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Chest blue unopened

A Chest with Currency Souls.

Chests are container-like objects that contain Collectibles or Souls.


Chests are not normally visible on the map, however when one has the Hoardseeker or Fury's Embrace augmenting a weapon they become shown. They are opened by using action button.

Secret Chests[]

There are three Secret Chests that require specific actions for them to appear and become accessible. Without performing those actions, these Chests even though may be shown on map will not be physically available.

  1. The Crossroads, main Plaza - 500 Currency Souls - break all six fire hydrants
  2. Choking Grounds, graveyard - Lifestone Shard - destroy all the big grave stones
  3. Twilight Cathedral, basement - Bloodthirst - light all the torches

Darksiders 2[]

It appears that in Darksiders 2, chests are automatically marked on the map.