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All the Equipment gear used by Death in Darksiders II.

Armor - Death will have several types of armor sets and he can equip during his quest. Depending on which armor set you have equipped it will net you different effects, such as: agility, damage, defense, resistance, strength, etc. Most armor sets consist of 5 pieces:

  • Body armors
  • Boots
  • Shoulder armors
  • Gloves
  • Talismans

Weapon - Death will have weapons that he can use during his quest from 3 different categories (Heavy, Scythe and Melee). The secondary weapons have several subcategories of weapons that differ slightly in their use, mainly in the what their charged attack does. It should be noted that even if the weapon is collected it can only be used once Death has reached the weapons' unlock level.

  • Heavy - This weapon type is used as a secondary weapon and Death will use both hands to operate them. These weapons are swung in slow, wide arcs that don't move Death very much while attacking.
    • Mace - The charged attack is a heavy diagonal swing covering a wide horizontal area.
    • Hammer - The charged attack is a heavy front-flipping downward slam.
    • Glaive - The charged attack is a forward thrust that brings Death forward a good distance.
    • Axe - The charged attack is a 360-degree swing that leads into a downward chop.
  • Scythe - This weapon type is used as a primary weapon and are dual-wielded.
  • Melee - This weapon type is used as a secondary weapon and is dual-wielded. These weapons strike in fast, short-ranged and -reach swings and punches that move Death forward a good deal while attacking.
    • Claw - The charged attack is a fast-moving forward dash. If Death collides with an enemy along the path of travel, then Death performs a short flurry of attacks to the enemy.
    • Gauntlet - The charged attack is a two-part punch combo.
    • Buckler - The charged attack allows Death to block frontal attacks.
    • Armblade - The charged attack has Death fling forward two spectral blades for a moderate distance.

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