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Boatman Coins are collectible items, a currency featured in Darksiders II.


They are a secondary currency alongside Gilt. While the latter can be spent at any merchant, these special coins can only be used to trade with the demon merchant - Vulgrim. Death can spend them alongside Gilt to buy mysterious boxes, which upon purchase will reveal a single, random weapon of chosen quality. Be thoughtful whilst spending them considering that they are much harder to obtain than the regular currency. There is a limited number of them scattered throughout the Worlds and they are the only means of purchasing Possessed Weapons. It isn't known as to what end they serve Vulgrim, however they are doubtlessly a part of yet another one of his endless schemes.


There are a total of a 100 coins found throughout Death's entire journey.


  • In Greek Mythology, it was the duty of Charon to ferry the souls of the dead across the river Styx into the Underworld, for a few coins. Whether there is a parallel to Charon in Darksiders is currently unknown.