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I hoped that a champion would arise who could face the Corruption. And you have come far, Horseman. A pity, that your journey ends here.
— Basileus to Death before he attacks him

Basileus is the third and final of the Dead Lords in Darksiders II.



Sworn to serve the Lord of Bones, the King of the Dead, Basileus, along with the other Dead Lords, abandoned their duties when the Lord of Bones refused to acknowledge their warnings of Corruption. For this betrayal, the Lord of Bones dearly punished the Court, who fled to their respective tombs.

Darksiders II[]

You forget your station Nephilim. You may be a Horseman. But I am a Lord of the Dead.
— Basileus mocks Death's attempts to reunite the Dead Court

Darksiders 2 Basileus and Achidna Apocalptic

After Death recruited the other two Dead Lords, Phariseer and Judicator, Basileus appeared in Judicator's Tomb to issue a challenge to Death to prove himself by completing the trial known as the Psychameron. At the end of the Psychameron, Basileus awaited with his mount, the vile spider queen Achidna. After being defeated, Basileus surrendered to Death and agreed to follow him back to the Lord of Bones. Once Death brought the Dead Lords to the Lord of Bones, however, the King of the Dead summarily executed all three of them as punishment for betraying him.


  • Basileus's mount, Achidna, looks very similar to Silitha from Darksiders.
  • "Basileus" is a Greek word that means "king" or "sovereign".
  • Of the three dead lords Death subdues Basileus in the most violent way.
  • The names of all three dead lords are titles of ancient rulers. Phariseers were high ranking Egyptian rulers, Judicators were ancient lords in charge of dealing punishments and the Basileus was the ruler of the Persian empire around the 900s