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The Corrupted Custodian is a Construct Custodian that was brought to life by Death and Corrupted by the Third Heartstone that is needed to awaken the Guardian.


The Corrupted Custodian is identical in appearance to the regular Custodians although its stone form has turned a pale shade of yellow as a result of its infection. It constantly leaks liquid corruption from its joints.


The Corrupted Custodian is a very aggressive opponent that attacks with sweeping melee blows. Its swings have a surprisingly long reach and can hit Death even if he is evading to the side of the Construct. Its most dangerous ability is to charge at Death whilst rotating its arms rapidly like a propeller blade.

The Corrupted Custodian's main weakness is that it is completely unable to attack if Death remains directly behind it although it will attempt to adjust its position. Attacking the orb at its base will cause it to topple over, giving Death an opportunity to deal critical damage.


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