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A Consumable is a single-use item that takes a certain effect upon usage.



In order to get a consumable War has to it buy from Vulgrim. It can be done repeatably. Consumables are stored in Empty Vessels which when found, come pre-filled. There are several types of consumables:

  • Life Essence - Restores three Lifestones of War's health.
  • Greater Life Essence - Completely restores all of War's Lifestones.
  • Rage - Restores some of War's Wrath.
  • Greater Rage - Completely restores all of War's Wrath.
  • Possession - Instantly increases War's Chaos level to maximum.
  • Undying - Upon receiving a fatal strike, War's health and wrath are completely restored. This item must be equipped to function.


  • An empty container can be purchased from Vulgrim
  • In Twilight Cathedral, make your way through the south door of the room with an angel statue in the middle of it, and you’ll see two bomb fires. Use a bomb to blow up the red crystal and proceed to the next room where you have to go up using some rails. In this room you can find a chest containing a Life Essence shard.
  • During the Drowned Pass challenges you get from the Tormented Gate the one called (Defending) you need to keep 3 or more out 6 skeletons alive to get the Rage Shard.
  • In the Ashlands, located at the level before the roof of the northernmost drilling tower is a Life Essence chest.
  • This requires Voidwalker. It’s in the lava cave when going to The Choking Grounds from Scalding Gallows. Across the lava you will see a chest with a Voidwalker portal. Look around and find another portal to get to it.
  • Requires grappling hook. In The Iron Canopy right when you exit the first giant spider room and turn right and around to go into an alleyway, look towards the top of the wall to your right to find a grappling point. The chest is on that platform.
  • Another container chest is found in The Choking Grounds 5 or 6 level building, the same one containing the armor piece. You will find it eventually and it requires the grappling hook (to use against the spore wall) to get up there.

Darksiders 2[]

Due to the fact that Empty Vessels don't appear in Darksiders 2, consumables are likewise absent from the game. Instead, there are Health Potions and Wrath Potions.