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The age of man is over. Even now, Earth chokes on its final breath--men and women run for their lives, begging for salvation. For themselves. Their families. Their world.

Darksiders: The Graphic Adventure is the prequel comic to the first Darksiders game.

It was released on December 1, 2009.


War arrives at the Kingdom of Man, as the Apocalypse rages on. He has no care for this world, for the Seven Seals have been broken. He fights a Trauma and several Minions while questioning why his brethren are not here to ride with him. 

It is then shown that War is a Nephilim, and the other three horsemen were sent to stop the other Nephilim from attacking Eden, or the Kingdom of Man. But War was an errant one, and the Charred Council sought out the other Horsemen to return War to his duties. War fights off his brothers, and attempts to stab Death, who remarks at his naivete, chopping off War's arm with his own blade. Yet even still, War could not be fully brought under the council's heel.

Abaddon, amidst many other angels, attempts to rally his kin to attack the demons that assault the Earth. The angels assumed that Abaddon was speaking from a lust of power, and that he had no proof that the demons had broken the truce between the two. Abaddon chatises his kin, and thinks himself alone, but realizes that Ulthane, Azrael and Uriel stand to help him.

At the Black Stone, the Horsemen tell Samael to honour the truce between Heaven and Hell. Samael scoffs at the Horsemen, but War knows that Samael will soon be in power to take control of the truce. Lilith tells War that it isn't them who preach war, but Abaddon, and that the Charred Council should send them after him.

A Watcher rushes to the Charred Council, reporting of the events transpiring upon earth. The Council executes her for her trouble. Another Watcher is then dispatched to Earth, to find War. War fights off the demonkind as the new Watcher surveys him.