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The Bone Giant is an Undead enemy that appears as the boss in Darksiders II, it serves as the primary boss of Judicator's Tomb, is the second boss of that area, the fifth boss of Kingdom of the Dead and is overall the twelfth boss of the game. The Bone Giant would later appear again in Darksiders II as a sub boss in the Psychameron.


As its name suggests, the Bone Giant is a gigantic skeletal creature that strongly resembles both Gnashor and the Icebound Giant.


Despite its huge size and intimidating appearance, the Bone Giant is a straightforward enemy that that uses basic melee attacks and stomps very similar to the Icebound Giant, tho it has a new attack were it will extend its neck at the Player(s). Its blows are easily evaded and staying close to the monster will significantly reduce its attack options. As long as Death stays behind it, it shouldn't present a major threat.



  • The Bone Giant is the first and only boss of Darksiders II to first appear as a boss, but later on appear in the game as a mini-boss.