The Bestiary should, in time, contain all the regular enemies from the Darksiders series.

For bosses, see the boss page.



  • Angel Soldier - Airborne soldiers of light, armed with a halberd that doubles as a ranged weapon.
  • Angel Champion - Some few Champions of Heaven still roam the skies, driven to fight Hell's legions by vengeance.
  • Angelic Beast - A beast of burden type creature that the Angels use as a form of heavy support. War can 'hijack' the Beast to fly to otherwise unaccessible areas.
  • Storm Warden - Heaven's flying squadron, they carry Redemption Cannons.
  • Dark Angels - Fallen Angels corrupted by the Destroyer's dark power and promises that darken the Earth with their black wings. There are red and blue variants.


  • Ashworm (or Ashcoil) - huge creatures which lurk beneath the ashes of the dead in the Ashlands. The Stygian is the strongest of these.
    • Baby Ashworm - Smaller ashworms.
  • Abyssal Rider - Dark riders, the Destroyer's Cavalry.
  • Broodling - Horrid little spiders, the Demonic offspring of Silitha.
  • Brood Guardian - Large spiders with a hard carapace that must be removed via the Abyssal Chain before they can be damaged.
  • Shadowcaster - A snakelike Demon with sorcerous powers.
  • Duskwing - Giant demonic bats driven by a thirst for blood, they gather around Tiamat.
  • Fallen - Also known as Hellions. Huge winged demons able to fly, a twisted parody of the Angels they once were.
  • Gholen- Immense creatures with flaming hands, able to rip up sections of road and throw cars.
  • Minion - Pack hunters who chase down their prey and attack with clawed hands, the dogs of hell. There are several types of Minion.
  • Phantom Guard - Demons who still bear their angelic wings, albeit stunted and useless, they form the backbone of Hell's legions.
  • Shadow Lurker - Invisible entities resembling a large eye, often trap Tormented Gates.
  • Trauma - massive creatures, slightly bigger than a Gholen, Trauma posses gigantic crushing claws.
  • Grappleclaw - A troublesome foe, large and brutish, fast and deadly, can certainly take a dent out of your health bar.
  • Goremaw - Hand-like demon hanging from the ceiling.
  • Swarm (Darksiders) - Small, weak, insect-like enemies. The Griever's offspring.


  • Undead - The corpses of the fallen, reanimated by demonic power.
  • Undead Shield Lord - Undead in huge ornate armor, able to take massive amounts of damage using their armor.
  • The Jailer - Later in the game, this former mini-boss starts appearing as a powerful regular enemy in the Dry Road.
  • The Wicked - Those evil humans who were not taken when the rapture came, wander the earth in their torment.
  • Fleshburster / Ravenous - zombie creatures that are on fire or absorb souls
  • Rot Mauler - putrid, hulking zombies that emit clouds of toxic gas.
  • Wraith - Seductive creatures masked in shadow, they float on the wind, looking for prey to satisfy their hunger.

Other enemiesEdit

  • Humans - Only encountered during The Apocalypse as they all died off after that.
  • Crows - If killed, release health souls for War

Enemies with uncertain namesEdit

Darksiders IIEdit



  • Hellslave - Weak demons similar to Swarm zombies, found on Earth in The Demon Lord Belial DLC.
  • Ravager - Powerful demonic casters found on Earth during The Demon Lord Belial DLC.
  • Pit Spawn - Low level demon warriors found on Earth during The Demon Lord Belial DLC.
  • Defiler - Ranged scythe-throwing daemon soldiers found on Earth during the Belial DLC.
  • Maelstrom - Demonic sorcerers that launch large fireballs.
  • Legion Soldier - Fierce demon warriors encountered in Samael's Fortress.
  • Legion Champion - Powerful warriors who serve as commanders of the lesser demons.
  • Suffering - Large, four-armed demons that utilize powerful melee attacks and control the Swarm.


  • Skeleton - Undead equipped with a shortsword encountered throughout the Dead Kingdoms. Not very strong, but numerous.
  • Skeletal Archer - Weak skeletons equipped with fiery bows to attack from range.
  • Skeleton Champion - Fully armored skeletons that use large clubs to both attack and defend.
  • Undead General - Large heavily armored undead equipped with a large shield and a spear that deals shock damage.
  • Wraith - Seductive creatures masked in shadow, they float on the wind, looking for prey to satisfy their hunger.
  • Lich - Cloaked Undead that carry urns both as a weapon and a way to summon skeletons.
  • Abomination - Toxic enemies similar to Rot Maulers from the first game.
  • Tormentor - Huge undead behemoths, similar to The Jailer from Darksiders.
  • Swarm (Darksiders II) - Human zombies, directed by a Suffering demon.
  • Fleshburster - these fiery exploding zombies from Darksiders make a return in the second game.
  • Wailing Serpent - Large, invincible, flying serpentine creatures that appear in the City of the Dead.
  • Undead Stalker - See Stalker.
  • Undead Prowler - See Prowler.
  • Undead Scarab Hulk - See Scarab Hulk.
  • Undead Scarab - See Scarab.

Corrupted ConstructsEdit

  • Construct Warrior - Corrupted constructs that fight with stone clubs.
  • Tainted Construct Warrior (see above)
  • Corrupted Construct Warrior (see above)
  • Construct Adjunct - Corrupted constructs that fight with clubs but can also throw rocks from range.
  • Tainted Construct Adjunct (see above)
  • Corrupted Construct Adjunct (see above)
  • Construct Champion - Large corrupted constructs that have a large drilling hand.
  • Tainted Construct Champion (see above)
  • Corrupted Construct Champion (see above)
  • Construct Sentinel - Floating constructs that are invincible until they attack, and can revive fallen constructs.

Beasts and creaturesEdit

  • Stinger - Hornet-like insects that swarm Death, their hive must be destroyed to stop them spawning
  • Stinger Hive - The Hive itself does not attack, but spawns unlimited Stingers until destroyed.
  • Prowler - Fast pack hunters, they often accompany Stalkers, and have an undead variant.
  • Stalker - Large Feline-like creatures with fast, powerful attacks, they have an undead variant.
  • Scarab - Small insects encountered throughout dungeons in the Dead Kingdoms, can be instantly executed.
  • Scarab Hulk - Large insects that use their shell to defend and uses a diving attack with it.