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Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel By foot.
Genders Female
Eyes Blue
Additional Features Hard carapace
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Partner(s) None
Weapons Claws
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

The Broodmother is the mini boss War encounters shortly before his final battle with Silitha. She is the last spider to be killed before the barrier is broken. She shares some peculiarities with the Loom Wardens, but unlike them her carapace cannot be removed with the Abyssal Chain. To destroy it, War must use the Tremor Gauntlet while the creature is eating a cocoon that is hanging from the ceiling. Once the carapace is gone, War must attack the back of the creature that is now exposed. After it receives enough hits, the horseman will stab the weak spot and climb on the top of the spider, punching it with the Gauntlet until it dies.


  • The Broodmother is also an alternate name for Silitha used by Samael.
  • Karkinos, the first real boss of Darksiders II, uses a very similar model to the Broodmother, and is defeated in a somewhat similar battle.