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Entrance to the City of the Dead

The City of the Dead is a location within the Kingdom of the Dead.

The City of the Dead is a specific location within the Dead Kingdom where the primary purpose of the realm and the Dead Count is carried out. Upon Death, a soul journeys to the Well of Souls, and is at some point funneled into the City. Within the City, the soul undergoes some manner of purification, where they are purged of any connections to their former lives. After this process is complete, they pass back into the Well to be reborn. According to the Chancellor, many souls do not survive the purification process, while others escape the City or are driven mad. The City itself also plays host to many other undead monsters who either guard the City from intruders, or simply live there without a designated function. All of the creatures that live in the City are hostile to the living, regardless of their purpose. The innermost sanctum of the City was once haunted by a beast known as the Wailing Host which had some sort of negative relationship with the collective souls of the humankind, though the origin and nature of this creature are unknown. The beast was slain by Death during the course of his quest to restore the Third Kingdom.[1]