Exterior[]

Twilight Cathedral Exterior Map

  • 1. Check out the southern area of Cathedral's exterior first and you should spot a Chest (S1 Twilight Cathedral 1/28) on a ledge you need to drop down to.
  • 2. In the northeast area of the exterior you'll find some stairs leading up to a platform with a Chest (H1 Twilight Cathedral 2/28) on it and what appears to be a large chunk of ice. You'll need to return here with the Tremor Gauntlet to get the second chest here.
  • 3. On a platform on the opposite side of the Cathedral's Entrance, Vulgrim has set up shop.

    Episode 16 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 1

    Exterior and Twilight Pt. 1

  • 4. Head on in to the Cathedral.


Twilight Cathedral Map

  • 1. This area introduces the game mechanic of crystal key swords, just follow your companion.
  • 2. Follow the corridor to the East, place your newly found weapon in the hands of an angelic statue.

Dungeon: Twilight Cathedral[]

  • 3. As you enter the Twilight Cathedral, you will be attacked by a huge black bat called Tiamat. The angelic beast, however will fight back and a huge battle throughout the Dungeon will occur.
  • Head to the right side of the room, where as you go past, you will see the corpses of angels, whom had tried to kill Tiamat but failed and lost their lives.

South Wing[]

  • 4. An ambush of garden-variety enemies will occur in this courtyard. Afterwards, scan the area and note the locked door (you'll need a Beholder's Key for this) before heading through the south door.
  • 5. Here you'll find a Chest (H1 Twilight Cathedral 3/28) to refill your health and a peculiar growth: these bombs grow right out of the ground and can be plucked for use. Pick one up and toss it towards the nearby patch of Red Crystals. When it detonates it will clear a path into the southeast area.
  • 6. Hop over the lava and use the ledges to ascend to the upper area. Here you'll find a Chest (I1 Twilight Cathedral 4/28) with Rage, a consumable item (along with an Empty Vessel) inside.
  • 7. To the north is a door on the upper level that leads back towards the room you were ambushed in. Grab the Chest (Map Twilight Cathedral 5/28) here for the dungeon's Map.
  • 8. Look for the Red Crystals with the Bomb Growth on them. Double-jump towards these and do not float. Blow your Earthcaller in the air as you fall past the Red Crystals and the bomb should detonate, clearing a path across. Backtrack to the chest (Hoard) for the Hoardseeker which reveals all the dungeon's chest locations.
  • 9. For now, use the door to the north to access the main gallery (with the strange hanging thing in it). A Chest (S1 Twilight Cathedral 6/28) with 250 souls in it lies on this upper ledge.
  • 10. Return to the area in the south and examine the large statue on the edge of the ledge. You can push this down, creating a hole far below. Jump down here and explore the subterranean hallway.
  • 11. Double jump across the smaller pits and use the hand grips on the southern wall to cross the large gap. You can leap off the Demonic Growth on the other side towards the Soldier Artifact (Art5 Soldier Artifact 5) suspended in the air to collect it -- you'll need to double-jump and glide to reach it.
  • 12. In the next room, open the door and head into the adjacent gallery. Defeat the small amount of Soldiers and grab the Beholder's Key out of the Chest (K1 Twilight Cathedral 7/28). You now need to backtrack all the way up to the area with the locked door (the glowing blue one we noted earlier).
  • 13. Cross the lava pits and climb up the Demonic Growth. Use your key on the door and move west into a new area. Cross the lava pits and you'll come to an area with two chests and a daunting foe. In one Chest (S2 Twilight Cathedral 8/28) you'll find 250 Souls, and the other Chest (H2 Twilight Cathedral 9/28) contains health.
  • The Conscript is heavily armored but you won't need any special tactics to eliminate it. Just chip away at its plating with your attacks and use Wrath powers to make things faster. With it out of the way you are free to grab the sword -- or Crystal Blade -- out of the statues hands.
  • 14. Lug this sword back east and then north to the main area with the hanging thing. By the northern door is a statue with empty hands. Deposit your Crystal Blade here to open the door. You can now proceed into the north wing of the Cathedral.

North Wing[]

  • 15. This room has a Crystal Blade right out in the open, but a Goremaw guards it -- this creature hanging from the ceiling preys on those who approach the sword. Luckily, a bomb plant nearby can assist you in eliminating the pest. Grab a bomb and toss it on or near the Goremaw -- you can target it before tossing

    Episode 17 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 2

    Twilight Pt. 2

    the bomb. It will retract and allow you to grab the sword. Grab the sword and a Conscript and several smaller enemies will appear. You can use bombs on these enemies if you'd like, but standard attacks seem to do the trick faster.
  • Place the Crystal Blade in the statue's hands along the northern wall. Before entering the newly unlocked door, however, look for a hole in the south wall. You should be able to spot some of the explosive Red Crystal you detonated earlier in the South Wing. You can use the bombs in this room to destroy this and reveal a Chest (LS5 Twilight Cathedral 10/28) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 5/14) within. You'll need pluck a bomb, run towards the hole in the wall -- you can target the explosive crystals -- jump and toss the bomb through the hole. Perform this maneuver correctly and the shard is yours.
  • 16. The upper level contains a few surprises in this room, but you can't access the chests in the northwest corner just yet. Instead, take the Geyser up to the ledge and flip around. A Champion Artifact (Champ1 Champion Artifact 1) hangs on the air in the northeast corner. Double jump and then glide out to it to collect it.
  • 17. Now enter the door in the southeast corner of the upper level and you'll find yourself back in the previous room (on the upper level, of course). Use the hand grips to cross to the south.
  • 18. Here you'll find a stone block precariously placed on the ledge. Push it down to the ground. Push this east against the wall and you'll be able to reach the hand grips above. A Goremaw blocks the door to the north, so head south through the door to the central hall.
  • 19. Pick up a bomb from the ground and aim it straight for the Goremaw in the center of the room. This will cause it to drop through the floor, clearing a path to the expansive basement.

Basement: North Wing[]

  • 20. Eliminate the enemies in the linear hallway. At the end is a large chamber with a Chest (H3 Twilight Cathedral 11/28) with life inside. The real treasure in this room is at the eastern end, however. Attack the chained cube with your sword to release the Crossblade!
    • Crossblade: A finely crafted blade that can strike multiple targets.
  • Your Crossblade can be used to target, and damage, multiple enemies -- although it's not very powerful. Test it out on the flying Lavashrikes that appear over the lava to the east. After clearing them out, a Rot Mauler will appear. This enemy emits toxic gas when you melee attack it, so stun it with the Boomerang (charge it and then release it so it inflicts multiple hits) and then move in with regular attacks.
  • Once all the enemies in the room are defeated, a blue crystal will begin to glow above the door to the west. This is a door that must be activated with your Crossblade. To do this, you'll need to "paint" it with your cursor. To make the cursor appear, charge the Boomerang with the RIGHT TRIGGER, then click the RIGHT ANALOG STICK down and you'll be able to freely target things when you pass the cursor over them.
  • Target the crystal above the door in this manner and toss the Crossblade at it. It will turn red and the door will be unlocked. Approach the door and lift it to open it.
  • 21. In the next room you'll encounter a strange device. Hit the switch before the lava and you'll notice some of those surprisingly explosive crystals are clinging to the sides of a statue.
  • A bomb lies on both crystals as well, so target these with your Crossblade. You can hit the first one from the front of the statue, but you'll need to target the second bomb from the south side. Detonating the bombs will clear the crystals.
  • Activate the switch and the statue will rise from the lava. In the statue's grasp is a familiar-looking crystal. Target this with the Crossblade and you'll open the door to the west.
  • 22. In this new area, target the bombs on the column in the center of the room. This will detonate the column allowing you to cross the lava below. Glide down and you'll be given a tip on how to carry Arcane Energy (fire) from a torch to multiple targets.
  • You'll need to use this technique to carry flame to -- and detonate -- all three Inert Bombs at once on the column in the adjacent room. First, click the RIGHT STICK. Hold the RIGHT TRIGGER and point the crosshairs at a torch. Press the LEFT TRIGGER to target the torch, then highlight all three bombs on the column, pulling the LEFT TRIGGER once for each bomb. Let the Crossblade fly and it s
  • Episode_18_-_Darksiders_100%_Walkthrough_Twilight_Cathedral_Pt._3

    Episode 18 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 3

    Twilight Pt. 3

    hould detonate the bombs and bring down the column.
  • 23. Follow the path into the next room and head north through the door. Glide down to the platform with the three statues on it, then glide further north to the Chest (H4 Twilight Cathedral 12/28) with health in it. Take the handhold up and head through the western door.

The Three Crystal Blades: Part I[]

  • 24. A demonic face and a row of flowing lavafalls line the far west of this room. A Crystal Blade lies just beyond this menacing décor. Note the switch to your immediate right -- this turns the bridge, but is dysfunctional due to crystal growth gumming up the gears below.
  • You may have noticed the Soldier Artifact (Soldier Artifact 6) along the north side of this room. Walk out to the middle of the bridge and jump north, floating down to the Artifact with ease.
  • Now, cross to the south side of this area using the large gears floating in the lava below. Here you'll find an Inert Bomb Growth. You can carry this bomb and ignite it after you plant it somewhere. This should prove convenient for destroying all the Red Crystal growths in the area. Grab an Inert Bomb and you'll only be able to perform single jumps -- carefully cross the gears to the north.
  • Toss the bomb onto the crystal growth on the north wall. A torch on the wall can be targeted with your Crossblade and used to carry fire to the bomb to ignite it. Target the torch, then the bomb you planted all in one toss and the crystal growth will shatter in the explosion, freeing the massive gears.
  • Climb back to the entrance using the handholds and Demonic Growth by the Inert Bomb Growth platform. At the top, activate the switch and quickly hop onto the bridge. This should carry you to a southern platform with an Inert Bomb Growth.
  • Look to the south of the Inert Bomb Growth and you'll see another, active, Bomb Growth on the wall. To the right of this is a path blocked by crystal. You'll have to make a string of bombs between the active Bomb Growth on the wall and the crystal blockage to destroy it. Pluck Inert Bombs from the Growth on the ground and toss them onto the wall using your targeting function (click the RIGHT STICK). Place about five of them between the active bomb and the blocked passage. Now, target the active bomb and the chain reaction will clear the way to the west!
  • Head west and activate the lever to raise one of two large statues out of the lava in the room's main chamber. Now, run back to the Inert Bomb Growth.
  • Pluck a bomb and toss it all the way across the room to the crystal growth on the platform due north of where you stand. Use the rotating bridge to cross the room and then, from the bridge, target a torch and the inert bomb to ignite it with your Crossblade.
  • This will clear the way to the second of the two switches that bring up large statues in the main chamber. Each of these statues holds a blue crystal switch. You know what to do: take the bridge over to the platform in the west and target the two switches on the giant statues.
  • This will stop the lava flow and alow you to reach the room with the Crystal blade. On either side of this room you'll find a chest: both the Chest (S3 Twilight Cathedral 13/28) in the south and the Chest (S4 Twilight Cathedral 14/28) in the north contain 250 Souls.
  • Grab the Crystal Blade and cross the rotating bridge back to the room with the three statues (#23). Place the Crystal Blade in one of the statues' hands, and then head through the northern door.

The Three Crystal Blades: Part II[]

  • 25. This large chamber has a rope down the center of it with some Bomb Growth blocking an easy slide down to the other side. Target the blockage and clear it with your boomerang. You can now slide down to the north side of the room.
  • A lever here activates several platforms in the room. These nine platforms can be raised further by hitting the blue crystal switches in the room. First head to the southeast corner and hit the nearest switch.
  • Now, float down to the southwest corner and hit the nearest switch. Quickly turn around and hop onto the rising platform due north. From here you can hit the third crystal, bringing up the final ninth column in the center of the room with a Bomb Growth on it. Jump onto this column and toss bombs at the two patches of red, explosive crystals in the room.

    Episode 19 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 4

    Twilight Pt. 4

  • Now you'll have to reconfigure the room again to allow you to get into the room to the east. Hit the first switch to raise the column in front of this area and you can climb up to it. Inside is a Chest (S5 Twilight Cathedral 15/28) with 250 Souls inside. There is also a final crystal switch here.
  • Smack it with your sword to raise the platforms to their highest levels, allowing you to exit the area -- but we aren't leaving here without a Crystal Blade!
  • Use the platforms to access the upper northwest area, once blocked by the Red Crystals you destroyed. Use this nook to jump to the rope and shimmy along it to the far north.
  • Drop down and grab the Crystal Blade. Now, turn around and look for two crystal switches in the lava pool to the south. Target both of these in one Crossblade toss to open the door.
  • Head south across the columns and enter the adjacent room with the three angelic statues. Now place the second blade in the hands of another statue. The locked door to the east will now become accessible.
  • 26. This door leads to a small room with two chests. As you approach the loot, an ambush will occur. Take out the Soldiers and the chests will reappear. One Chest (WS3 Twilight Cathedral 16/28) contains a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 3) while the other Chest (K2 Twilight Cathedral 17/28) contains a Beholder's Key.
  • 27. With the Beholder's Key in hand, you must now traverse several rooms to get to the locked door. It's due south -- you can't miss it. The blue Beholder's key icon will be on your map.
  • 28. Enter this area to face The Jailer.

Bossfight: The Jailer[]

The Jailer is a giant creature, made from dead corpses and controled by Undead Soldier. This "driver" is unreachable for War's normal attacks, so we need to put him out of his "cabin". Look at his right (from you point of view) shoulder and you'll find a three yellow spots there. Mark and hit all three in a round with your Crossblade and The Jalier will be kneeled down, letting you hit Undead Soldier. Quickly dash to him and slash him with your normal attacks. Do this for three times and an INSTANT KILL sign will appear above this giant - just come in and finish him off! After hitting the Undead Soldier, shoulder spots will become red and The

Jailer will become totally mad, crushing and killing everything around him. Just stay away for a while and wait him to cool down (the spots will return to yellow). The Jailler summons a backup of some annoying enemies, but you can just avoid them with running around and dashing. Aim at the spots, do not pay to much attention to little enemies.

Be sure to grab the green Chest (H5 Twilight Cathedral 18/28) along the side of the room if you get into low health situation.

  • You can also defeat the smaller enemies over and over while avoiding The Jailer to level up your scythe and collect souls if you want. An exploit later in the game is much more efficient for leveling the Chaoseater. 

The Three Crystal Blades: Part III[]


Episode 20 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 5

Twilight Pt. 5 and Jailer

  • After defeating the Jailer, a large gate opens to give access to an elevator.
  • Run over and twist the switch to head down a floor.
  • 29. Once the elevator comes to a complete stop, walk out into the basement. To the front will be a lava filled hallway, and to the sides an Inert Bomb Growth and Red Crystals.
  • Take the inert Bomb Growth and throw it on the Crystals. Use the lit torch next to the entrance to trigger the bomb and clear the path. Enemies will rush out, so be prepared to defend yourself.
  • After they are defeated, run through the fissure to continue. Here you will find a Chest (S6 Twilight Cathedral 19/28) containing 100 Souls.
  • Jump across the lava and take out the Firewing. Then jump up onto the handholds and use them to get across the room to a twist lever. Activate it to raise the floor of the hallway through the lava, making it traversable. At the end of the hallway is another Red Crystal.
  • Run back to the entrance to grab another inert growth, and throw it down the hallway onto the Red Crystal. Now, using the Crossblade, lock onto a lit torch, then lock onto any unlit torches. This will light them. Light the torches lining the hallway to get in range of the inert Bomb Growth you threw onto the Red Crystal. Lock onto a lit torch, then the Bomb Growth you just threw onto the crystal. Kaboom!
  • Behind the just-destroyed crystal is a skull lever. Activate it to send it up a floor, to where you unlocked the door with the beholder's key. Head back towards the entrance.

Secret Chest[]

  • To get this chest (I2 Twilight Cathedral 20/28), you need to light all torches in this area ( there are 11 torches in total on the floor). Just look carefully and you will find'em all. It is recommend to do this after all fights in the area. If you missed this chest on your initial run through the dungeon, it is possible to get it again. Jump down the first hole you make with a statue in the south wing. Follow it down and cross the lava with the raised platforms (described a few points down) to re-access the Jailer den.
    • Bloodthirst: This enhancement heals War by stealing the life of adversaries during combat.
  • As you head back to the entrance, more enemies will attack you. Defeat them, then head back up the same elevator you rode down on. While riding it back up, more enemies will attack. Defeat them to leave.
  • 30. Now exit the Jailer's den, and you will see the skull lever you just sent from downstairs. Activate this lever, and the other one if you haven't already. Each of them will raise a platform, creating a "bridge" allowing you to cross the lave pit in a new direction.
  • We have been here already, but without the Crossblade. Now we can activate these two sword switches and enter a new room.
  • 31. Here you have to jump down into a "arena" and fight multiple waves of enemies, including many Conscripts. After couple of waves, the next will not start until you grab the third crystal blade. Also in

    Episode 21 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 6

    Twilight Pt. 6

    this room are two Chests (W1 Twilight Cathedral 21/28 and H6 22/28), one containing wrath and the other health. Use as necessary during the fight.
  • After defeating all of the waves of enemies, the floor will raise, restoring your access to the door. With the third crystal blade in hand, head back to the three angel room. WARNING: It is best to acquire the Wrath Shard (Chest 16/28) and Artifact (Soldier #6) indicated above. You will only be able to re-access them after defeating Tiamat. When you raise the platform, it locks off this room completely, so the three rooms only accessible from the three angel room will become inaccessible until later in the game.
  • Once you are sure you have everything important, place the third crystal blade in the hands of the final angel, and you will be dramatically raised back up to the main floor of the Cathedral. Directly in front of you is the door leading to Tiamat, which should unlock, You can face her right away, but there a few items you should grab first.

Treasure Roundup[]

  • 32. First, head to the north tip of the Cathedral where two chests remain unopened. To get here, climb to the top of the east side of the room with the elevator you just raised. Up here is a Goremaw which you were incapable of dealing with before. Now, with the Crossblade equipped, you can simply target it and hit it to make it retreat.
  • 33. Enter the door and you'll find yourself on the upper level of the northernmost room in the Cathedral. Open the Chest (Arm3 Twilight Cathedral 23/28) here for an Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 3/10).
  • Just below this is a Chest (S7 Twilight Cathedral 24/28) with Souls in it and another Chest (WC1 Twilight Cathedral 25/28) with a Wrath Core inside -- sweet!
  • Now, head due south. The treasure you're after is in the room with the hole in the floor you made to first access the subterranean region. Pass this room and, in the southernmost tip of the ground level of the Cathedral you can use the hand grips to reach the second level. Head back north and you'll find yourself at the ledge where you pushed the statue off of to make a hole before.

    Episode 22 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Twilight Cathedral Pt. 7

    Twilight Pt. 7

  • Get the Hoardseeker (Hoard Twilight Cathedral 26/28) if you didn't already get it at point #8 (you can use the Crossblade now to blow up the Red Crystals). There shouldn't be a single chest on your map now though, since, apart from those on the exterior of the Cathedral, you've collected them all (if you've been following our Walkthrough).
  • You may now want to return to Vulgrim and pick up supplies and upgrades before encountering the Dungeon Boss. Otherwise, head back to the north wing of the Cathedral and examine your map to find the Boss, marked as a giant red skull on the Cathedral's top floor.

Boss Fight: Tiamat[]

Tiamat seems to be the toughest Boss in the game, because of War's current weakness. (You can come to her with only two lifestones as maximum amount of life.) The key to easy victory is to move often, rapidly and smart - use your dash ability to get off her attacks and don't stop to hit her with your Crossblade, when she is on the ground. Before the fight, she will climb down holding the corpse of the dead Angelic Beast War was riding earlier. She will show off her healing ability (mentioned later) and then fly into the air. When she's in the air, she attacks by sweeping along the ground with her claws at high speed, and breathing fireballs at War from a distance. To get her down, War must pick up one of the Bomb Growths around the edge of the arena, and throw it at her. After that, he can use the Crossblade to hit the fire, and then the bomb. If this is done right, the bomb will explode, slightly damaging Tiamat and making her fall to the ground. If you can time it right, you can actually skip the entire fire and cross blade phase if you throw the bomb right as she fires a fireball, causing the bomb to blow up right in front of her face. Both of these methods enable War to start hitting her with his weapons. She will soon get back up, however. Once this sequence has completed she will either repeat it or move on to phase 2 of the fight.


Episode 23 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Tiamat of the Twilight Cathedral



In phase two she attacks War in numerous ways:

  • Tiamat can use a body slam where she jumps up and then smashes into the ground causing a shockwave which will damage and knockdown War. To avoid it he must jump over the shockwave and use the Shadowflight ability in the air.
  • Tiamat will slowly move around on the ground, trying to swipe at War with her claws. This attack hits fairly hard, so it's best not to stay too close for too long. Stay locked on her, running in a circle about her and hit her with charged shots of your Crossblade. Do not use manual targeting - this won't allow you to move enough fast, just lock and hit her.
  • Tiamat will also breathe fireballs at you, four at a time - extremely quickly. War must dash twice to avoid this.
  • If her health is down to 50 percent or less, Tiamat will attempt to heal herself. (Note: I didn't see this while playing at "Easy" and "Normal" difficulty - just hit her often.) War has to interrupt this by hitting her glowing green chest with the Crossblade or she will heal all the way back to full health, effectively starting the fight over again.
  • Sometimes she will also charge at War. This can be countered by pressing the right button, which results in War punching her in the face, causing Tiamat to be knocked back a large distance. It is recommended that after doing this to repeatedly use dash to move towards Tiamat and then attack her. After getting up she won't attack for a long time, plenty of time to weaken her.

When Tiamat's health bar is almost empty, you can finish her off with a spectacular finishing move, which involves ripping her wings off. You don't need to press INSTANT KILL button - the fight will end automatically with a cutscene.

Revisit: Twilight Cathedral[]


Darksiders - How to get back in and out of Twilight Cathedral after Tiamat

Revisiting the Cathedral

This dungeon is  complicated and can give a hard time finding all the collectibles in the basement such as the  Bloodthirst Enhancement or Artifacts, if you missed them the first time around. Here is a video made especially for the purpose of leading you once again after defeating Tiamat. After progressing through the dungeon, the layout changes after raising the Three Crystal Blade elevator. This video does not cover all the collectibles in the Cathedral, only ones in the basement (below ground floor) that can become somewhat difficult to reaccess.

Chapter 2[]

Finding Ulthane: The Scalding Gallow[]

Scalding Gallow Map

  • With access to the Serpent Holes, it should make it easier to return to Samael to show off your spoils (Tiamat's Heart). talk to Vulgrim and choose Serpent Holes. Then, select the Scalding Gallow to return to Samael. Follow the linear path in the strange Serpent Hole and you'll be transported to the Scalding Gallow.

    Episode 24 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Crossblade Items and Drowned Pass

    Crossblade Items

Chaos Form[]

After giving Samael Tiamats heart he will bring up the Ulthane problem and grant you the Chaos Form power. With this you become invincible and inflict great amounts of damage for a brief period of time. After use the power needs to recharge for some time before you can use it again.

  • If you did not already get the Abyssal Armor piece in the building in the south, head due south to the destroyed building and look up, where you'll see some Red Crystals with a Bomb Growth attached to them on a support column. Hit the bomb with your Crossblade and it will topple the column creating a ramp up to the Chest (Scalding Gallow 5/5) with an Abyssal Armor Piece inside.
  • 7. A new waypoint will now appear on your map to the west. Head down the streets to the point and you'll find the way blocked by crystals. An Inert Bomb Growth is conveniently attached to the crystals and a torch nearby can be used to ignite it. Target the torch and then the Bomb Growth in one toss of your Crossblade to open the path forward.

Drowned Pass Access Tunnel[]

In this area it is possible to collect, two Chests and one Champion Artifact.

  • The first encounter in this tunnel is a new type of enemy that resembles a Fleshburster. This is a Ravenous, and it's invulnerable until it fires a volley of skulls at you. Finish off the remaining enemies in this corridor and the gates will disappear.
  • 8. In the next room is a large fan. Jump and float to the blade to the left and enter the hallway beyond. Hit the switch in here to get the fan blade moving.
    • Return for Treasure: You may spot the Champion Artifact above the switch here but you can't get it without the Abyssal Chain. Another chest near where you entered cannot be reached until you have the Voidwalker. Come back later!
  • 9. Ride the fan blade to the doorway on the west side. Feel free to test out your Chaos Form on these enemies to make short work of them. In a nook on the east side before the exit you'll find a Chest (S4 Drowned Pass Access Tunnel 1/2) with 250 souls in it. You'll find the Drowned Pass just around the corner.

Drowned Pass[]

Drowned Pass Map


Episode 25 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Drowned Pass Pt. 1

Drowned Pass Items


In this area, it is possible to collect five Chests and two Soldier Artifacts.

  • 1. Your first piece of loot to collect is a Soldier Artifact (Art7 Soldier Artifact 7). Run off the edge of the waterfall and follow the cave under it shown on your map to the straight back to the Artifact in the east.
  • 2. Another cave, this one deeper underwater, leads east parallel to the cave under the waterfall. It's just to the south. Swim through it and eliminate the enemies on the other side before accessing the chests. One Chest (S1 Drowned Pass 1/5) has 250 Souls inside, while the other Chest (Arm4 Drowned Pass 2/5) holds an Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 4/10).
  • 3. Head back into the water and head due south and dive down. You'll come to two partially submerged buildings. Near the base of the northern building you should be able to swim right in through gaping holes in the structure. Swim in here and then swim through the rooms and up the stairs.
  • Here you'll find another Soldier Artifact (Art8 Soldier Artifact 8). Swim to the surface and circle the same building to find a Chest (S2 Drowned Pass 3/5) with 250 Souls in it.
  • 4. Now, look for a submerged crystal switch nearby. It's just to the west of the two buildings. If you hit the switch, the platform it's on will float to the surface. You can find a high and dry path leading up to, and across, this platform by swimming a bit to the south. Use the platform to cross to the Chest (LS6 Drowned Pass 4/5) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 6/14) inside!
    • Return for Treasure: The final chest in this area is behind a wall of crystal on the west side of the water. You'll need the Tremor Gauntlet to access it.
  • 5. You can finally emerge from the water now. A circular portal in the far south leads to a shore with a Tortured Gate. Head back north on the path a ways to find a Vulgrim Locati

    Episode 26 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Drowned Pass Pt. 2

    Drowned Pass Shadow Challenges

    on before awakening the Gate.
  • 6. At the gate, equip your Earthcaller (tap the D-pad to change items) and activate it to awaken the Gate. The Gate will bring you to the Shadow Realm. Four Shadow Arenas now appear in this area on your map.

Drowned Pass Shadow Realm[]

  • 6a. Head due north from the gate and swim straight to the pipe across the way. Enter it and follow it back to the Shadow Arena.

Counter Killer[]

  • Kill 5 enemies using only block and projectile counter attacks within the time limit. Bonus souls will be rewarded for any time left on the clock.
    • Weaken these enemies with regular combos until they have an Instant Kill icon above them. Wait for them to attack and hit the COUNTER button just as they wind up to slash at you. Press towards the enemy you want to counter attack to take it out. (Note: (PC version-English) The instructions say to use projectile counter-attacks. This may be a mis-translation. A kill using just block-and-Crossblade will not count and even if it did you cannot kill one of the creatures in less than a minute that way. Counter and use melee weapons.)
    • 6b. The next portal is on top of one of the buildings in the lake.

Wrath of War[]

  • Kill 30 enemies using the destructive power of War's Chaos Form within the time limit. Bonus souls will be rewarded for any time left on the clock.
    • This round is easy, but to shave off time, make sure you initiate your Chaos Form in a cluster of enemies to instantly kill them. Go for smaller enemies and ignore the larger ones. When you run out of Chaos Form you'll be able to strike enemies to refill your gauge. Just smack the nearest enemies until its refilled.
    • 6c. Head to the cove just northwest of here to find the next Arena.


  • Keep at least 1 undead soldier alive throughout the time limit. Bonus souls will be awarded for each Undead Soldier that survives.
    • There are six Undead Soldiers at the outset of this challenge that you cannot damage. Your task is to protect them. Go for the enemies that they are attacking and swiftly finish them off. Use your Scythe to knock out crowds. Save your Wrath and Chaos Form attacks for later when the Gholens and Fleshbursters show up. You should have more than half of your Soldiers standing by the end with little effort.
    • 6d. The final Arena is to the northeast. You'll have to swim through a submarine tunnel to access it.

World of Pain[]

  • Kill 15 enemies using environmental weapon attacks. Bonus souls will be rewarded for any time left on the clock.
    • This is another challenge made easier by simply weakening the enemies before tossing the cars at them. The larger enemies can be ignored or, if you aim cars at them, make sure you hit some smaller enemies in the same toss. For completing all of the challenges you'll be rewarded a Life Essence item (along with an Empty Vessel).
    • Return to the gate with the four Arenas beat and blow your Earthseeker. The Gate will agree to leave. You'll also win an Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 5/10).

Anvil's Ford: Part I[]

Anvil's Ford Map

Anvil's Ford Access Tunnel[]

  • 1. The tunnel has little of interest aside from a Vulgrim location at the far end. Traverse the submerged tunnel, fighting off the enemies as you go, and then climb the Demonic Growth -- dash to avoid the explosions. Double-jump up to the rope and cross the area. Vulgrim is down the tunnel to the left, while the entrance to Anvil's Ford is in the tunnel to the right.

In this area, you will be able to collect ten Chests

  • 2. Approach the hammer in the center of the area and a cutscene will occur.


    • Ulthane is impervious to your attacks in your regular form, but in Chaos Form you can pound him into submission. Activate Chaos Form right on top of him and then whale away. The fight will be over before you know it!
    • Now, after another cutscene, a counter will appear at the top of the screen. This represents Ulthane and War's kill counts. You need to kill more angels than Ulthane on the way to the subway, so keep this in mind as you proceed. Be sure to step in and finish off weakened angels after Ulthane knocks them out of the sky. Be sure to save your Chaos Form for later.
    • You can jump and strike the angels or toss cars at them to bring them down.
    • 3. After clearing out the first area, Ulthane opens a door leading West. After defeating the handful of angels in this area, your opponent will smash the large crystals to the north.
    • Grab the Chest (H1 Anvil's Ford 1/10) in this new area for some health. Eliminate the angels here and Ulthane will open another door leading north.
    • 4. Get some health from another Chest (H2 Anvil's Ford 2/10) here and then wait for the circling angels to land. When they do, switch to Chaos Form and try to get as many kills as possible. After this a prompt will appear above Ulthane. Activate the prompt and Ulthane will toss you up to another building.
    • 5. Grab the Chest (H3 Anvil's Ford 3/10) here for some health and then take on the Angels. The Angel Champion is a bit more difficult than your average heavenly messenger, but your regular attacks are all you need to topple it.
    • Drop down the elevator shaft once the path is cleared and grab yet another Chest (H4 Anvil's Ford 4/10) to refill your health. Here you'll find a Bomb Growth and across the way is an explosive patch of crystals. Grab a bomb, target the crystals and toss it across th

      Episode 27 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Anvil's Ford

      Anvil's Ford

      e chasm. The explosion will clear the way for Ulthane.

Anvil's Ford: Part II[]

    • 6. A Storm Warden will burst through the wall soon after this. Toss a bomb onto it to bring it down and then slash it until the Instant Kill icon appears.
    • The Warden will drop a toy -- Redemption. This is a sort of heavenly chain gun which you can use to target and destroy angels easily with the pull of a trigger. You can now continue through the new hole in the wall. Note: Using Redemption, you can use a trick that will certainly grant you victory over Ulthane - simply shoot his angels first, before attending to your own attackers - WARNING!: only try this if you are playing on Easy mode. Otherwise, it could very well cost you your life
    • Head down the hill a ways until you can get an open shot at the angels in the distance. Don't run up to them, just charge shots (hold the LEFT TRIGGER) and hit them from a great distance. If you get in close, they'll damage you quite a bit. This is a long-range battle. Retreat up the hill whenever you are getting pummeled.
    • 7. After your kill count raises to about 50 things should quiet down. Ulthane will clear a path for you to join him by destroying the crystals between the two of you. Before you join him, toss down Redemption and hunt for some loot.
    • At the bottom of the hill, look for some Demonic Growth. You can climb this to reach a Chest (S1 Anvil's Ford 5/10) with 250 Souls inside.
    • On this platform, look to the southeast. A visible patch of Demonic Growth is here. Climb onto it and follow it around to the east. Drop down where it terminates to find a Chest (WS4 Anvil's Ford 6/10) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 4) inside!
    • Now, jump across the pit (you must leave your gun behind) to the south to meet up with Ulthane.
    • 8. As you proceed south, Ulthane will destroy the crystals blocking a Chest (H4 Anvil's Ford 7/10) with health in it -- you'll probably be in desperate need of it by this point!
    • At the top of the hill, Ulthane will admit defeat and give you the Combat Lore enhancement! Equip this immediately.

Combat Lore[]

    • This enhancement increases the rate of weapon experience gathered and boosts War's armor level.


  • 9. The angel Uriel must be brought down out of the sky before you can do any damage. The Crossblade is the perfect weapon to bring her down; target her and charge the Crossblade and then move in with sword attacks. She'll also perform a move in which she strikes the ground -- jump to avoid it -- and afterword will crumple on the ground, stunned.
  • This battle shouldn't take much effort and one Chest (Anvil's Ford 8/10) in the area contains health if you need it, while another Chest (Anvil's Ford 9/10) contains even more.
    • Return for Treasure: You'll need the Abyssal Chain to get the final chest here on the west side of the area.
  • Head south and jump into the hole in the ground.

The Hollows Access Tunnel[]

In this section, there are two Chests to collect.

  • 10. Follow the passage until you get to a stream. Look for a waterfall on the right with a Chest (S2 The Hollows Access Tunnel 1/2) at its base to score some souls.
  • At the end of the stream you'll find another Chest (S1 on Hollows Map The Hollows Access Tunnel 2/2) in the dead end of a hallway with more Souls inside. Continue up the stairs and you'll soon arrive at The Hollows.

The Hollows[]

In this section there are 27 Chests, two Soldier Artifacts, and one Champion Artifact.

The Hollows Map

Boss Fight: The Griever[]

  • 1. Your first encounter with this massive spider-like demon is made easy due to the Redemption lying before the beast. Grab it and send charged shots at the crystalline spot on the spider's underbelly.
  • You can move right and left te avoid the beam, but expect to take some damage as you fire away.
  • Soon the arachnid will retreat. Head to the south side of the clock tower the spider toppled to find a Chest (S2 The Hollows 1/27) with 100 souls inside it. Now, take the eastern door to the stairwell.
  • 2. At the top, open another Chest (S3 The Hollows 2/27) for 100 Souls.
  • 3. At the top of the stairs, search the balcony for yet another Chest (S4 The Hollows 3/27) with 100 Souls.
  • 4. The only way to go now is west. Enter the door in the southwest corner of the clocktower room.
  • Grab the health in the Chest (H1 The Hollows 4/27) just on the other side of the door. Go through the door and follow the passage to the Demon growth on the walls and ceiling to get to the giant room to the west.
  • 5. The Locusts in the large room can be instantly disposed of up close or targeted with your Crossblade from afar. Jump onto the middle platform with the Inert Bomb Growth and destroy the Locusts around it.
  • Grab an Inert Bomb and toss it onto the Red Crystals in the southeast corner. You can't ignite this just yet. Hop into the water.
  • Dive down and swim to the North-- the only path not blocked by blue crystals. Rise to the surface in the far east end and jump onto the Demonic Growth. Climb to the very top and dismount.
  • Head back towards the main chamber and activate the switch. This will turn on gas in several pipes in the room and ignite one of them. Use your Crossblade to carry fire from the lit gas leak to the unlit leak to the left of it. Now, hop down to the middle platform again.
  • From here, use the Crossblade to carry fire from the nearest lit gas leak to the one across the room, by the Red Crystals in the southeast. With all three pipes lit, and an Inert Bomb planted firmly on the Red Crystals, retreat back up to the switch using the submerged north passage and the Demonic Growth.
  • From the switch platform, cross the ropes to the southwest corner.
  • Stand back from the bomb you planted on the crystals and use your Crossblade to ignite it, using the nearby torch you recently lit. Enter the southwest door.

Hollows Southwest: Part I[]


Episode 28 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Hollows Pt. 1

The Hollows Pt. 1

  • 6. Drop to the lowest area of the next room and open the Chest (S5 The Hollows 5/27) for some Souls.
  • Drop down into the pool below and swim to the very bottom for a Soldier Artifact (Art9 Soldier Artifact 9). Return to the surface and use the hand grips to climb up. You can't do anything more in here now (although you'll have to return here for the map later on when you have this dungeon's precious item!).
  • 7. Take the western passage that curves south. Your path will soon be blocked by a gate and a ferocious new enemy will appear. The Goreclaws deal a ton of damage, but they can be paralyzed with a charged Crossblade, and then finished off with sword attacks fairly easily.
  • 8. Destroy all of the Goreclaws, then continue into the next room. Here you'll encounter even more of these enemies in addition to a larger enemy. Use the Chaos Form here to make short work of them.
  • Grab the health in the Chest (H2 The Hollows 6/27) in a nook along the south wall. Another Chest (Arm6 The Hollows 7/27) with an Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 6) inside in the same hall in a nook along the north wall.
  • 9. Drop into the hole at the west end and swim down the passage. When you emerge on the other side you'll see a locked door and another watery hole.
  • Enter the adjacent hole and swim down then west (one way is blocked by a fan here, which you'll need to turn off). Look for a small area in the middle of this channel where you can rise to the surface. A Chest (I1 The Hollows 8/27) is here with the Reaper enhancement inside


    • This enhancement increases souls from slain enemies.
  • Swim to the far west end of the submerged passage and surface to find two chests and a switch. In one Chest (S6 The Hollows 9/27) you'll find 250 Souls and in the other Chest (WS5 The Hollows 10/27) is a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 5).
  • Now, hit the switch and you'll turn off a nearby fan, allowing you to proceed to the south. The Chest (K1 The Hollows 11/27) with the Beholder's Key is now accessible in via the submerged passage just to the west of the locked door.
  • Bring the key to the door and enter it. On the other side is this dungeon's greatest treasure.

Hollows Southwest: Part II[]

  • 10. In this large room you'll finally be able to pick up the Tremor Gauntlet which allows you to destroy the numerous blue crystals you've happened upon.

Tremor Gaunlet[]

    • A battle-worn gauntlet that releases tremor waves when charged.
  • Grabbing the item incites an ambush. Two new enemies called Grappleclaws will appear along with a score of Goreclaws. The Grappleclaw can be stunned with regular attacks and brought down. When the prompt appears above it, you can activate it to ride the beast.
  • Turn the beast on the other enemies and you'll take them out swiftly. The second time you bring down the Grappleclaw an Instant Kill prompt will appear. Finish off both Grappleclaws and the remaining enemies to bring down the gates blocking your exit.
  • Grab the Chest (H3 The Hollows 12/27) with health in it, then climb up to the platform with the other area Chest (K2 The Hollows 13/27) to score the Beholder's Key. Unlock the blue door and exit the large room via the west side.
  • Punch the blue crystals to shatter them and enter the water-filled hallwayleading south. Look for a hole on the right side of the wall after you round the corner.
  • 11. Surface and you'll find yourself in a large room. Search the north side of the room for the hallways with a Chest (H4 The Hollows 14/27) with life and another Chest (W1 The Hollows 15/27) with Wrath in it.
  • There are three platforms in this room that can be moved up and down via switches on top of them. Jump up to the eastern platform and look south. In a nook here is a Soldier Artifact (Art10 Soldier Artifact 10).
  • Now, raise the west platform. Look to the south. A chunk of machinery lies on a ledge here. Push it off the edge and onto the western platform (you'll need to lower the platform to ground level using the switch attached to it, make sure all the platforms are at their lowest positions).
  • Now, raise the western platform so it's above the middle platform. Pull the chunk of metal to the gap in the short fence around the platform and, while grabbing it, charge your Tremor Gauntlet and let fly a fully charged punch. This will send the component flying east so it lands on the middle platform.
  • Perform this same set of actions to get the component onto the far platform.
  • Push it against the edge of the platform so you can clamber up to the northeast corner of the room. Smash the crystals and continue northwest. Kill the Locust in the passage.

Hollows Southwest: Part III[]


Episode 29 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Hollows Pt. 2

The Hollows Pt. 2

  • 12. Cross the rope and drop down on the far side. Here the Griever reappears, smashing its arachnid appendage through the ceiling in attempt to squash War.
  • Dodge the beast and attack the enemies that swarm the area. Eventually the Griever retreats. Take the northern passage to the dead end and smash the crystals.
  • 13. Back in the flooded room you were in earlier, smash the crystals that are directly in front of you. This will raise the water level in the dungeon.
  • Now on the surface of the flooded room, grab the Map out of the nearby Chest (Map The Hollows 16/27).
  • On the bottom of the flooded room's water lies an artifact (If you didn't grab it the first time through this room).
  • 14. In the room to the north you'll find a platform with a flatbed car sitting on it. A panel above this strange scene will move the giant pad the flatbed is on. Your goal here is to ditch the flatbed and replace it with a taller car so you can punch it into place under the Demon Growth in the northeast subway tube. First, destroy the crystals blocking the entrance to this tube.
  • Let's start by moving the platform to the west with the flatbed still on it. Activate the switch on the control panel above to do this.
  • Now, hop down and grab and punch the flatbed into the empty tunnel to the north. To the south of the round platform is a full sized train car.
  • Pull this north onto the platform until the lights turn green. Return to the control panel and move the large train car back east.
  • Hop down and grab the full-sized car and punch it, with the Tremor Gauntlet, into the northeast tube.Hop on the train and use it to reach the Demon Growth. Climb up and destroy the crystals at the top of the shaft.
  • 15. Backtrack into the main hall where you fought the Griever (to the east). Here you'll be met by a new foe -- the Wraith Scout. These ladies are tough as nails, but the Tremor Gauntlet knocks them out of the sky, rendering them vulnerable to attacks.
  • 16. After the room is cleared out, ascend the stairs on the east side and smash the crystals in the upper southeast corner of the room.

The Hollows[]

Hollows East: Part I[]

  • 17. Just on the other side of the door you'll come to a deep, water-filled chasm. Floating below are two cubes. From the surface of the water you can hit crystal switches on these cubes to make them rise. Approach the eastern cube and, while floating next to it, swing your sword to make the cube rise. Quickly jump onto it.
  • 18. In the next room you'll find a few gas leaks and some parked train cars. Head north and look behind the train cars -- a Chest (LS7 The Hollows 17/27) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 7/14) inside.
  • You may have noticed that Red Crystals block the way north in this room. To destroy these you'll need an Inert Bomb. Run down the long hallway to the south and you'll find a bomb right next to a locked door.
  • Grab this and return to the Red Crystals. Plant the bomb on or near the crystals. You'll now need a nearby source of fire. Use your Crossblade to light the torches in the room by carrying fire from one to the others.
  • Now, target the nearby lit torch and then the bomb you planted to clear the crystals.
  • 19. In the next room, use your Crossblade and Instant Kills to eliminate the Locusts. Open the Chest (S7 The Hollows 18/27) to the southeast for 250 Souls. Run to the far north end of this area and grab the Chest (H5 The Hollows 19/27) with health inside. Just around the corner is a room flooded with water.
  • 20. Hop into the water and swim through the submerged tunnel to the north. Surface in this area and look for the yellow-striped handgrips on the wall. Use these and the Geysers to get to the top
  • 21. In the upper area, cross to the far side and grab the Chest (S8 The Hollows 20/27) with 250 Souls inside. Smash all the blue crystal around it and you'll reveal a Bomb Growth under one of them.

Hollows East: Part II[]

  • Toss the Bomb onto the Red Crystals on the far side of the room. Now, look to the left and right. You should see a lit gas leak and, across the way, an unlit gas leak.
  • Use the Crossblade to carry fire all the way across the room to the unlit torch. Another unlit torch is by the switch.
  • Light this torch as well using your Crossblade. You should now be able to use the torch nearest to the Red Crystals to light the bomb. With these crystals out of the way you can use the handgrips to get to the blue crystals blocking the gears.
  • Smash all the remaining blue crystals in the room and then hit the switch by the door. This will drop a stalactite through the floor, flooding the area below.

    Episode 30 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Hollows Pt. 3

    The Hollows Pt. 3

  • Hop down through the hole in the floor and float to the Chest (K3 The Hollows 21/27) with the Beholder's Key inside.
  • 22. Head back south through the long room and stop at the deep trench of water. Jump in and swim down to find a pipe leading north. Follow this back and look for a Champion Artifact (Champ2 Champion Artifact 2) in a chamber above you.
  • 23. Remember that locked door in the room to the south? You now need to return to it. Open it with the Beholder's Key.
  • In this new area the Griever blocks your path south with its massive tentacle. Get behind the loose train car to the north and punch it southward with your gauntlet.
  • This should prevent the Griever from grabbing you. In the south end of this tunnel is a small room with a Chest H6 The Hollows 22/27) containing health. Take the tunnel across the way to head to the southwest region of the dungeon.

Hollows, Southeast[]

  • 24. Now, head south into the large room. Here you'll face two Grappleclaws again. You know what to do! Attack on of them (use Blade Geyser if you get crowded) until it is stunned. Use the button prompt that appears above it to ride the beast, dealing damage to its partner.
  • When backup arrives, turn the Grappleclaws on the smaller enemies. Once the room is cleared out, the doors will be unlocked. You can use your Chaos Form and the cars in the room to make this easier.
  • In the tunnels northwest of this room, look for a Goremaw on the ceiling above a chest. Hit it with your Boomerang before going for the Chest (S9 The Hollows 23/27) with 100 Souls inside.
  • A greater prize is just to the east within these same tunnels. A Chest (Hoard The Hollows 24/27) with the Hoardseeker for the Hollows! It should reveal a mere three chests in the southwest region if you've been following our guide.
  • 25. Head out the western side of the room. At the far end is a Chest (H7 The Hollows 25/27) with health inside. You'll encounter a few enemies in this room as well. Just use your regular attacks to take them out -- remember, a charged Tremor Gauntlet blow will stun anything around you.
  • Now, enter the small area in the south of this room with a switch in it. Throw the switch, then head north to a similar area.
  • 26. Here you can hop in the water and swim due south to a new area. Navigate the caves on the other side and soon you'll find yourself in a large room with several out-of-reach platforms.
  • 27. Drop to the bottom of this room and destroy the blue crystals in the northeast corner. This will fill the area with water.
  • Search for a now-submerged passage along the north side of the room and use it to reach the higher platforms.
  • Use the hand grips to get to the next clump of blue crystals along the south perimeter of the flooded room. Break them and the water will rise even higher. You should now be able to reach the Chest (WS6 The Hollows 26/27) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 6) inside!
  • The final Chest (H8 The Hollows 27/27) Is just across the way. It contains health.
  • 28. Head out through the eastern exit. The dungeon's boss is just ahead!

Boss Fight: The Griever[]


Episode 31 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Hollows Pt. 4 and Griever

The Hollows Pt. 4 and Griever

  • The Griever's weak spot -- on its underbelly -- is covered in the same blue crystals you've been smashing throughout the dungeon. Also of note are several clumps of blue crystals in the area and a train car.
  • Your ultimate goal is to slam the train car into the beast using your Tremor Gauntlet. To do this, you'll need to clear the blue crystals. Immediately dash forward and hit the crystals closest to The Griever. You'll want to charge your ground-punch to do this.
  • Take as many out as you can, then get ready to dodge The Griever's beam. Do this by jumping over it (to your right or your left) and dashing (forward or backward) off the beam. The beam will harden the blue crystals making them temporarily indestructible, so you need to keep the beam far away from the crystals - stay out of'em to ease this. That means you need to stay on the east side while you dodge the beam.
  • After the beam dissipates, swiftly dash in and destroy more crystals. Once they are all destroyed you can get behind the train car and begin to move it.
  • Move it to the edge of the tunnel it's in and continue to grab it while charging the Tremor Gauntlet. Slam the train towards the creature and it will recoil in pain. To bring her down at knees, you need to hit her twice with the train. After having a first punch, she will become angry and start to hit you with falling blocks (stalactites).
  • Now you'll need to dodge the falling stalactites for a bit until you can slam the train car back at the creature again. Don't attempt to do this while the ceiling is falling or you'll just get interrupted (Actually if you stay where you made the punch and immediately grab the train when it's bounced back, you can do the second punch before Griever does the ceiling attack; this coupled with 1 chaos form will end the fight ridiculously fast). Here is "a cheat": head back to the tunnel and stay at it's dead end to easily avoid falling blocks - they won't hit you at all at this position. You can also block the falling the falling blocks if you wish to stay near the train car.
  • When you have a clear shot, take it. When she falls, immediately dash up to the monster and attack it with charged Tremor Gauntlet to break the Crystal on her chest.
  • This will cause the creature to summon Locusts. Immediately retreat and slam the train car at The Griever again and it will take out several Locusts on its path! Enjoy finishing'em, staying BEHIND the traing, while The Griever will try to hit you with her beam - no chance to her, if you're BEHIND the train.
  • When you can, send the train car back at the monster to bring it down a second time. This time, you can use your Chaos Form if you have it to damage the beast while its down. Or just hit her with combos.
  • The last round of this fight plays out the same as the second. Punch the car to destroy the Locusts, fend off the remaining bugs and then hit The Griever with the car again. When you attack the Griever the final time it will bring it down for good.
  • After this you'll collect a Lifestone and extend your life bar. You'll also get the Heart of the Chosen which you must bring to Samael.
  • Enter the blue portal and you'll witness a cutscene. At the end of this you'll have a new toy: Mercy.
    • Mercy: A beautifully crafted pistol that decimates foes with an unending supply of supernatural rounds.

Chapter 3[]

Treasure Roundup I[]

There are 500 Souls to collect, as well as a Hellfire Enhancement, two Wrath Shards, and a Lifestone Shard.

  • You can now explore the world with your Tremor Gauntlet and score some treasures you previously couldn't reach. Use Vulgrim to warp to previous locations easily save time.

Twilight Cathedral[]

Twilight Cathedral Exterior Map

  • Return to the Twilight Cathedral and look due north of Vulgrim for a clump of blue crystals on a platform. Smash them and open the Chest (S2 Twilight Cathedral 27/28) for 500 Souls.

Drowned Pass[]

Drowned Pass Map

  • It is possible to see the wall of blue crystals directly in front of you when you warp to Vulgrim's location in the Drowned pass. Jump into the water and look for a path leading up to the area behind these crystals. It's a bit to the north and completely submerged. Run up the tunnel and smash the crystals to find a Chest (WS7 Drowned Pass Chest 5/5) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 7) inside!
  • Now leaving the Drowned Pass, heading towards Anvil's ford (Map), in the sewer looking area immedietly to your right will be some now-breakable ice. Destroy it, and there will be a Wrath Shard (WS8 Wrath Shard 8) waiting for you!

Choking Grounds[]

The Choking Grounds Map


Episode 32 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Tremor Gauntlet Loot

Treasure Round-up with Tremor Gauntlet

  • Proceed to the tall building in the northeast corner of the map. You can enter this via a tunnel off the ramp leading to the Broken Stair. Jump down into the building and then use the Geyser to fly up inside of it.
  • On the second floor, use your Crossblade to carry fire from the torch to the bomb on the Red Crystals. This will allow you to climb higher.
  • Smash the blue crystals on the second floor to find a Chest (LS8 Choking Grounds Chest 7/9) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 8/14) inside.
  • Before leaving the Choking Grounds, head to the northeast corner and enter the Broken Stair Access Tunnel. Run to the place with two blue Geysers in the large tunnel. Between these you'll find a clump of blue crystals. Destroy these with the Tremor Gauntlet to score a Champion Artifact (Champ3 Champion Artifact 3). Now, return to Vulgrim and warp to the Crossroads.

The Crossroads[]

The Crossroads Map

  • At the Crossroads, head northwest down the streets. By the subway entrance is a recessed area with a wall of blue crystals. Smash these and open the Chest (I1 The Crossroads Chest 9/9) for the Hellfire enhancement.
    • Hellfire: Instills a melee weapon with the element of fire.

To The Dry Road, Scalding Gallow[]

Scalding Gallow Map

  • Return to the Scalding Gallow by talking to Vulgrim. Samael will direct you to the Dry Road to the north. He'll also give you the Chronomancer.
    • Chronomancer: War can now activate Chronosphere and temporarily slow down time.
  • 10. Leave Samael and take the road to the west all the way north. Here you'll find a clump of blue crystals (marked on your map with a yellow dot). Break these with the Tremor Gauntlet and head inside.

Dry Road Access Tunnel[]

In this section, there are four Chests and one Soldier Artifact.

  • 11. Immediately grab the Chest (S5 Dry Road Access Tunnel 1/4) at the far south end of the tunnel for 100 souls. Head north and break the blue crystals you come to.
  • 12. Inside this room is a Chronosphere switch. You can activate it with your Crossblade. Try doing this -- just charge the Crossblade and toss it at the device. Now, note that the nearby switch opens the large door ahead, albeit briefly.
    • Return for Treasure: Come back here with the Voidwalker to get the final chest.
  • You need to hit the Chronosphere, then activate the door switch, allowing you to run under the door while time is slowed. You can operate the door normally from the other side.
  • 13. Continue north and toss cars at the Fleshburster before taking it on. Grab the Chest (S6 Dry Road Access Tunnel 2/4) in the far north for 100 Souls. Another Chest (S7 Dry Road Access Tunnel 3/4) lies just up the stairs -- it contains 100 souls as well.
  • Climb the handgrips and then jump off the wall into the pipe up high. Look into the dead-end of the pipe and you'll see a Soldier Artifact (Art11 Soldier Artifact 11). Head northwest to find the Dry Road.

Dry Road[]

The Dry Road Map

In this area, there are two Chests and one Soldier Artifact.


Episodes 33 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Dry Road

Dry Road

  • 1. Upon entering the Dry Road you'll only encounter fairly minor enemies until you get to the large, open area. Here angels will attack. Use your Mercy pistol or Scythe to knock them out of the sky and then use sword attacks when they hit the ground.
  • Jump across the gap in the southwest corner to find a Vulgrim location. A Chest (S1 Dry Road 1/2) with 250 Souls is due south from the gap.
  • Above this chest, and at the far south end of the map, you'll find a Soldier Artifact (Art12 Soldier Artifact 12) on top of a ledge right out in the open.
  • Just to the east of this is a ledge with another Chest (LS9 Dry Road 2/2) on it. This one contains a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 9/14).
  • 2. Head due north.

Ashlands Access Tunnel[]

The Ashlands Entrance Map

In this area, there are four Chests to collect.

  • 1. In the tunnel ahead you'll meet a Grappleclaw. Bash it with cars and then turn it against the smaller enemies before killing it. Tip: You can climb on the elevated walkway on the right wall and use the Crossblade or Mercy to fire at the Grappleclaw without it being able to touch you.
  • A Goremaw holds a cube with handgrips up ahead. Aim and shoot at it with the Mercy pistol to make it drop the cube. Hop onto the cube's handgrips and the Goremaw will pick you up. Jump off towards the western platform and float down to score a Chest (I1 Ashlands Access Tunnel 1/4) with the Carnage Enhancement inside! Equip it immediately.
    • Carnage: War fills with hatred and generates Chaos at an accelerated rate.
  • Now, bring the cube down again and use it to get to the east platform so you can cross the wide chasm.
  • Grab a bomb and toss it onto the Red Crystals to the north. Hand grips line this wall. Drop down to the lower eastern platform and then hop over to these.
  • 2. Cross the hand grips left and enter the pipe. On the other side you'll find three Goremaws over a single rope. Hit the nearest one with Mercy and quickly hop onto the rope. Move to the right, away from the other Goreclaws, and climb the Demonic Growth to get to a Chest (S1 Ashlands Access Tunnel 2/4) with 100 Souls inside. Drop back down to the ledge you were on before.
  • Now, target the three Goremaws with your Crossblade and hit them all in one toss. Jump on the rope once your Crossbalde returns and dash to the left. Follow the Demonic Growth up and out of the cave.
  • 3. In the northeast segment of the cave, look for a clump of blue crystals just to the southwest of the Vulgrim location. Smash the crystals to find a Chest (LS10 Ashlands Access Tunnel 3/4) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 10/14) inside.
  • 4. Just ahead on your left is a Vulgrim location. Activate it.
    • Return for Treasure: Come back here with the Abyssal Chain to score the final chest!

The Ashlands[]

In this section, there are 25 Chests, three Soldier Artifacts, and one Overlord Artifact.

The Ashlands Map

Ashlands, The Tower: Part I[]

  • The Ashlands feature wide stretches of desert that can only be crossed safely if you activate the Chronospheres in the area. This slows down time, making War able to tread lightly on the sand and avert the worms.
  • 1. Target the Chronosphere high above the entrance to the Ashlands and hit it with a charged Crossblade. Now, run due north up the ramp shown on your map.
  • 2. Grab the Chest (S2 Ashlands Chest 1/25) with 100 Souls inside at the top. Beat up the Angels by knocking them out of the sky with your Tremor Gauntlet. Continue along the lower path leading northwest.
  • 3. Drop down to the cave floor and follow the linear path out the other side.
  • 4. You can't cross the sand here so hang a right up the plank walkway. Follow this up the wooden tower to the top floor to find Chest (S3 Ashlands Chest 2/25) with 100 souls inside.
  • On the interior of the tower you'll find a Geyser and some more Demonic Growth. Climb the interior of the tower using the Growth and cross the ceiling. Activate the switch inside to bring a Chronosphere down to ground level.
  • 5. Return to the desert floor by the Chronosphere and activate it. Cross to the raise path in the southwest.
  • As you make your way west across the raised path, use your Tremor Gauntlet to send nearby enemies flying off the edge of the walkway.

Ashlands, The Tower: Part II[]


Episode 34 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Ashlands Pt. 1

Ashlands Pt. 1

  • 6. Climb the Demonic Growth on the outside of the second tower to get to the switch. Activate it to bring the Chronosphere lower in the tower.
  • Hop down and look for a ledge to stand on under the spinning blade. Hit the Chronosphere with your Crossblade and the blade will slow down significantly. This will allow you to cross on the ceiling towards the north side. Just move counter-clockwise with the blade motion and be sure to dash while hanging. This should allow you to reach the ledge covered in Demonic Growth to the north.
  • 7. Head all the way to the northern tower and climb the far exterior side of it. Note the Red Crystals at the base of this tower -- you need to destroy these. Climb to the top and you'll be ambushed. Use the Chaos Form if you wish to take the enemies out easily in the confined space.
  • Now, stand by the Bomb Growth up here and activate the Chronosphere across the room with your Crossblade. Grab a bomb and run off the northern edge of the tower.
  • Drop below as the time is slowed and throw the bomb onto the Red Crystals. Now, traverse the Demonic Growth back up to the top of the tower. Throw the switch to lower the Chronosphere.
  • Drop to the ground and enter the inside of the tower, below the switch. Use the Chronosphere to slow the spinning blade on the ceiling and cross the Demonic Growth to the far side. Use the growth to climb to the top of the tower, then walk around to the west side for a Chest (I2 Ashlands Chest 3/25) with a consumable item (along with an Empty Vessel) inside.
  • 8. You can now cross to the tower just to the south. Here you can climb the side and reach yet another switch to lower yet another Chronosphere.
  • Drop down to the ground and ascend the interior of the tower. Use the Crossblade to activate the Chronosphere and climb the Demonic Growth up and over the interior of the tower to reach the other side. Here you can climb to the tower's apex.
  • At the top of this tower is a giant dynamo running the drill. Activate the nearby switch to turn it off and raise the drill bit. You can now drop into the cave below.

Ashlands, The Cave: Part I[]

  • 9. You can't get the Overlord Artifact yet. You can however, get a different artifact in this same room. Swim all the way to the bottom of the pool and you'll see a Soldier Artifact (Art13 Soldier Artifact 13) in the southwest.
    • Return for Treasure: You may notice the larger Guardian Artifact on your way down but you can't get it just yet (you need the Abyssal Chain).
  • 10. Swim to the surface and clamber onto dry land to the east. Follow the tunnel back to a large Goremaw-filled area. There are two clumps of blue crystals here. Grab the Chest (S4 Ashlands Chest 4/25) between them in the lower area for 100 Souls, then smash the crystals in the west to reveal a moveable cube.
  • Push this cube under the nearest Goremaw. After it snatches it, shoot the beast with your Mercy pistol and it will release it temporarily. Jump and grab onto the handgrip on the side of the cube.
  • When the Goremaw lifts you to the ceiling, jump off the north side of the cube towards the ledge with the patch of blue crystals. Shatter them and you'll see a Chronosphere.
  • Hit the chronosphere and run across the patch of Goremaws to the east. Enter the small cave to the southeast. Note that above the large cavern with the Goremaws is a patch of Red Crystals. The bombs in this cave should give you a clue about what you need to do next.
  • Hit the Chronosphere and while time is slowed, grab a bomb and run out into the open area with the Red Crystals. Toss the bomb up at it and a large explosion will bring down a patch of rock.
  • Fight off the angels while being mindful of the Goremaws that line the room. Stay out of the greenish patches under them while you fight.
  • Head east when the coast is clear and jump up to the platform with a visible Chest (LS11 Ashlands Chest 5/25) on it. Inside is a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 11/14).
    • Return for Treasure: Another chest lies further to the east but you'll need the Abyssal Chain to reach it. Where is this thing?
  • Now, use the platform you blew out of the ceiling to exit this cave to through the northern tunnel (opened by the angels). Cross the water and climb up the wall of Demonic Growth to reach the surface.
  • 11. Run around to the southwest side of the wood platform to find a Chest (S5 Ashlands Chest 6/25) with 100 Souls inside. Head northwest now, climbing the rocky platforms.

Ashlands, The Cave: Part II[]

  • 12. Inside the cave just ahead you'll be ambushed by a Berzerker and a full compliment of smaller enemies. Use basic attacks and Wrath on the smaller enemies while you build up Chaos to use on the Berzerker.
  • Unleash your Chaos Form to finish off the massive enemy leader once he comes down to fight you. Grab the health in the nearby Chest (H1 Ashlands Chest 7/25) if you need it.

    Episode 35 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Ashlands Pt. 2

    Ashlands Pt. 2

  • 13. Run up the ramp to where the Berzerker was and follow the winding caves to the next waypoint. Knock the enemies you encounter on the wooden walkways over the edge with the Tremor Gauntlet.
  • 14. You'll eventually arrive in a wide open area with wooden towers and a patrolling worm. To cross this area safely you need to use the towers -- the Ash Titan cannot chomp you if you are on the small oasis of solid ground under these.
  • You'll have to plan your jaunts between towers while the Titan is far away, as well. It will stalk you as soon as you touch down, so be patient and make your move only when the worm is cruising away from you at the opposite end of the area.
  • Also, double-jump and coast when you make you move, since the worm only reacts when it hears you touch down.

The Ashlands Arena Map

  • 15. On the far eastern side you'll find a cave the worm cannot enter. Open the Chest (S6 Ashlands Chest 8/25) for 100 Souls.
  • 16. The ambush ahead features a few smaller enemies followed by a Berserker and a Devastator. The latter has a large weapon that you'll want to get your hands on. Use your Wrath attacks freely since you can refill your meter thanks to a nearby Chest (W1 Ashlands Chest 9/25).
  • Another nearby Chest (H2 Ashlands Chest 10/25) contains health. Defeat the Devastator and grab his Fracture Cannon to finish off the Berserker. This should come in handy!
    • Fracture Cannon: Launches serrated shards that embed into surfaces and explode when triggered.
  • Don't be fooled by War's plodding pace while equipped with this weapon. You can freely dash around like normal. Remember -- when you use this weapon you must trigger the sticky projectiles to explode once you launch them (LEFT TRIGGER).

Ashlands, The Cave: Part III[]

  • 17. Walk up the ramp and test out the Fracture Cannon on the distant Devastator and the nearby enemies. Strafe to avoid enemy fire and do NOT detonate your shots if they are near you since you'll take damage
  • Another devastator appears on a distant platform as you cross the wooden walkways. Cover it in sticky bombs and detonate them to stun it, then repeat this process until it perishes.
  • A steady stream of enemies will come at you of all shapes and sizes. Make sure to stick them from afar so you can detonate the shots before the monsters are face-to-face.
  • 18. Head down the ramp towards the Chest (H3 Ashlands Chest 11/25) for some health. Flip around and you'll see another health-filled Chest (H4 Ashlands Chest 12/25) that you may want to save for a bit.
  • Another Devastator appears with a compliment of enemies. Take it out and the drop your Fracture Cannon and work on the enemies with regular attacks if you need to fill your chaos meter.
  • A dangerous pairing of a Devastator and a Berzerker come at you now. You should be able to stave off their attack from afar with the Fracture Cannon. Try detonating your shots as soon as they hit to make this faster.
  • A cutscene will show an enemy letting down the drawbridge to the north. After this all hell breaks loose and Devastators and smaller fiends appear en masse. Keep your distance and hit them as they come, slowly making your way across the bridge.
    • Alternatively, all enemies can be picked off at a distance, either as they run down the winding path or as they try to cross the drawbridge.
  • 19. You may want to consider ditching the Fracture Cannon in these close quarters, especially when enemies constantly pour in from the rear. Across the walkways on the west side of the chasm you'll find a Chest (H5 Ashlands Chest 13/25) with health in it. Another Chest (H6 Ashlands Chest 14/25) with some health is at the very top of the area.
  • 20. Glide down to the north and enter the arena ahead.

Ashlands, The Gladiator Arena[]

  • 21. This battle is all about managing your Chaos Meter, which you'll require for the final challenge this arena has to offer. In the arena you'll encounter enemies on horseback for the first time. You can attack these enemies with your sword like any others, but close range combat has its consequences. You can always use Mercy to drain their substantial health bars from afar when locked on; don't just wait for them to attack.
  • When the Abyssal Riders come close use scythe and sword combos on them. If their horses rear up, dash away to avoid damage. There is a Chest (H7 Ashlands Chest 15/25) with health on one side of the arena and another health Chest (H8 Ashlands Chest 16/25) on the opposite side, so stick near these in case you need them.
  • Fell the first Rider and two more will appear. Make sure to weaken these with Mercy while they circle far away. When they move in, use wise-range attacks like Blade Geyser and the scythe to hit them. When the riders are stunned they slow down and you can hit them with everything you've got.
  • Do not use the Chaos Form for now -- you need to save it for the final challenge. A third wave of enemies arrives with two Traumas. Resist using Chaos Form on these as well. Just dash in to attack and then dash out again. If they crowd you and you have no other choice, use Chaos Form, but realize you'll have to build it back up again for the final fight.

Boss Fight: Abyssal Gladiator[]


Episode 36 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Ashlands Pt. 3

Ashlands Pt. 3: The Arena

  • The Abyssal Gladiator now appears. Immediately fire at him with Mercy. He'll summon blasts of blue fire that you can just avoid by strafing. When he pulls away from you and the horse hooves the dirt, get ready to dash out of the way.
  • It's best to stay on the offensive in this portion of the fight. Wrath, sword and scythe attacks can be used to damage the foes so long as he is nearby. When the horse rears, dash away quickl
  • When you stun the Gladiator he'll go limp and you'll be able to attack him freely. This should happen fairly quickly. You want to make absolutely sure you have a full Chaos Meter so slash him as much as possible.
  • When a prompt appears above the Abyssal Gladiator you'll be able to yank him from his steed. On two feet the Gladiator is much more powerful -- but you've been saving Chaos Form for just this moment!
  • Activate Chaos form and attack the Abyssal Gladiator. You'll be able to end the battle in seconds. Your reward is great: a steed of your own!
    • Ruin: War & Ruin are reunited. While riding Ruin, sword attacks become very powerful.
  • You can summon Ruin in any open area using the shoulder buttons. You can dash normally and perform a powerful kicking/pounding attack by hitting the secondary weapon button (only when you're standing still). Ride around the arena and take out the enemies with your new attacks.

Ashlands, The Road to the Stygian[]

  • 22. Ride south through the newly opened passage, stopping for a Chest (S7 Ashlands Chest 17/25) along the way with 100 Souls inside.
  • 23. Head all the way south to the open area with the Ash Titan and the wooden towers.

The Ashlands Map

Boss Fight: The Ash Titan[]

  • It is time to get revenge on the Ash Titan! Ride around the sand on Ruin -- you won't be hindered -- and get the worm's attention. Make sure you have Mercy equipped and at the ready. As it opens its mouth and rises out of the sand, run away from it and lock on to its mouth.
  • Fire at the worm's gaping maw with mercy and you'll damage its weak spot. If you get knocked off of Ruin, just summon the horse again.
  • Eventually a prompt will appear above the worm. Ride up to its head and, while still on Ruin, activate the prompt to slay the beast.
  • With the worm slaughtered a new way opens in the north. Before entering the new area, ride Ruin towards the rocky ledge and dismount near it. Press JUMP as you dismount to reach the ledge. Follow it east and then north into a cave with a Chest (S8 Ashlands Chest 18/25) with 500 Souls inside!
  • Now take the northern exit out of this area.

The Ashlands Leviathan's Drift Map

  • 24. You'll have to ditch Ruin in the next area. Luckily, a Devastator soon shows up with a Fragment Cannon in tow. Ignore the Berserker and focus on the Devastator so you can strip it of its firepower.
  • Use your Wrath powers to make short work of it. Grab the Fragment Cannon and send a few rounds into the remaining enemies.
  • As you proceed down the long cave you'll encounter many waves of Berserkers, Devastators and even a pair of massive Traumas. You know what to do: just fire away with the extremely powerful Fragment Cannon.
  • A Chest (H9 Ashlands Chest 19/25) with health lies along the west side of the cave, while another Chest (S9 Ashlands Chest 20/25) with 250 Souls inside is nearby.
  • 25. If you survive the onslaught -- and the Cannon should make this a breeze -- then head east to the next area marked on your map. Dive into the water and swim to the bottom to score a Soldier Artifact (Art14 Soldier Artifact 14) at the bottom.
  • 26. Clamber out of the pool and make your way north. You'll only encounter minor enemies on the way. A Vulgrim location is on your right just before you leave the cave.
  • A Chest (H10 Ashlands Chest 21/25) here will refill your health as well.

Boss Fight: The Stygian[]

Chapter 4[]

The Road to the Iron Canopy[]

  • Use a Vulgrim location to return the Heart of the Chosen to Samael and he'll endow you with the Soul Bridge power.
    • Soul Bridge: War can now access once dormant Soul Bridges. Charge Ruin through the pillars to activate them.
  • The only Soul Bridge you can access is back in the Ashlands. Head to a Vulgrim location and warp back to the Ashlands entrance. There are two more chests you can score here now that you have Ruin. The first is due east of the entrance to the Ashlands. Cross the desert to a shaded overhang with a visible Chest (S11 Ashlands Chest 22/25) on it. Inside are 100 Souls.
  • Now, head due north across the large desert, past the wooden towers. Look along the northeast wall for a patch or blue crystals. Ride over here and destroy the crystals. Just beyond them is a cave with a Chest (WS9 Ashlands Chest 23/25). A Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 9) is within!
  • Just to the east of this location you can find a geyser leading up to a series of abyssal chain points. You cannot use them yet but on the wall to the left look for some Demonic Growth. Climb this to find a Soldier Artifact (Art15 Soldier Artifact 15).
  • 28. Now, head to the Soul Bridge. The path leading up to the bridge is a raised rocky path starting in the southern region of the Ashlands near the first wooden tower.
  • Ruin will easily glide over the gaps in the path allowing you to reach the Soul Bridge. Once at the pillars, go through them on Ruin to cross the wide gap.
  • Follow the lonely path to the Iron Canopy.

Iron Canopy[]

Iron Canopy Map

In this area there are 27 Chests, two Soldier Artifacts, and one Champion Artifact.

  • 1. Upon arriving at the Iron Canopy you'll be abducted by large spiders. When prompted, mash the INTERACT button to free yourself from the cocoon. The infested Iron Canopy lies before you.
  • Your first order of business should be to open the nearby Chest (S1 Iron Canopy 1/27) in a nook just to the northwest. Inside are a paltry 100 Souls.

The Iron Canopy, The Abyssal Chain Pt. I[]

  • 2. Make your way east into the Iron Canopy. A door covered in web can be penetrated by activating the prompt that appears over it. Just inside the room is a massive Loom Warden hanging over a strand of web.
  • You can't hurt the arachnid yet, so destroy the blue crystals nearby. Move the pedestal under the web strand and stand under it. Look for a Chronosphere along the west side of the room. Activate this with your Crossblade and then jump onto the strand of web and dash under the massive spider.
  • 3. On the other side of the room drop down to the ground below and run south along the long adjacent hallway. Cross the bridge and it will crumble behind you. You'll encounter some angels in this passage -- just knock them out of the sky with the Scythe and attack them when they hit the ground.
  • 4. Along the eastern wall in this hallway is a breakable wood panel with a Chest (W1 Iron Canopy 2/27) behind it that will refill your Wrath. Another wood panel in the same area hides a Chest (WS10 Iron Canopy 3/27) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 10) inside.
  • 5. Rip open the door to the south and head into the destroyed building.
  • Jump down to the lower floor and open the Chest (S2 Iron Canopy 4/27) for 100 Souls. Examine the room you are in: egg sacs line the area. Destroy these with the Crossblade or Mercy and then sweep the small spiders off the ledge with your Scythe.
  • Now, hit the switch on the bottom level to raise a Chronosphere. This will help you get to two more area chests. Climb up to the top level using the handgrips in the middle of the area. Here you'll find a girder suspended between you and two chests.
  • Hit the Chronosphere to the left and then run across the girder to the first Chest (Map Iron Canopy 5/27) for the dungeon's Map. Now, return to the top level.
  • Another chest is above you. This time, hop on the girder and it will begin to tilt under the influence of your weight. When it's angled upward sufficiently, hit the Chronosphere and run up the angled girder, frozen in space, and onto the ledge with the Chest (K1 Iron Canopy 6/27). Inside is the Beholder's Key.

The Iron Canopy, The Abyssal Chain Pt. II[]


Episode 38 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Iron Canopy Pt. 1

The Iron Canopy Pt. 1

  • 6. Exit back to the hallway where you fought the angels and run north. Look for some Demonic Growth on the western wall. Hop onto this and follow it around the building to the west to reach the locked door. Use the key on the door.
  • A massive spider patrols the lower area of this room but you'll be safe walking around on the webbed floor. Push the block under the Goremaw and grab ahold. The Goremaw will lift you to the rafters.
  • Disembark the makeshift elevator and hop down to the nearby Chest (WS11 Iron Canopy 7/27) for a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 11). Now, stand in the southeast corner of the room with the giant spider just below you.
  • Target the Goremaw and hit it with Mercy or the Crossblade to make it drop the block. This will send the massive spider to the ground, temporarily stunning it.
  • Drop to the lower level and cross the south wall using the hand grips. Take the stairs out of the room on the west side.
  • 7. In the alley you'll be ambushed by Undead Lords -- not the most powerful of foes. With the ample spiders in the area you may want to consider using Blade Geyser to keep things from getting crowded. With the enemies disposed of the doors will open.
  • A staircase in the northeast corner of the alley leads up to a dead end -- but you should be able to spot a Soldier Artifact (Art16 Soldier Artifact 16) on a ledge below. Double-jump off the stairs and glide down to it.
  • 8. Head north into the building by ripping through the webs. After clearing out the spiders in the room, jump down into the trench and pull the block over to the elevator platform.
  • Climb up the growth and use the switch above the elevator you place the block on to raise it. Now, line the block up with the elevator across the way and pull it to the edge of the gap. Grab it and charge the Tremor Gauntlet, punching the block across the gap onto the elevator.
  • Climb the Demonic Growth to the upper level using your sword to eliminate the enemies and dodging the bombs. At the top you can raise the elevator even higher with the help of another switch.
  • Grab the bomb on top of the block and toss it at the Red Crystals blocking the door to clear the path to the next room.

The Iron Canopy, The Abyssal Chain Pt. III[]

  • 9. This room is filled with Undead Lords. You can use your Chaos Form now or slash at them with regular attacks. You may want to save it, though: when the Earthcracker appears you can weaken it significantly with Chaos Form.
  • This creature is powerful but predictable. It rears up and slams the ground twice giving you ample time to dash away between attacks. If it grabs you, press the button prompt rapidly to counter attack.
  • The doors will unlock when the enemies are defeated. Head in the southwest one for a Chest (S3 Iron Canopy 8/27) with 250 Souls. Take the eastern door through a cobwebby passage.
  • 10. In the next room slay all the spiders and continue east.
  • 11. Here you'll find a large seal with the insignia of four spiders -- it looks like you have some exterminating to do!
  • Hop down to the left and look for a Chest (H1 Iron Canopy 9/27) with health inside. Now, cross the bridge to the north. It will crumble behind you.
  • 12. You may spot a chest down the hall but hold up: A weak floor lies just to the right of the locked door. Double jump and glide over to this Chest (S4 Iron Canopy 10/27) to score 250 Souls.
  • 13. Drop through the hole in the floor. Head down the stairs and grab the Chest (H2 Iron Canopy 11/27) with health inside. In the next room is an item you've been waiting to get your hands on for a long time!
    • Abyssal Chain: Fires a grappling chain that attaches to enemies and moveable objects.

The Iron Canopy, Loom Warden I[]

  • A Loom Warden will drop into the room as soon as you obtain the Abyssal Chain. To defeat it, you need to use your new item. Pause the game and equip it, then select it using the D-pad. Now, target the spider and fire the Chain at it.
  • This will remove the arachnid's armor, exposing it to harm. You can finish the battle quickly by switching to Chaos Form and slash away. One down, three to go! You'll notice the spiders' locations are marked on your map.
  • Before leaving the area, check the corner for a small room with a Chest (W2 Iron Canopy 12/27) inside containing Wrath.
  • Now you'll need to practice grappling the blue hooks on the ceiling -- you may have spotted these throughout the game.
  • There's one above the stairs back the way you came. Manually target the blue glowing hook and hold the trigger to swing. Jump towards the Demonic Growth in the North and climb it.
  • Turn around at the top and you'll see a locked door below. Hop down into this room and look for Demonic Growth on the east side. Climb this and then use the blue hook to swing further east.
  • 14. In this room you'll find a Chronosphere -- don't hit it yet. Instead, look for an Abyssal Chain hook on the ceiling. Use this to access the high north passage. You'll find a Chest (Arm7 Iron Canopy 13/27) here with an Abyssal Armor Piece Inside (Abyssal Armor Piece 7).
  • Now, return to the room with the Chronosphere. Activate it and quickly seek out the chain hook to the west. Snag it with the Abyssal Chain and then double jump after a single swing. You should be able to blindly pull the RIGHT TRIGGER to catch the next chain hook while time is still slowed.
  • Swing past the two Goremaws and float down to the Chest (K2 Iron Canopy 14/27) to find the Beholder's Key. You can also grab the Chest (H3 Iron Canopy 15/27) with health in it nearby. You can hit one of the Goremaws and jump above the fence from either side.

The Iron Canopy, Loom Warden II[]


Episode 39 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Iron Canopy Pt. 2

The Iron Canopy Pt. 2

  • Open the locked door to the south. You can use this opportunity to get the chest in the next room (where the floor collapsed) if you missed it. Otherwise, head south into the open area with the spider seal. You can now use the chain hooks to cross the area where the bridge collapsed.
  • 15. Keep backtracking to the south until you are ambushed by the second Loom Warden. You probably won't have your Chaos Form recharged for this battle, so use Blade Geysers to soften up the arachnid. Try to catch her spawn in the process.
  • Hit her with sword attacks until an Instant Kill prompt appears.
  • 16. Head west from here in to the room with two short passages leading off to the west. Take the south passage and look for a chain hook at the top of the small room. Use the Abyssal Chain to grapple up to the ledge and score the Champion Artifact (Champ4 Champion Artifact 4). It's high above the room with the bomb block and elevators.

The Iron Canopy, Loom Warden III[]

  • 17. Drop to the very bottom of the room with the bomb block and elevators. Exit into the alleyway and climb the stairs (where you found the artifact earlier). At the top, face west. You should see a chain hook on a ledge above.
  • To get into this area you'll need to double jump and activate the Abyssal Chain at the height of your jump. This should pull you into a room with chests. In one Chest (Hoard Iron Canopy 16/27) you'll find the Hoardseeker, which reveals the remaining chests. Another Chest (H4 Iron Canopy 17/27) has health and the final Chest (S5 Iron Canopy 18/27) contains 250 Souls.
  • 18. Use your map to find the next Loom Warden. Just take the door at the end of the alley into the room with the transparent floor. The Warden hangs upside-down in this room, so you'll need to yank her off the ceiling with your Abyssal Chain before removing her carapace. She's flanked by Undead Lords (why are they defending her?) so activate your Chaos Form to wipe out the lot of them.

The Iron Canopy, Loom Warden IV[]

  • 19. Now, head east into the main entrance area. You should see three chests marked clearly on your map here. Use the Abyssal Chain to grapple over to the chests. One Chest (H5 Iron Canopy 19/27) contains health, another Chest (W3 Iron Canopy 20/27) contains Wrath and the third Chest (S6 Iron Canopy 21/27) has 100 Souls inside.
  • 20. Open the door to the north. Cross the strand of web using your Crossblade like before and drop down (do not attack the spider, yet!).
  • 21. Look up for a difficult-to-spot chain grip. It should be near the chest marked on your map. Grapple up to this Chest (I1 Iron Canopy 22/27) for a consumable item Life Essence (along with an Empty Vessel).
  • Now you are slightly stuck, because the bridge is out you will need to use the abyssal chain to return to the final Loom Warden, run south and look to your right, you will need to double jump and grapple to return.
  • 22. It's time to grapple the final Loom Warden (#20). Attack her and she'll fall through the floor below, opening up a new area to explore.
  • Use the same method you used on the last three to break the another seal on the door -- but what's this? It still seems to be sealed! Unfortunately, a large foe stands between you and a fully unlocked door. Grab the health in the Chest (H6 Iron Canopy 23/27) and head west to meet this foe.

Boss Fight: The Broodmother[]

  • 23. The Broodmother is a larger Loom Warden that is resistant to your Abyssal Chain maneuver. To find her weak spot you'll need to distract her. You may have noticed her snacking on an egg sac at the outset of this fight -- your first priority is to keep her munching.
  • Target and grapple an egg sac from the ceiling with the Abyssal Chain and it will end up in your arms. When she opens her mouth and inhales, toss it right at her. She'll distractedly devour the pupa.
  • Run around to her blue-crystal-covered backside and attack it with the tremor Gauntlet. A meaty red thorax will be revealed -- her weak spot.
  • Now, dodge her body slams by double jumping and then listen for her shriek -- this indicates she's about to lunge at you. Dash to safety and then grab another egg sac.
  • The rest of the fight involves stuffing her face, dodging and then slashing at her backside. Throw whatever you've got at her to make the fight end quickly -- Wrath attacks, Chaos Form, whatever. The fight should end after two or three good attacks on her weak point.
  • With the final seal broken you can now gather up some remaining loot before meeting with the dungeon's master. Head through the western door and follow the passage through the sewers. Grab the Chest (H7 Iron Canopy 24/27) with health that you pass.
  • 24. The next room is filled with minor enemies. Resist using Chaos Form until the final wave: two Grappleclaws.
  • 25. Take the north passage to an area with several Geysers. Float up the first Geyser and turn around to find a ledge with a Chest (I2 Iron Canopy 25/27) on it. Inside you'll find the awesome War's Glory enhancement!
    • War's Glory: When used, it unlocks the mastery of weapons, dramatically increasing War's combat prowess.
  • Cross the chain hooks and float across the Geysers to cross the long passage to the Demonic Growth on the far side. Your path to the unlocked door is blocked once again in one of the rooms to the south.
  • An Earthcracker heads up this ambush, so save Chaos form for that battle.

Boss Fight: Silitha[]

  • 26. Enter the unsealed door and use your Abyssal Chain to cross the chasm. One the far side is a Chest (H8 Iron Canopy 26/27) with health inside.
  • 27. Go through the door to meet the dungeon's master.
  • Silitha doesn't take as much strategy as some of the other bosses. You can damage her anywhere on her body at any time -- so long as she's in reach (or not crushing you). It's best to hit her in the face, however, as this seems to inflict more damage.
  • You can avoid her attacks for the entire fight by running and dashing constantly. Dash only when her "fog" appears and she drops. Keep locked-on to the queen while you do this. You should avoid the majority of her slam attacks in this manner.
  • After every few slams Silitha will rest along the side of the arena. At this point, dash towards her until you are in Abyssal Chain range and then grapple onto her face. Just aim at her head, lock on and harpoon her.
  • Slash at her face until she teleports and then start running and dashing again. After a few face attacks, the spider will step up her attack and teleport more frequently. At this point, wait for her to pause along the side and then activate your Chaos Form. Slash at her as much as you can.
  • You may need to attack her another time after this, but she'll most likely retreat to the ceiling at this point. When she does, look for grapple points above you. Double-jump up and grapple one of them. From here, grapple the spider to bring her down for good.
  • You'll get a Lifestone and Silitha's Heart for your troubles.
  • At the bottom of the pit where Silitha was impaled, look up to find a moving platform that you can activate with your Crossblade. This has a chain hook point attached to the bottom which you can use to get a lift back to the top floor.
  • Instead of taking the platform all the way to the top, however, you should take it to the middle platform where you'll find a Chest (S7 Iron Canopy 27/27) with 250 Souls inside. Across the room from the chest is a Soldier Artifact (Art17 Soldier Artifact 17) behind a rock spire.

Chapter 5[]

Treasure Roundup II[]


Episode 40 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Iron Canopy Pt. 3 and Abyssal Chain Loot

Iron Canopy Pt 3, Silitha, and Treasure Round-up

In this section, there are three Wrath Shards, 1 Overlord Artifact, one Champion Artifact, three Soldier Artifacts, one Life Shard and one Abyssal Armor Piece to collect.


The Ashlands Map

  • Prepare to hunt the game's most obscure collectible, the Overlord Artifact? We thought so. In the Ashlands, head for the fourth wooden tower -- the northernmost one. You can access this strip of towers near the Soul Bridge entrance.
  • You'll need to slow down time in the first tower and climb up and over the Demonic Growth to get to the northern towers. In the northernmost tower, climb the Demonic Growth to the second tier (above the spinning blade) and throw the switch.
  • This should drop the Chronosphere down to the level with the spinning blade. Use the Chronosphere to cross to the other side of the spinning blade (climb across the Growth on the roof). Now, use the Growth on the outer wall to climb to the high walkway between the two northern towers.
  • Your goal is the very top of the north tower. While standing on the walkway between the towers, look directly up. A blue chain hook point is here. Grapple this with the Abyssal Chain to reach the top of the north tower. Hit the switch to stop the drill.
  • Drop down into the hole below the drill bit and follow the cave back to the Overlord Artifact. It's worth 5000 Souls!
  • Now that you're already down here in the cave, you may as well pick up a nearby enhancement as well. Swim over to the cave with the many Goremaws and traverse it to its far eastern end. Use the Abyssal Chain to cross to the visible Chest (I3 Ashlands Chest 24/25). You'll need to fight off several waves of enemies to get at it, but inside is the Strife's Offering enhancement.
    • Strife's Offering: When equipped, this enhancement greatly increases War's prowess with guns.
  • Now, head east across the level. To the north of the wood tower in the east, look for a strip of raised rock along the eastern border. The north side of this strip is accessible via a Geyser. Take this up and follow the strip south. Cross the chain grip points with the Abyssal Chain and then look for another grip point on the tower's top. Grapple over to the tower and you'll find a Chest (Arm8 Ashlands Chest 25/25) with an Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 8) inside.

Ashlands Access Tunnel[]

The Ashlands Entrance Map

  • For more loot, head to the Vulgrim location in the Ashlands. Head southwest and drop into the Ashlands Access Tunnel area. Enter the room with the Goremaws on the ceiling above a single stretch of rope. You need to cross this area to the west side, the easiest way is jumping towards the Demon Growth in the west side and then throwing the Abyssal Chain while in midair. From the western ledge, look up and to the right. You should be able to make out an Abyssal Chain grapple point high above. It is orange. Grapple this and then float into the secret tunnel above. You'll find a Chest (WS12 Ashlands Access Tunnel 4/4) here with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 12) inside.

Crossroads/ Library[]

The Crossroads Map

  • Warp to the Crossroads using Vulgrim and enter the Library to the north. In the main room, look for an Abyssal Chain grip point along the eastern wall. Use this to get to the other side. You'll find a Chest (WS13 Library 5/5) here with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 13) inside.

Choking Grounds[]

The Choking Grounds Map

  • Remember that office building in the northeast corner of the Choking Grounds? Return here and ascend to the top floor. You'll need to use your Abyssal Chain on the Demonic Growth in the north corner of the penultimate floor to reach the top area. Here you'll find a Chest (I1 Choking Grounds Chest 8/9) with a consumable item Rage (along with an Empty Vessel) inside.
  • In the crypt, the middle of the three stone coffins, to the southwest of the Vulgrim Location you'll be able to fight the skeleton Wicked K for 2,000 Souls. Contrary to popular belief, you may use Chaos Form during each Wicked K fight. He dies so quickly that it creates the illusion that he disappears, but it is honestly a waste of Chaos to use it on him, since it will only take a few Blade Geysers and some combos to deal with Wicked K.

Twilight Cathedral[]

Twilight Cathedral Exterior Map

  • Warp to the Twilight Cathedral and head north towards the great pool of lava on at the exterior of the Cathedral. A series of grapple points hang over this pit, so use your Abyssal Chain to cross them. On the far side is a Chest (S3 Twilight Cathedral 28/28) with 100 Souls inside.
  • In a cave nearby you'll be able to fight the skeleton Wicked K once again for another 2,000 Souls.

Anvil's Ford[]

Anvil's Ford Map

  • Travel to Anvil's Ford via the Serpent Hole. You will encounter several chain points; at the end lies a Wrath Shard.
  • In the far, far west of Anvil's Ford there's a Chest (WS14 Anvil's Ford 10/10) under a waterfall. Use the Abyssal Chain to swing over to it. You'll encounter the same skeletal menace along the way. Wicked K appears here as well, so earn your 2,000 Souls before grabbing the Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 14).

Drowned Pass[]

Drowned Pass Map

  • In the Drowned Pass, look directly across the way from the Vulgrim location. You can use the Abyssal Chain to cross to a Chest (LS13 Drowned Pass Chest 6/6) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 13/14) inside.
  • The only other thing of note in the Drowned Pass is a Wicked K appearance in the southeast. Travel through the sewer pipe to take on this strange skeleton once again for 2,000 Souls.

Scalding Gallow/Drowned Pass Access Tunnel[]

Scalding Gallow Map

  • Warp to the Scalding Gallow and take the western exit to the Drowned Pass Access Tunnel. Head down to the room with the large, rotating fan blades. In the south part of this room, look for a gap in the wall below where the fan blade spins. You can leap off a fan blade and float down into this area.
  • As you float downward, look up for a blue chain grip. You can grapple this with the Abyssal Chain to find a secret area with a Champion Artifact (Champ5 Champion Artifact 5). You'll have to return here again with the Voidwalker for more goodies.
  • You can finally approach Samael now in the Scalding Gallow and offer him the final Heart of the Chosen. He'll send you through a new portal.

The Black Throne[]

In this section, there are thirty four Chests, two Soldier Artifacts, and one Champion Artifact.

The Black Throne Map

The First Guardian I[]

  • 1. Approach the Angel of Death, Azrael, and he'll inform you that you must defeat three guardians to continue. There is an unlocked door to the east. Enter it.
  • 2. This room has a series of walls which you can raise and lower. Depending on their position you'll be able to walk through an opening to the north or south. The walls have a Crystal Blade on their "front" and "rear" that you can hit with a Crossblade to change the position. To get through this room, move the walls in the following order:
  • Go through the south opening of the first wall. Hit the Crystal Blade on the of the second wall. Backtrack to the front of the first wall and activate it, then go through the left door.
  • Run all the way to the far end of the room, past the third wall. Cross the chasm using the Abyssal Chain and grab the Chest containing 100 souls (S1 Black Throne 1/34). Hit the Crystal blade to

    Episode 41 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Black Throne Pt. 1

    The First Guardian

    lower the third wall. Run up the stairs on the north side.
  • Jump and float to the platform (between the second and third walls) to the far south. Hit the Crystal Blade on the third wall to raise it. This will open a new passage in the northeast corner -- you'll see this in a cutscene. Jump and float over to this corner and go through the new opening in the third wall. Enter the door on the upper level east side of the room.
  • 3. In the next area you'll be briefly stopped by an enemy. Take it out and then approach the puzzling bridge.
  • This bridge has four panels with a chain grip on each panel. You need to make each chain grip face downwards to activate the grips. Use the switches to turn the panels in pairs, and use the Crystal Blade to flip the first blade independently of the rest. All you need to do is get the furthest three facing down, then line up the closest one by hitting the Crystal Blade.
  • Once they are all facing down, the chain grips will glow allowing you to cross them.
  • 4. On the far side of the bridge, open the chests -- one Chest (H1 Black Throne 2/34) has health, while the other Chest (W1 Black Throne 3/34) contains Wrath. Enter the large door.
  • 5. On the other side of the door, you'll find another Chest (H2 Black Throne 4/34) with health and a Chest (S2 Black Throne 5/34) with 100 Souls inside.

The First Guardian II[]

  • 6. Head down the stairs into the large room. Here you'll be confronted by several waves of red enemies, culminating in the appearance of a Red Grappleclaw. Save your Chaos Form for the large monster, but try and take out as many peripheral enemies as you can while you attack it.
  • With the enemies cleared out the floor will give way, revealing a new tool that will allow you to travel between those odd stained-glass windows found throughout the game
    • The Voidwalker: An arcane relic that creates portals, allowing instant travel between two points. Create a charged portal to greatly increase War's exit velocity.
  • Look high up on the far east side of the room for a portal. Shoot this with the Voidwalker (click RIGHT STICK to aim) and then shoot a nearby portal that you can jump into. This will allow you to reach the high ledge at the eastern end of the room.
  • At the northern end of this hallway is another portal on the ground. Shoot the portal on the wall then shoot the portal on the ground with a CHARGED SHOT. This will increase the velocity it spits you out at. If you screw up, you can remove portals by pressing LEFT TRIGGER while charging the Void Walker.
  • 7. Before entering the wall portal, charge the Voidwalker by holding the RIGHT TRIGGER. With it charged, walk into the wall portal and you'll be shot vertically out of the ground portal. You'll find a Chest (S3 Black Throne 6/34) with 100 Souls here.
  • Now, float over to the upper area of the hallway. Stand on the pad with the sun on it -- a floor switch -- and look straight up. The nearby window slides up the wall when you stand on this switch. At the top of this shaft is a clump of Red Crystals which you need to destroy. Shoot this moving window to create a portal on it.
  • Now, run to the southwest end of the hall. Here you'll find the bomb you need to destroy the Red Crystals. Shoot the window near the bomb to create another portal. Now, hit the floor switch to raise the first portal panel to the Red Crystals.
  • Run to the bomb and pick it up, tossing it through the nearest portal so it warp right up to the Red Crystals. After it explodes and clears the path, hop in the portal after it to reach the high ledge.
  • 9. Take the Geysers up to the top area. Here the door will shut behind you. Open one nearby Chest (W2 Black Throne 7/34) for Wrath and the other Chest (H3 Black Throne 8/34) for some health.
  • Charge a shot with your Voidwalker and shoot the portal on the ground. Shoot the portal on the wall, and then jump into the wall portal. This will send you shooting up to the ledge above.

The First Guardian III[]

  • 10. The Guardian wields a massive ball and chain that has a great range -- and is quite deadly. Luckily, you are much faster than the hulking beast. Stay far away from it at all time and you'll be safe.
  • With its attempts to smash you, the Guardian will get its weapon stuck in the ground. This is your chance to act. Use the Voidwalker to shoot one of the five portals on the ground -- choose the one nearest to the hindered enemy. Make sure you charge this shot.
  • Shoot another portal at a safe distance and hop through. When shot out the other side, float onto the Guardian's back.
  • Once positioned on its back you'll see a button prompt. Activate this to stun the Guardian. Jump down and slash at its blue core.
  • Once the core turns red, dash away! Get as far away from the spinning ball and chain as you can to avoid it.
  • You need only to bring the monster down three times in this same manner to destroy it. An Instant Kill prompt should appear after the third attack to its core.
  • With the Guardian defeated, a beam of light will shoot out of the wall. This light beam must be directed all the way back to the chamber where you met the Angel of Death, Azrael.
  • This beam terminates on a portal spot. Shoot this spot with the Voidwalker and then hop down to the lower area. Shoot the portal on the wall to make an exit portal for the beam. The beam will then bust the wall blocking it, allowing you to travel into the adjacent hallway (#9). Close this portal now to prevent having to backtrack to where you fought the guardian.
  • 11. Travel down the hallway and shoot the window at the end with the Voidwalker. Your goal is to get the beam of light to hit the strange device opposite the window.
  • Upon shooting this, the beam will travel through the portal to the strange device where it will be stored until you move it to another level. Flip the switch under the beam storage device to take the elevator down. The beam will activate at the bottom. But before you continue working with the beam, you should take a few minutes to grab the game's most important Enhancement.

The First Guardian IV[]

  • Cross the room where you scored the Voidwalker and use the portals to reach the upper east side of the room. Climb through the next several floors using portals (you'll pass the hall with the Bomb Growth on the way). When you get to the room with the footswitch-activated bridge, look to the left. A portal window is barely visible on a high ledge to the west.
  • 12. Shoot this with the Voidwalker and then backtrack to another portal to get to the western ledge. Stand on the footswitch and cross the bridge to the Chest (I1 Black Throne 9/34) with the Fury's Embrace Enhancement inside.
    • Fury's Embrace: This legendary artifact dramatically boosts War's wrath generation, and reveals the location of all items on the current map.
  • Equip the Fury's Embrace on any weapon immediately -- with it equipped you'll never need a Hoardseeker again! All the game's chests are revealed on your maps -- and the Artifacts, to boot!
  • 13. Head back to the room where you found the Voidwalker . The beam should be hitting a window on the overhang above the room. Shoot both this window and the window next to it to direct the beam at the room's locked door.
  • Charge a shot and shoot the portal window that's aimed at the ledge with the now-open door. Shoot one of the portal windows on ground and hop through, then glide to the door to leave the room.
  • 14. You'll face a sizeable pack of enemies in the next area. Use your Scythe to knock the Wraith Soldiers and the Forsaken out of the air. Keep them stunned and on the ground and they won't be able to damage you.
  • Turn the Grappleclaw against the enemies or use Chaos Form to dispose of it. When the barriers are lifted, shoot the portal window the beam is hitting.
  • Swing across the bridge using the Abyssal Chain and, on the other side, shoot the portal window to bring the beam across the chasm. This will open the door leading into the next room.
  • 15. In this room, ignore the beam for the time being. Cross to the far west side and bring the wall here down to the lower position. This will bring a portal window into view above. Another portal window is on a wall to the north. Use these portals to reach the Chest (Map Black Throne 10/34) with the Map in it. You should be able to see this chest on your map thanks to Fury's Embrace!
  • Now you'll need to manipulate the walls in the room to get the beam to the west side. Stand under the beam of light and shoot the window its hitting with the Voidwalkers. Now, shoot the window below the beam so the beam shoots due west.
  • Line up all three walls to allow the beam of light to pass through them -- you can see the hole on each wall that allows the light to pass near the ground. When the light reaches the far side of the room, the door will be unlocked.
  • After a cutscene you'll be able to reach a new level of the dungeon.
  • Now before moving on any further, it is time to get the last legendary enchantment in the game. From this room get back the way from where you came to this place from the Scalding gallow, past the footbridge activated room. there you will find the portal to Scalding Gallow.

Scalding Gallow/Dry Road Access Tunnel[]

Scalding Gallow Map

  • Head back to the Scalding Gallow once again and take the northern route to reach the Dry Road Access Tunnel. In the control room (#12), activate the Chronosphere and flip the switch to raise the giant gate. Run under the gate while time is slowed.
  • On the other side, equip the Voidwalker and shoot the portal window on the gate's rear side. Throw the switch and head back to the control room.
  • In the control room, shoot the portal window. Flip the switch and, when the gate raises, hop through the portal to get to a tricky Chest (I2 Dry Road Access Tunnel 4/4). Inside is the Death's Blessing Enhancement.
    • Death's Blessing: Pulsing with strange dark energy, this unholy sigil bears the mark of War's brother, Death.
  • Equip your Scythe with this enhancement to convert damage you inflict on enemies to health, increase Soul gathering and damage!
  • Now get back to Scalding Gallow to Samael's prison and take the portal back to the black throne and get back to the angel.

Scalding Gallow / Twilight Cathedral Access Tunnel[]

  • At the entrance to Samael's prison, jump across the gap that leads towards Twilight Cathedral.
  • In the lava tunnels, you will encounter an alcove containing a Chest and a portal window. There will be another portal window above you. Shoot the portal window in the alcove and continue on.
  • After traversing some Demonic Growth, you will encounter another portal window. Shoot a second portal here and hop through to obtain:
    • Possession: Refill War's Chaos meter.
    • Life Essence: Restore some of War's health. (Warmastered Edition)
  • You may return through the portal window located in the ceiling, which you initially ignored.

The Second Guardian I[]

  • 16. You now need to use the Voidwalker to get to the large, rotating cylinder in the middle of the room. Shoot the portal window on the wall to climb up to the lower platforms in the north. Charge a shot and shoot the ground portal and then use it to reach the high ledge. From here you can jump to the cylinder.
  • Climb the rotating steps to the very top and jump towards the door on the east side of the very top level.
  • Hit the switch to take the elevator on the other side to the top of the shaft. In the next room, hop on the path that forms over the deep chasm and take it to the western platform.
  • 17. From here, equip the Crossblade and Mercy and clear out all the Wingrocks in the room. Kill every last one of them before proceeding -- trust us! Shoot the two portal windows you can see -- one on the middle column and one on the northern platform. When the path forms to the north of your platform, hop on.
  • Follow the path around in a clockwise circle (you'll need to jump and glide over a large gap in the forming path). It will take you to the portal you just created on the middle column.

    Episode 42 - Darksiders 100%Walkthrough The Black Throne Pt. 2

    The Second Guardian

  • Once safely on the northern platform look for a distant window portal to the west. Charge a shot and shoot it and then use the nearby portal to reach the Chest (WS15 Black Throne 11/34) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 15) inside. Hit the switch and use the forming path and portal windows to return to the north platform. Enter the door here.
  • 18. You'll find yourself in an outside region much like the one with the chain grips before. This time you'll need to use some creative portals to cross the pit.
  • Shoot the portal window on the spinning rock as it nears you with your Voidwalker. Shoot the window on the ground nearby as well.
  • When the rock spins away, it will face another rock with a window on it. Shoot this window by shooting THROUGH the portal on the nearby wall -- you should be able to see it as the rocks meet face-to-face.
  • Wait for the far rock to spin away to the opposite side of the gap and hop through your nearest portal to reach the far side -- where you'll be ambushed by enemies.
  • 19. Use Chaos Form to tear through the enemies. Check out the Chest (W3 Black Throne 12/34) on the west side for some Wrath and another Chest (H4 Black Throne 13/34) on the east side holds health. Nearby this is yet another Chest (H5 Black Throne 14/34) with more health -- so stock up!

The Second Guardian II[]

  • 20. Enter the door to the north. Head down the stairs and open the Chest (K1 Black Throne 15/34) to score the Beholder's Key. At this point the ground will begin to crumble beneath your feet as enemies appear. Tread lightly as you cut into the enemies, avoiding the plummeting pieces. With some creative Power Strikes and Harpoon Tackels you can throw enemies down into the abyss, instantly killing them. Head up to the upper level when the blocks appear.
  • 21. In this rather obnoxious room there are three platforms that, when weighed down by the two blocks also located in the room, can be lowered. To move blocks onto them, you need to shoot the portal windows on the rooftops of the platforms, then push blocks into similar portal windows on the ground.
  • Suggested solution - Shoot the roof of the lowest platform nearest the stairs, then push a block through a wall portal to lower the platform further. Go stand on the square column at the end of the stair and shoot the roof of the highest platform. Create a portal under the block on the platform right in front of you and immediately jump on its roof. You can now create a wall portal and a portal underneath the block weighing down the other platform (formerly the highest) and jump onto its roof as it rises to the very top.
  • Your first goal should be to get the blocks onto the two lowest platforms. Create portals on the platforms and push the blocks through the portals on the ground. (There are multiple solutions for this puzzle; a shorter and easier solution is to get the blocks onto the 2nd and highest platforms first, by doing this you can skip the next step in this guide)
  • Jump onto the second-highest platform and then aim a shot at the roof of the very highest portal. Now, this part's a bit tricky, but you can skip a lot of this puzzle if you pull this off correctly: While standing on the second platform, shoot the ground directly below you to warp onto the highest platform.
  • The block next to you should follow -- or it may not (this is a bit glitchy). If it doesn't, shoot the ground below the block on the platform you just left and a portal on the wall below to raise the second-highest platform. Quickly jump down onto the ROOF of it as it rises.
  • From the roof of this platform, shoot the roof of the highest platform and the ground below the block on the lowest platform. When the high platform comes down below your height, you'll need to jump on its roof.
  • To do this, shoot a portal window near the ground and then below the block on the highest platform. This will cause it to rise. Quickly jump on it to reach the upper level.
  • Collect the health in the Chest (H6 Black Throne 16/34) by the locked door and the Wrath in the other Chest (W4 Black Throne 17/34). Unlock the door and enter the adjacent hallway.
  • 22. When you come to the portal window on the floor, turn around and look up (backtrack a few steps to the small staircase). You should be able to spot a well-hidden portal window high above a gap in the roof of the hallway. Shoot this window and the window on the ground to find a Chest (LS12 Black Throne 18/34) at the other end with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 12/14) inside.
  • Seek out blue crystals and smash them to reveal yet another Chest (Hoard Black Throne 19/34) with the Hoardseeker inside -- which is of no use to you!
  • Shoot the portal window on the ground and then shoot the portal window above the Geyser at the end of the hall. Ride the transported Geyser up the tall shaft. Glide across the gap at the top to score a Chest (S4 Black Throne 20/34) with 100 Souls inside.

The Second Guardian III[]

  • 23. This Guardian battle is almost identical to the last, but the window portals on the ground are sealed. To break these open you'll need to enlist the help of the Guardian itself. After executing its spinning attack, the Guardian will perform and overhead smash.
  • Stand on a window and wait for it to wind up this attack. As it swings downward, dash out of the way at the very last second. The window's covering will be destroyed.
  • You only need to do this once, as you can fit both portals onto one window. After that it is the same as last time, wait until he's stuck and hop onto his back. Do this three times and the instant kill prompt will appear.
  • With the second Guardian dismantled, a new beam of light will shine. Shoot the portal window the beam is hitting and then take the elevator down.
  • 24. Shoot the portal at the bottom of the elevator. You'll now need to reposition several mirrors in the room to carry the light to the device at the far end of the room. First, grab the Chest (H7 Black Throne 21/34) for some health
  • Now, take out your Crossblade and examine the Crystal Blade switches on the wall. Target each one and hit them all with one toss of the Crossblade. This will bring the mirrors into place and allow the beam to reach the far side.
  • 25. Hop down the long shaft to the dreaded weighted platform room. The solution to this next puzzle is fairly simple. Weigh down ONLY the highest platform with a block.
  • Run around the rim of the bottom level and shoot the window where the beam terminates high above -- don't worry, you can hit it from all the way down here. Now, shoot the portal window along the wall at the bottom in the northeast. The beam will then bounce off the mirrors below two of the platforms and unseal the door to the south.

The Second Guardian IV[]

  • 26. Once outside, shoot the portal window on the nearest rotating block, then the nearby portal window. Watch the nearby portal window until you see the window on the distant block come into view. Shoot it through the portal. Now, go back and shoot the nearest block again, allowing the beam to travel through both blocks to the far side.
  • Repeat these steps and hop through to the other side and enter the door.
  • 27. In the room with no floor, several mirrors will now appear along with chain hooks on the ceiling. Use the latter to cross to the middle column and open the Chest (S5 Black Throne 22/34) for 250 Souls.
  • Now, shoot the new window portal on the north wall. Look for another portal in the far south that should eventually redirect the beam to the final elevator/storage device.
  • Grapple to the south with the Abyssal Chain and shoot this window portal. Now, take the bridge to the western platform. Use your Crossblade to hit the three Crystal Blades hanging above the abyss to raise the mirrors beneath them and redirect the beam.
  • 28. Take the elevator down into the main chamber. You may notice the central cylinder has extended even higher. You may also notice some Red Crystals passing in front of the beam high above
  • There is a platform below with a Bomb Growth (to the southwest). Float down to this. You need to toss one of these bombs up at the Red Crystals to destroy them.
  • Doing so will reveal a portal window. Shoot this with the Voidwalker, then shoot the portal on the inside of the spinning cylinder to bring the beam to the center of the room. You can now set off to find the third, and final, Guardian.

The Third Guardian I[]

  • 29. After the long cutscene, a new section of spinning cylinder will appear in the main hall above Azrael. Your goal is a door high up on the south side of this room. To get there you'll need to use several pairs of portals.
  • Climb the spinning cylinder and look for the new window portal on the ground along the south wall. Shoot charged shots at the portals on the ground so they fire you swiftly upward. You can use these to reach the high door that leads into another wing of this endless dungeon.
  • 30. In the first room you come to, open the Chest (S6 Black Throne 23/34) for 100 Souls. A bigger prize sits on a ledge in this same room. Shoot the portal on the ceiling (do NOT charge this shot) with the Voidwalker and then use the wall portal to warp up to it. Float down onto the southern platform to score a Soldier Artifact (Art19 Soldier Artifact 19).

    Episode 43 - Darksiders 100%Walkthrough The Black Throne Pt. 3

    The Third Guardian

  • To the west is a pair of threatening spikes moving up and down. Shoot the window on the far spike and then shoot the window on the eastern wall. Approach the eastern window and examine the portal.
  • You should see a portal come into view briefly as the spikes move up and down. Charge a shot and shoot it through the wall portal so it hits the portal that appears.
  • Now, wait for solid ground to appear in the portal and step in to warp across the spikes. Run down the long spiral staircase to the very bottom.
  • 31. At the bottom of the spiral staircase is a clump of Red Crystal. Shoot the nearby window portal on the wall. To the north is a chasm with a spinning block floating above it. Charge a shot and shoot the window on the spinning block with the Voidwalker.
  • Now, wait by the first portal until the spinning block portal faces north -- you should be able to make out a Bomb Growth in the distance. Hop through and float down to get to the northern ledge.
  • A Bomb Growth is on a column ahead, but first grab the Wrath in the nearby Chest (W5 Black Throne 24/34). You can snag a bomb by using the Abyssal Chain. Note: You can open a door here back to the main chamber for easy access if you wish.
  • First, create a portal on the nearby window. Snag a bomb and wait by the portal. When you see the Red Crystals appear, toss the bomb through the portal to destroy them. You can now use the portal to access a Chest (Arm9 Black Throne 25/34) with an Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 9) inside!

The Third Guardian II[]

  • Now, use the portal window on the wall and the spinning cube portal to return to the area with the bomb. Clear your portals, then shoot the block again (charge this shot) and shoot the wall near the bomb.
  • Hop into the wall portal and cross to the spiral staircase -- you'll need to float by hitting JUMP after you emerge (this is a bit wonky). Shoot the wall by the Red Crystal and you'll have a path between the bomb and the Red Crystal.
  • Go through the portal, grab a bomb and toss it through the portal to destroy the crystal. This will cause a tall column to rise in the middle of the spiral staircase area.
  • Climb the stairs, charge the Voidwalker and shoot the window portal on the top of the column. Shoot the nearby wall portal and step in to shoot up to the high Chest (K2 Black Throne 26/34) with the Beholder's Key inside.
  • Backtrack to the central chamber by using the portals on the rising and falling spikes.
  • 32. Once in the central chamber, climb the spinning cylinder to the very top. Use the Beholder's Key to open the locked door on the north side of the tall chamber.
  • 33. Take the elevator up and try to build your Chaos reserves up on the way. At the top, a large chamber features many enemies and two chests, one Chest (W6 Black Throne 27/34) has Wrath inside and the other Chest (H8 Black Throne 28/34) has health. Activate Chaos Form and cut through the enemies quickly -- if you keep attacking the final Shield Lord you'll be able to maintain Chaos Form for a bit longer than usual. The large hall has passages branching off in all directions. Head west first.
  • 34. You'll come upon a familiar bridge area -- this is identical to the last except for some annoying Red Crystals. The procedure to cross the abyss is nearly identical, however. Shoot the window portal on the nearest spinning cube first, then shoot the window portal on the wall.
  • Watch for the window to line up in the wall portal as the two spinning cubes meet. Shoot it. Use the Abyssal chain to grab a bomb from the nearby Bomb Growth.

The Third Guardian III[]

  • Now, look for the Red Crystals to appear in the portal. Toss the bomb through at them to destroy them. You can now hop through the portal to reach the far west side of the area.
  • 35. You'll be ambushed by enemies here -- a seemingly endless supply of ultra-powerful enemies including three Shield Lords makes conserving Chaos Form essential here. Luckily you can also use Wrath with abandon since it can be refilled by a nearby Chest (W7 Black Throne 29/34). Use Blade Geyser to cancel the Shield Lord attacks. Another Chest (H9 Black Throne 30/34) in the area has health which you'll most likely need.
  • 36. Head through the door when the final Shield Lord is dispatched. Turn the crank (once) and hop down below to grab the Chest (S7 Black Throne 31/34) with 100 Souls in it.
  • Now, explore the west side of the room. Shoot the portal on the wall in the southwest wing.
  • In the northwest wing, dive into the water to score the final Soldier Artifact (Art20 Soldier Artifact 20). Surface again and shoot the portal in the northwest passage.
  • Use the Crossblade to hit the nearby switch and the portal will lower into the pool of water, draining it into the southwest passage.
  • Swim across to the far switch in the southwest passage and activate it. Now return to the entrance and activate the switch here once again.
  • This will point a window portal on the central column due west. You can use this to cross to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the final Guardian.

The Third Guardian[]

  • 37. This Guardian is arguably easier than the last. The window portals are now on the walls which means you'll have to lure the colossus over to them before attempting to mount it.
  • Charge a shot and shoot the high window, then use one of the lower ones to warp high above the arena and float down onto the Guardian's back. Bring it down three times to eliminate it.
  • This will activate the final beam of light. Use the portals near the elevator to charge the beam-storage device down the hallway and take the elevator down.
  • In the room with the spinning column, look for a Crystal Blade switch under the mirror reflecting the beam. Hit this and you'll be able to direct the beam outside to the bridge area.

The Third Guardian IV[]

  • 38. On the bridge you'll need to once again shoot the nearest spinning cube, then the wall and then shoot the far portal when it shows up in the wall portal. You've done this several times before -- it should be second nature by now!
  • 39. Cross the gap using the same technique and enter the door. This room now features a geyser and a floating block with two portal windows on its sides. You should also note the two Crystal Blade switches on the northern wall and the Crystal Blade on the floating block.
  • You need to hit these all nearly simultaneously, so you'll need the help of the Chronosphere in a small passage to the east. Before doing anything, create portals on the two windows on the floating block.
  • Run over to the Chronosphere and activate it. Dash back to the floating block and hit the Crystal Blade on it first. Target both Crystal Blades on the wall next (you've got to be fast!) and, when the Chronosphere winds down, the beam should be redirected into the central chamber.
  • But your work in this room is not quite done! Use the Geyser to float to the ledge just beyond it. Run up the stairs on the side of the room towards the Chest (H10 Black Throne 32/34) with health inside.
  • Use the ground portal nearby to warp up to a higher level and grab the Chest (S8Black Throne 33/34) in the west for 500 Souls.
  • Examine the floating block in the middle of the level from this vantage point. Charge the Voidwalker and shoot the visible window on the top of the floating block.
  • Backtrack to the portal windows you just used, shoot one of them and hop in to be ejected out of the portal atop the floating block. You'll fly right into a Champion Artifact (Champ6 Champion Artifact 6) high above the center of the room. Hit the two Crystal Blade switches in the north and head through the open gate to the elevator. Take it back down to the main chamber.
  • 40. Wait on the ledge at the top of the main gallery. Shoot the highest window portal on the spinning cylinder and then jump to the ground by Azrael. Shoot the window portal on the inside of the cylinder at the bottom. The beam will break the final bond and a path below Azrael will be revealed.

Boss Fight: Straga[]

  • 41. Head down the stairs to find the final Chest (H11 Black Throne 34/34) to gain some health before the upcoming battle.
  • 42. Your second battle with the massive Straga is unlike the first -- there's no cars to toss this time! Instead, you'll have to find your way to Straga's weakpoint, which is on his back.
  • To do this, you'll need to employ the Voidwalker. Examine Straga's club and you'll see a portal window on it. Two more windows are on the floor of the battle area. While Straga pauses between attacks, shoot his club with the Voidwalker (no need to charge).
  • You can't dodge his attack easily, but dashing at the last moment can occasionally get you to safety.
  • After he stops, shoot the second portal at the nearst point at the floor. Wait for him to bring his club (with your first opened portal) behind his neck and quickly step into the floor portal. If you made it right, you will automatically jump out at his back near his weak point - press INSTANT KILL button to bring him pain. First though, you have time to attack with the sword to build chaos.
  • He will fall with his face on the ground. Hit Straga's face with sword attacks until he straightens. He'll now summon a poor backup. Use Wrath attacks and Chaos Form to tear through the angels so you can get another clear shot at the portal window on his arm.
  • Fell Straga three times to finish him off for good. You'll be awarded a Lifestone and then transported to an idyllic new area.

Chapter 6[]


Episode 44 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough Straga and Eden

Straga and Eden


Eden Map

In this area there are seven Chests to collect.

  • 1. Head north and open the two chests. Once Chest (Eden 1/7) contains health, while the other Chest (Eden 2/7) contains Wrath. You'll need plenty of both for the next battle.
  • 2. Enter the arena ahead and Azrael will give you the Mask of Shadows.
    • Mask of Shadows: This artifact bestows War with the shadow sight, revealing what is hidden.
  • Activate the Mask of Shadows immediately to confront Shadow War.

Shadow War[]

  • Shadow War has many of the same tricks as War up his sleeve -- although he's not quite as powerful. Your goal here is twofold: deal damage using the Blade Geyser and Stoneskin Wrath attacks and also build up your Chaos meter.
  • Scythe attacks seem to be best for stunning Shadow War. They can often break his combo attacks. However, using the Scythe precludes you from gaining Chaos so be sure to use your sword periodically.
  • Eventually Shadow War will activate Chaos Form. At this point you'll just have to attack and dash away until you can activate Chaos Form yourself. The fight is essentially over once you do -- just slash away and the demon will be dispatched in due time.
  • 3. Run due south and activate the Shadow Mask to reveal a Chest (S1 Eden 3/7) with 250 souls within.
  • 4. There's more loot to be had in the north. Activate the Shadow Mask and cross the bridge that appears north of Azrael. Hang a right and search the nearby island for the Chest (S2 Eden 4/7) marked on your map to score 250 Souls.
  • Further to the east is another Chest (S3 Eden 5/7) with 250 Souls. Nearby this chest is a waterfall. Follow a hidden path behind it for yet another Chest (Arm10 Eden 6/7) with the final Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 10)! This will grant you the Abyssal Armor!
    • Abyssal Armor: This legendary, precision crafted armor allows War to sustain much more damage.
  • Now, head up the stairs towards the Tree of Knowledge. Stop on the landing halfway up and jump off the edge to the left. You can see a bit of map here. Head north on the ground and you'll find a Chest (WS16 Eden 7/7) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 16) inside!
  • Now, approach the tree of Knowledge. After the lengthy cutscene, grab the Sword of Armageddon. Head back to Azrael.
  • Talk to him and then follow him through the Serpent Tunnel. On the other side you'll be returned to the Ashlands. Equip the Mask of Shadows and Grab the first Armageddon Blade Shard just ahead. Six more to go!

The Armageddon Blade I[]

  • The location of each Armageddon Blade Shard is now shown on your World Map and the relevant Area Maps
    • Tip: You may need Fury's Embrace to reveal these locations, which you should have picked up in the Black Throne.

Leviathan's Drift[]


Episode 45 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Armageddon Blade

All Armageddon Blade Shards

  • There is a lone Chest (S10 Leviathan's Drift 1/1) out in the middle of Leviathan's Drift with 250 Souls inside if you did not already pick it up during the Stygian fight. Ride Ruin all the way to the south to the Vulgrim location spend your Souls on upgrades. We highly recommend upgrading the Blade Geyser attack to its full power. After that, take the Serpent Hole to the southern Ashlands location.


The Ashlands Leviathan's Drift Map

  • Ride west across the main ash field toward the shard marked on your map. Look at the southern edge of the plateau the shard resides on. You should see hand grips here. You can ride Ruin near this and double-jump onto the hand grips to acces this raised area.
  • Head downhill into the cave and switch on your Mask of Shadows. This should reveal a clump of Bomb Growth on the wall to the left of the Red Crystal.
  • Use your Abyssal Chain to snag a bomb and toss it onto the Red Crystal. Use your Crossblade and a nearby torch to light the inert bomb and clear the crystal.
  • Follow the path up and around to the Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 2/7). Note you will need to use the mask to find a red grapple point to cross the gap. Now, ride back to Vulgrim and warp to the Dry Road.

Dry Road (Serpent Hole)[]

  • In the Serpent Hole, examine your map. A Chest (Serpent Hole 1/3) sits nearby with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 17) inside!

The Dry Road Map

  • On the other side of the Serpent Hole, float across to the Demonic Growth and head towards the Shard marked on your map. An angry angel will block your path.

A Duel with Uriel[]

  • A fully-upgraded Blade Geyser attack is a great asset in this battle. It can interrupt Uriel's biggest attacks as soon as she winds up, making you temporarily invincible while the animation commences. The fully upgraded Blade Geyser actually takes twice as long to execute and that gives you a pretty significant advantage. Otherwise, you can counter her attacks but this takes some careful timing.
  • All of her attacks can be avoided by dashing away when you see her prepare to attack. One attack sends beams of light raining down all over the level. Continue to dash in perpendicular directions across the level to avoid these.
  • You should start seeing prompts over Uriel's head after working her over for a bit. Be sure to catch these to deal extra damage.
  • Once you build up some Chaos you should be able to use Chaos Form to finish the battle. Uriel has a huge amount of health, so if you need to bring some healing items into this battle for yourself to survive, just stop by a Vulgrim location to stock up.
  • After Uriel is dealt with you can collect the Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 3/7) nearby. Return to Vulgrim and warp to the Drowned Pass.

The Armageddon Blade II[]

Drowned Pass[]

Drowned Pass Map

  • Note: There may be a chest marked on your map in the northern building under the Arageddon Sword Shard, but this is a glitch.
  • The Shard you seek is on top of the building in the middle of the area. To reach this building you need to don the Mask of Shadows. This reveal a grapple point which you can reach by climbing the stairs as high as you can on the southern building. Grapple up to the rooftops and cross to the Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 4/7). Head back to Vulgrim and warp to the Broken Stair.

The Broken Stair[]

The Broken Stair Map

  • The broken Stair is overrun with Angel Soldiers. Use Chaos Form to take out large clumps of them on your way to the far east side of the map. Ascend the building above the Vulgrim location and use the Geyser just outside the upper window to reach the highway. Follow the highway all the way to the building in the east. Climb to the roof for the Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 5/7).
  • Your gauntlet loves pidgeon pounding and there are 13 in the area to demolish. After you finish the ones on the bridge jump to the ground between the fork in the road for the last 3. Save and reload. You will start at the top again. With Combat Lore it took me less than 3 full trips to gain an entire level.
  • Head back to Vulgrim when you have the shard and head to the Twilight Cathedral.

Twilight Cathedral (Serpent Hole)[]

  • In the Serpent Hole to the Twilight Cathedral, activate the Mask of Shadows and head down the forming path. You'll soon come to a yellow Geyser you can use to access a secret area of the Serpent Hole. Follow this long path to another Geyser and use that to float to the Chest (Serpent Hole 3/3) with a Lifestone Shard (Lifestone Shard 14/14) inside. Exit the Serpent Hole and then warp to the Choking Grounds.

Choking Grounds[]

The Choking Grounds Map

  • Now head to the tall building in the northeast corner that you've probably looted several times (you've certainly been back here for the Treasure Roundup portions of our guide if you've been following it closely). Climb to the very top floor and activate the Mask of Shadows.
  • You'll see a yellow Geyser appear. Hop into it and float up to the rooftop to find the Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 6/7). Now, return to Vulgrim and warp to the Crossroads.

The Armageddon Blade III[]

The Crossroads[]

The Crossroads Map

  • You can see the Shard marked on the map just to the southwest of Vulgrim. To get here, switch on your Mask of Shadows and examine the streets. You should see a series of Geysers appear. There's also a chain hook up high between the two building facades you must ascend so keep the Abyssal Chain equipped.
  • Grab the final Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 7/7) at the top of the southwestern building. You'll now need to return to Ulthane, but there are a few more loose ends to tie up before doing this. Warp to the Scalding Gallow.

Scalding Gallow/Drowned Pass Access Tunnel[]

Scalding Gallow Map

  • First, head out the western exit of the Scalding Gallow. In the Drowned Pass Access tunnel, look for a portal window above the chest marked on your map. You can charge a shot, double-jump and shoot this portal, but it's a bit tricky.
  • Now, head into the room with the giant fan blades. Float off the blades to the southeast and activate the Abyssal Chain while you fall to snag the hook. Take the geyser up and shoot the window portal on the ceiling to make a path to the chest.
  • Use the Geyser to blast up through the ceiling portal to the Chest (WS19 Drowned Pass Access tunnel 2/2) on the other side to score a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 19).

Scalding Gallow/Choking Grounds Access Tunnel[]

  • Return to the Scalding Gallow and take the eastern exit to the Choking Grounds Access Tunnel. Look to your right as you enter the tunnel and you should spot a portal window. Shoot it across the pool of lava.
  • Take the Demonic Growth up and over to the window on the other side of the area. Shoot the window with the Voidwalker and enter it to score a consumable item Rage (along with an Empty Vessel) (I1).

When you are ready, warp to Anvil's Ford.

Anvil's Ford[]

  • In the Serpent hole to Anvil's Ford, look for some chain hook points floating in the ether. If you pause the game and examine the map screen, you can see a floating island to the north (scroll up). Use the Abyssal Chain to grapple over to the Chest (Serpent Hole 2/3) for a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 18).

Anvil's Ford Map

  • Follow the yellow waypoint north to find Ulthane.
    • Armageddon Blade: Re-forged by Ulthane, the Armageddon Blade is the only weapon powerful enough to slay the Destroyer.

The Final Battle[]

  • The final battle lies ahead. Finish up all your collections and unfinished business before warping to Leviathan's Drift.

Leviathan's Drift[]

The Ashlands Leviathan's Drift Map

  • Warp to Leviathan's Drift and ride due north across the ash field. Use the Mask of Shadows to reveal a Geyser at the far north end. Cross the bridge to consort with Azrael and meet the Destroyer.

The Destroyer[]

  • This fight can only be won with the help of Ruin. Summon your steed and lock-on to the Destroyer. You'll want to stay locked-on for the entire fight since this makes it much easier to deal blows and dodge attacks.
  • The destroyer will run around the arena periodically lining up direct charges at you. When it does this, face it head-on, like a medieval joust. As you approach it, swing your sword a tiny bit earlier than feels necessary and you should land a direct hit on the dragon. The glowing hand will show you which side you do NOT go. Alternatively, you can just chase him down, using Ruin's charge to get to him and taking shortcuts every time he turns. This way, he also won't attack you as frequently. (The point of this actually is to hit its back legs, if you manage to hit its back legs in any situation it'll crumple to the ground regardless. Just follow it around, avoid the attacks and hit its back legs when you are close enough behind it. This is much easier and faster than trying to time the swings while charging head on.)
  • If you miss, War will be temporarily stunned. No matter, just line up another attack run. When you do hit the beast, it will crumple to the ground stunned. At this point you can circle it, slashing away at its body.
  • Repeat this for the entire fight. The only major change in the battle comes when the dragon begins to swoop high into the air after your attacks. It will then slam the ground. You need to dash to avoid the attack, which is easier than it sounds.

    Episode 46 - Darksiders 100% Walkthrough The Destroyer

    The Destroyer and Abaddon

  • These attacks only become frequent when the monster is heavily damaged. The battle will end soon after this when a prompt appears above the Destroyer's Head. Ride toward the Destroyer and activate the prompt. You'll also get a prompt in the air to mash the ATTACK button, so watch out for that.


  • The Destroyer may be vanquished, but the puppet-master himself is quite alive. Abaddon's impressive sword techniques are tough to counter, but counter attacking is one of the best ways to inflict damage.
  • One effective strategy is to wait until he attacks and attempt to counter or dash behind him so you can get in a slash without him blocking it. This battle can be hectic but it's not too complex. Use Stoneskin and enhancements to bolster your attacks and defense and just keep hacking away.
  • Eventually Abaddon will take to the skies, tossing pieces of rubble down at you. Just dash out of the way when he does this.
  • You'll also occasionally get locked into a struggle with him, prompting you to mash the ATTACK button quickly. Win these rounds to deal the most damage. These end up being the key to victory. After two or three he'll give up the ghost. With Abaddon abated and the Destroyer destroyed, the war is finally over... or is it just beginning? Congratulations on beating Darksiders!

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