Darksiders II 3Death controlling a Custodian.
Type of Creature Construct
Mode of Travel On foot
Eyes Varies
Additional Features Stone or Metal Bodies
Racial Status
Affiliation Makers
Partner(s) Makers, War, Death
Noticeable Members The Abyssal Forge, Blackroot, Guardian, Gharn, Ghorn, Warden, Oran
Weapons Varies
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Constructs are the creations of the Makers, given life by a Heart Stone created from a Maker's soul. Unlike most beings in Creation, the souls of Makers are too ancient to be drawn to the Kingdom of the Dead. As such, their souls are used to create Heart Stones that are then used to give life to constructs. Some constructs retain memories of their lives as Makers and have bodies of flesh and blood in their dreams.

There are other methods to creating constructs, however. The Maker Shaman Muria attempted to use a fire spirit to give life to a construct, but the result was an utterly insane and murderous being. The Mad Smith created the Abyssal Forge to draw on the power of the Abyss to create powerful and destructive constructs. However, the Abyssal Forge also proved to be entirely mad.

By the time the End War was concluded with the forces of Hell standing triumphant, most of the constructs in the Forge Lands had been either destroyed or succumbed to Corruption while those sent to Earth had been enslaved by the Destroyer.

Notable ConstructsEdit

  • The Abyssal Forge - A massive construct designed to create other constructs from the dark energies of the Abyss by the Mad Smith.
  • Blackroot - A construct that has become stationary to the ground through the roots that have grown into him over the countless years he has spent waiting for his master.
  • The Guardian - The largest and most powerful construct ever forged, it was created to combat the Corruption in the Forge Lands.
  • Gharn - A large construct that took to haunting the Cauldron after succumbing to Corruption.
  • Ghorn - The murderous result of Muria's attempt to give life to a construct without using a Maker's soul.
  • The Wardens - The Wardens play large roles in the journeys of Death and War both as allies and obstacles.
    • Oran - An ancient Warden that has slept since a time before the Nephilim's creation.
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