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Ultimate Blade
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A gift of the Old Ones. It is said to master the Chronospheres is to master time itself. One could stop time or even move it -- forward and back.
— War on the Chronomancer ability

The Chronomancer is an ability that allows you to slow down time using Chronospheres. It was once used by an unknown race of Old Ones who used it to control time itself. Modern day demons have learned to use this power to an extent. Samael gives you this power after killing The Griever in order to cross past The Ashlands without being attacked by worms. It is activated by hitting brightly blue colored spheres. It heavily slows down time for about ten seconds, allowing you to move past obstacles that move at high speeds, lengthen the detonation time on bombs, and slow down enemies for easy combat. Note that it is still possible to receive damage from enemies and hazards while fighting under the effects of the Chronosphere. Chronospheres can also be activated with the Crossblade from a distance.