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Death faces the Frostbone Titan

Argul's Tomb is the first DLC for Darksiders II. It was included free for anyone who ordered the limited edition of Darksiders II.

In the Deathinitive Edition, the DLC is unlocked automatically upon finishing Lostlight's main quest. It can then be accessed through the "other campaigns" entry of the main menu.


Ostegoth the Merchant has brought Death to the Icy Veil where he recounts the history of Argul, revealing an added detail about the story of the former dead king: Argul summoned a creature known as Frostbane from the Abyss that was used as an immense source of power.

When the Dead King imprisoned Argul, he cast out his tomb so as to cut Argul off from his power. While Argul may no longer be a threat, Frostbane and the threat he presents is alive and well and must be destroyed, hence why Death has been called to arms. After a long chase through the tomb, the Abyssal Creature reveals that Death is wasting his time.

Frostbane's soul is not one that can be cast into the Well of Souls, his is an incarnation of the Abyss itself. Nonetheless, after a brutal fight with the dragon creature, Death succeeds in killing it and is given the promised reward by Ostegoth, the Frostforged Twins.


  • 1 hour of extra content
  • 2 Epic boss Battles: Frostbane and the Frostbone Titan

    Death vs Frostbane

  • 3 additional dungeons: the Mysterious cave, the Frost Forged Crypt and the Spire
  • 1 additional Legendary weapon (Frostforged Twins)
  • A New Wanderer Armor
    DLCArmor Argul

    An Exclusive Wanderer Armor found on the DLC Argul's Tomb