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Darksiders III: Keepers of the Void is the second DLC piece for Darksiders III. Here, Fury travels to the Serpent Holes to deal with an ancient threat. Most of the gameplay is based around puzzles, but there will be new enemies present to fight. Completing the DLC awards Fury with Abyssal Armor.[1]


Vulgrim comes to Fury asking for her aid in dealing with a army of intruders that have taken over the Serpent Holes who have turned hostile. According to Vulgrim the Hollows are the key's to the realm, as Fury already has them and is already extremely predisposed towards violence the Horseman is naturally qualified to deal with them.

Already having the Flame hollow Fury dives into the Serpent Holes and encounters the first of many leaders of the 'Invasion' Aganosh the Keeper of Flame. Interpreting the Keeper's silence as disrespect Fury attacks the fiery construct and destroys it taking it's power for herself before moving back onto her original mission.

With a second Hollow, the Storm Hollow, in hand more of the void opens up for Fury thus she returns to Vulgrim to complete more of his task. Fury claims she's feeling merciful when she encounters the second of the keepers, Zyon The Keeper of Storms, and thus offers the electrified construct the chance to simply leave where it doesn't belong, and when she receives only silence in return she destroys the second keeper and takes it's power.

With a third Hollow, the Force Hollow, under her belt Fury delves into the Serpent Hole once more and encounters the third keeper, Roarakk the Keeper of Might, and attacks the construct under the claim of restoring order and once more destroys the keeper, takes it's power, and returns to her hunt for the sins.

With the Fourth and final Hollow, the Stasis Hollow, Fury returns to Vulgrim intent on finishing his mission likewise the fourth keeper, Dovox Keeper Of Time, is intent on avenging his fallen comrades coming after Fury instead. Still Dovox falls like the others and Fury receives his power as well before moving on to confront one final Keeper Ionos who is surrounded by the corpses of his fellow Keepers.

Ionos explains to Fury that Vulgrim has deceived her, they are not invaders but in fact the rightful inhabitants of the realm. Vulgrim had long overstayed his welcome and thus was evicted, Fury on the other hand has committed genocide on his people, and thus the final keeper is quite intent on avenging them combining his body with that of his fellow keepers and all of their untapped power.

Humbled by her mistake, a remorseful Fury fights and slays Ionos before returning to Vulgrim intent on avenging the construct's people. Vulgrim ultimately buys his life from Fury, giving unfettered access to the Serpent Holes that Fury cleared to all of the Horsemen as well as returning Fury's Abyssal Armor that is implied that he himself stole before Fury states that if the two of them ever meet again it will be Vulgrim's last.

New Features[]

Five new armors for Fury:

  • Flame Hollow Armor
  • Storm Hollow Armor
  • Force Hollow Armor
  • Stasis Hollow Armor
  • Abyssal Armor

Four New Scorn transformations:

  • Claws of Scorn
  • Pole Arm of Scorn
  • Ax of Scorn
  • Scythes of Scorn