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Required Level:


Damage: 60-72
Damage Type: Fast
Defense: 36
Knockback Power: +25%


It can be found in the first dungeon, the Cauldron of the Forge Lands in Darksiders II. It was awarded after defeating the final boss of the Main Quest: Fire of the Mountain, Gharn.


A light secondary weapon that delivers lightning-fast, but less damaging, attacks. Special Abilities: Acts as a shield which, when timed properly, will deal damage and knock back enemies. This ability is similar to War's passive ability Block Counter. 

The Dark Avenger is a legendary weapon, that acted as a light secondary weapon for Death. It was also the personal weapon of the undead warrior, Draven. The pair of bucklers was found in the Cauldron, where the Horseman Death had to awaken the Fire of the Mountain. He obtained the weapon after he defeated Gharn.

The description of the weapon itself reads:

"This weapon once belonged to the human warrior known as Draven. During countless duels, the weapon absorbed Draven's own rage and thirst for revenge against those who wronged him. The Dark Avenger is infamous for possessing a ferocious lust for blood and carnage."


  • The human warrior Draven is most likely a reference to the character Eric Draven from the movie "The Crow". Both Dravens sought revenge against those that wronged them, and brutally murdered each person responsible.
    • Death's voice actor, Michael Wincott, played main antagonist Top Dollar in "The Crow".