Darksiders III is the third installment in the Darksiders series. It was announced on May 3, 2017 by THQ Nordic and was developed by Gunfire Games. It was finally released on November 27, 2018. It is the parallel sequel to Darksiders II. It features Fury in a quest on the ruined Earth to hunt and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. During the game she encounters Ulthane.

THQ Nordic have confirmed that Darksiders III will receive two pieces of post-launch DLC titled "The Crucible" and "Keepers of the Void."[1]


Darksiders III is an action role-playing hack and slash game. Players take control of Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, from a third-person perspective. Fury, a mage who is described as the most unpredictable and enigmatic of the Four Horsemen, relies on whips and magic in combat.

Some enemies from previous games will return, while other foes will be new. Gated combat will not be a feature. The idea is to make everything within the setting contextualized and interconnected.

The game runs on the Unreal engine.[2]

The game's difficulty is scaled. Every time Fury defeats one of the Sins, all enemies in the game are buffed to match her level.[2]

Darksiders III features a levelling system and a crafting system. Similar to War, yet dissimilar to Death, Fury collects souls from enemies and from objects in the environment, as a form of currency or an expendable resource. According to the developer, the threats of the game's world will grow stronger as the player progresses through the story, matching Fury's power every time a Deadly Sin is defeated.

Game style

Darksiders 3 is often considered by many to be (as of this game thus far) one of the hardest games in the Darksiders series, and for the fallowing reasons, the first of which being the combat, which is far slower compare to the preveios two entrys in the series, leaveing Fury open to some attacks, another reason is that after a recent patch, there is no invincibility frams when doudgeing, so the player has to doudge at the right timeing, otherwise they will get hit. checkpoints are also comparatively rare throughout the game, forcing the player to play for longer stretches between points, this is espasitly a problem when an enemie or a boss defeats Fury or vise vursa, as she will restart from a very distant point in the game, forcing her to redo many things that couldn't be recorded prior to that level. Also many enemies, espasitly bosses are capable of taking out Fury in only a few hits.


Darksiders III takes place parallel to the events of the previous games in what is described as a dilapidated, war-torn planet Earth. It follows the protagonist Fury, Rider of the Black Horse, sister Horseman of the Apocalypse, and one of the last of the Nephilim, in her quest to hunt down and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins, as ordered by the Charred Council.[3][4]

Fury encounters the Lord of the Hollows , a powerful entity within the Hollows that helps Fury in her quest to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins. Wielding power enabling both weary Angels and Demons to complete release from the cycle of life, death and rebirth of the Well of Souls, the Hollow Lord aids Fury but his own goals remain unknown. The Hollow Lord attempts to inform Fury that she is being manipulated by the Charred Council for their machinations, going so far as to call her ignorant and blind to their plans and lies. Though Fury denies it, the Lord of the Hollows nonetheless aids her by giving her the powers of elemental hollows (to enhance her combat abilities) and instructs her to hunt down the demon Abraxis and return his soul to him.

As Fury takes one sin after another, the Lord of Hollows continues to endow her with new hollows to aid in her mission. When she makes it to Abraxis' stronghold, Fury wants to know why the Lord of Hollows wants Abraxis dead. Abraxis tells Fury that a new dark lord is coming and he's only known as The Destroyer. The demon explains that the Lord of Hollows intend to hollow the mortal realm to install a new order. Since this is a choice in the story, if you choose to believe in Abraxis, the demon will thank you and welcome to his master's home anytime. Once you make it back to the Lord of Hollows, you'll still have the choice to face him in combat or choose to believe him. If you follow through for Abraxis, the Lord of Hollows will simply be killed. However, if you agree to believe the Lord of Hollows, he'll end his own life, but leave a mysterious sigil stone for you in the future. If you choose to face Abraxis, you'll kill him and take his soul as the prize.

Ultimately, Pride will be the last two remaining sins left to face. After Fury defeats Pride, the Watcher that has been trailing Fury the whole time reveals herself to be the final sin, Envy. Tricking Fury to help her absorb the rest of the sins, Envy took the talisman and wield all the powers of the seven sins with her. Envy defeated Fury and absorbed her energy to weaken her in combat. Ultimately, Envy intends to face the Charred Council with her enhanced powers and Fury takes a steep fall. Fury survives her fall and with the help of the Makers, help her get to the Charred Council to face Envy. With new resolve, Fury defeated Envy, but the Charred Council no longer values Fury and wants to kill her. If you have the mysterious sigil stone, Fury will use it to block the Charred Coucil's attack and fear its power. Although she doesn't know the identity of the stone, she realizes the council fears it and know it's a tool of great power. Ultimately, Fury resists and threw the talisman that held the sins and beaten the Charred Council before escaping back to Earth.

Fury returned to Earth, where the makers are guarding the humans. She now realizes this war was motivated by the celestial's fear of humanity. With hell's forces heading towards their location, the Makers created an exit portal to save the remains of humanity. Fury vowed to protect the remains of humanity and prepares to depart. As she watches the fight, she realizes the human helping the Makers fend off the hellions is actually Strife. The remains of humanity are now safe and hidden away in another realm. Elsewhere, the Destroyer knows what Fury has done, but still intends to carry out his plans of destruction.[5]


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