Belial's Trident was once the personal weapon of the demon lord Belial. Death took it from him after defeating him on Earth.


Required Level: 25
Damage (Slow) 479-529
Wrath Steal +5%
Health Steal +15%
Critical Chance +28%
Fire Damage 65
Special Ability Midas Touch


Defeat Belial.


Greed seethes from the bladed prongs of this wretched weapon, robbing it's victims of life and coin. Echoing it's former master's cruel intent, the barbs of it's face whispers a constant taunt to those it has slain; "Thou art good for naught."
— In-Game Description


  • Belial's Trident shares the ability, Midas Touch, with the legendary scythes: Goldbringer .
  • Belial's Trident is one of the only pieces of Leveled Legendary Gear in which the Strength and the Enhancement of the weapons increased as Death Leveled up. The other Leveled Legendary Gear is the Abyssal Armor.
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