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Black Demise


Required Level:[]


Damage: 149-171
Healing Bonus: 50
Health Steal: 10%
Special Ability: Black Heart


The Soul Arbiter's Maze - Level 5 (secret)


Black Demise is a weapon with a long and bloody history amongst the Demon Lords. Some legends claim that the unnatural rites used to create the weapon have imbued it with a limited form of sentience. Bound with unholy blazing runes of power, Black Demise seizes the inner strength of every opponent and adds it to that of its wielder.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II


  • The Black Heart ability gives up to +40 strength during the fight.
  • While Black Demise is equipped, using a Wrath Potion will have no effect; however the potions will work as normal once a different scythe is equipped. Whether this is intended by the developers or a bug is unknown.
  • When an execution is performed while equipped health is fully restored.