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Dark Angel
Forsaken AngelThree Dark Angels from the The Black Throne
Type of Creature Angel (Corrupted)
Mode of Travel Self-Propelled Flight
Genders Male
Eyes Fiery Red, Pale Green
Hair Colors Unseen
Additional Features Corrupted, Demonic looking, have Demonic fires about their body, corrupted sounding voices. Their wings are now either shadowy or just the bones on fire.
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Previous Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Guardians of The Destroyer.
Partner(s) Other Dark Angels, Demons.
Noticeable Members Abaddon
Weapons Dark Angel Halberd
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders
Kel Doran!
Dark Angel

Dark Angels are enemies almost identical to the Hellguard Angels, minus the color variation and higher health/attack, which even bear halberd like weapons. They come in two kinds of enemies, one with black wings and dark armor, appearing first in the Ashlands, and another with fiery red wings and red armor, which appear in the The Black Throne.


There are two variants of Dark Angels. Both variants lack the Angelic Lances that their uncorrupted Angel Soldier brethren carry, and instead carry either a large sword or a poleaxe. These weapons lack the barrel the lances have, and are unable to fire energy bolts, but they have a much stronger melee impact coupled with the fact that the Dark Angels are more resilient.

Fallen Angels[]

Outcasts abandoned from heaven, left to wander the earth

The first, earliest met kind have dark armor, shadowy looking wings, and pale green fires about their body. They only use melee attacks, and are rather easy to dispatch. They carry a double-bladed sword.


Elite angels corrupted by evil power, they are much stronger than their pale green counterparts. They appear throughout the The Black Throne. They have dark armor and are engulfed red flames. Their wings are black and they wield a large poleaxe. They too only use melee attacks, in addition to stronger abilities such as being able to knock War into the air with an upper cut swing. They are stronger than the first variant and can pack a punch, but can still be dealt with with relative ease if one is careful.



The Dark Angels appear two times in the game, The first, weaker, variant appears in the Ashlands. They show up several times, usually in groups of three.


  • It may be assumed that these are angels that have joined the evil forces of Hell. They are most likely traitors of the Hellguard. As told by Death in a discussion with Nathaniel that he stated that Angels are siding with Hell.
  • "Kel Doran" is sometimes yelled as they charge into battle, which roughly translates to "For the Horde". References to the Warcraft series, a game by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The Angels may not be Corrupted at all, but they decided to take the powers from Hell (or steal it) in order to make them stronger. This is explained when War remains idle from a far distance, the Dark Angels will eventually begin attacking demons and other creatures, which means those Angels are neither siding with Hell nor Heaven.
  • When transforming into Chaos Form, Fallen Angels may exclaim "Ah, the red demon approaches!".