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Chaoseater concept
War's Sword and signature weapon.
Caption War's Sword and signature weapon.
Type of Weapon Large two-handed Sword.
Weapon Range Melee, Moderate.
Player Obtainable Yes
Abilities Can be augmented with a number of Enhancements throughout the game to be given special abilities.
Color(s) Black/Gray (Un-augmented)
Additional Features Drains Chaos energy from its victims. Faces on the blade glow when augmented.
Used by War
User Affiliation Four Horsemen
Lethality Extremely deadly, basic weapon of choice for War.
Frequency of Appearance Wielded by War nearly the entire game, replaced briefly by the Armageddon Blade.
Game Appearances Darksiders
Chaoseater... the angry blade thirsts for destruction
— Charred Council to War

Chaoseater is War's powerful sword featured in Darksiders.


An immensely powerful blade that the Red Horseman carries into every battle for judgment in the never-ending war between the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, Chaoseater is the first weapon one acquires in the game. During the Endwar, like its master, Chaoseater was stripped of its former strength and power, followed by what may have been 100 years of imprisonment by The Charred Council. At the beginning of War's journey following the events of the Apocalypse, the sword is released from an underground, fiery prison to be wielded by War once again. It's appearance consists of being an incredibly large blade with jagged edges on both sides along with the skulls engraved within the middle of the blade.


Chaoseater has the ability to absorb Chaos energy from defeated enemies, hence the name. This energy is used to unleash War's powerful Chaos Form. It could be assumed that the true form of Chaoseater is the form it takes while War is in his Chaos Form, taking on great size and power in the shape of a flame-engulfed sword. According to the Charred council and the Abomination vault it has a some level of sentience. It also provided War with nigh-inexhaustible energy with each kills he receives from it. The sword also thirsts for carnage and mayhem.

The sword can also be augmented with Enhancements to raise its destructive power to higher levels. Different Enhancements have different visual effects on the facial engravings, from flame engulfing Hellfire to bloody Carnage.


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  • Artwork from the game -as well as the intro screen- seem to show Chaoseater in silhouette without the holes and cracks visible in the latter game and the ring in the hilt is whole. This seems to indicate that the marks on Chaoseater are battle scars.
  • The Chaoseater bears a close resemblance to the Chaos Fang, as stated in-game.