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You can see the faint outline of the Bloodless in the corner of the room.

Bloodless appear in the form of partially invisible monsters, looking like objects from the Shadow Realm. You can encounter them in several locations, where they simply walk in circles.

There are two possible ways of interacting with the bloodless:

  1. The bloodless can be killed by using direct-damage Wrath attacks such as Reaper Storm (Exhume, Murder and Frenzy won't work as they require a physical target to home on). They are also affected by the execution chance stat even when in spiritual form.
  2. Using the Bloodless Talisman given by Draven during The Bloodless quest (part of the Gamestop preorder exclusive DLC, "Death Rides" pack), that, when equipped, allow you to see and interact with the bloodless when you are close enough in a fashion similar to the Mask of Shadows in the original Darksiders.

They are more powerful versions of the monsters they represent: the ones in The Forge Lands appear as Stalkers and are named "Ethereal Stalker". The ones in the Kingdom of the Dead appear as Scarab Hulks, without the ethereal prefix but with the same ethereal look as the Forge Lands Bloodless. Even though they are spiritual in their nature, they still drop gold and items.

Bloodless locations[]

The Forge Lands[]

Ethereal Stalker

Ethereal Stalker

  1. Stonefather's Vale: The dead end in the North-East.
  2. Baneswood: On the road between Baneswood and The Charred Pass, between the two big gates on the world map. Look for some ruins to the southern part. It is around there.
  3. Fjord: Second floor of the building by the water.

Kingdom of the Dead[]

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The Scarab Hulk bloodless with the amulet equipped.

  1. Lair of the Deposed King: In the Square shaped room on Floor B2 it is on the far right side ( it is the only room with 3 doors) (as shown in the pictures on this page).
  2. The Maw: The dead end North of Serpent's Peak and South-East of The Eternal Throne.
  3. Sentinel's Gaze: After acquiring Soul Splitter, get to the top of the building in Sentinel's Gaze. Drop down the hole in the room. It leads to Boneriven. The bloodless is at the end of that zone.

A short, but detailed video on finding the "Bloodless".


  • One of the Bloodless might not be counted in progress. Check in quest table after each kill - might be repaired by quitting without saving and loading again.
    • if it's the one in Stonefather's Vale and you haven't killed the other two, it will add after you've dealt with them.
  • Up to 6 Bloodless may appear in the Fjord spot.


  • If the player attempts to attack a Bloodless without anything specified above the page, Death will say "This isn't working..."


  • After you killed all the bloodless, return to Draven. Draven will give player some EXP and Gilt (if you had DLC, "Death Rides"). In new game+, Draven will give player Static Blades